1. J

    Sewage ejector overload?

    Hi all. Basically I have a sewage basin and ejector pump in a basement. Currently I have just a sink that uses it. I'm now adding a full basement bathroom, which will be used by two people regularly. It is already stubbed in and connected to the tank. I'm kicking around moving laundry downstairs...
  2. Webdood90

    Bathroom/laundry rewire plan review

    Hey all, would really appreciate your time on this. Ran into a very helpful person for my plumbing questions and now I'm onto electrical. I'm DIY rewiring my bathroom/laundry with the following plan: - 1 circuit for 2 vanity outlets -- 20 amp gfci breaker, 12/2 romex -- 1 gfci outlet, the other...
  3. Miranda3

    Swapping bathroom sink and washer hookups

    Hey all! First time home-owner and first time post here. The layout in my half bath is pretty bizarre and not very functional. It seems it was intended as just a laundry/mudroom but whoever flipped the house added a half bath into the mudroom, I assume to add value to the house. I will add...
  4. Bshmstr

    Best Option for Laundry Drain Tie In?

    I am in the process of adding a washer and dryer on the second floor of my two story home. They will be located on the other side of the wall from a bathroom group (tub/shower, toilet, and lavatory) so I have relatively good access for routing the drains and supply lines. My question is what is...
  5. Noah L

    Laundry tub backs up - vent is used by water softener

    Hey all, I was browsing other threads with clogged laundry tub problems and found some information but not what I was looking for in my particular case. I will preface this with I'm a pretty amateur plumber dude and am unfamiliar with terms you may use, so bear with me. I have a basement...
  6. Frankiek3

    Plan for Basement Bathroom and Expansion for Future 2nd Floor Bathroom

    IPC 2015, All PVC Existing 1st floor full bathroom, adding a basement bathroom, and plans on a future 2nd floor full bathroom. The basement septic pump I'm going with requires a 2" waste and a 2" vent pipe. The plan is to tie-in the vent with a 2x2x2 sanitary tee above the bathroom sink flood...
  7. DIYdidyoudothat

    Adding laundry sink next to washer, can I share the drain and vent?

    Hello, i want to install a vanity sink unit from Costco to the left of our washer and dryer. These photos were taken pre-drywall but the home is finished and inhabited now so the less cutting into drywall the better. Can I tap the utility sink's drain into the vertical pipe, either below or...
  8. Ann

    Need help with laundry drain pipe

    Hi Experts Can anyone please review the attached plumbing for the laundry drain pipe? I need to attach the A/C condensation pipe to the existing pipe. Where can i attach that? Can anyone please help? Ann
  9. Antlerman

    Best Washing Machine & Laundry Tub Pump?

    I'm going to be helping my son work on a duplex he is purchasing that has a bad setup for washing machine draining - BOTH apartments drain their washing machines AND laundry tubs into the sump pump basin. It smells bad and, most likely, will cause the motor on the sump pump to fail...
  10. Dallan

    Sink addition to Laundry room

    My wife would like a sink added to our Laundry room. I'm pretty short on spacing to put a 1.5" sanitary tee above the 2" sanitary tee and go around the 2" washing machine drain and keep the proper angle for drainage. is it possible to raise the 2" sanitary tee up and place a 1.5" x 2" x 2"...
  11. usmaps

    Pump Not Turning On In Time

    I have a pump that was installed in the basement for the washing machine discharge. The pump make and model can be found at the following link: (ProFlo PF92017 - 3/10 HP Compact Remote Sink/Drain Pump System 1-1/2-Inch). It is attached to my washing machine and does not turn on in time. It...
  12. berbil

    Laundry room plumbing with sink and water softener

    Hi there, first time poster here. I am renovating my laundry room and making some changes to the plumbing. The washer/dryer and utility sink are moving to opposite walls, and I'm installing a water softener at the same time. I've attached two pictures below that show the current layout and the...
  13. Just Trying My Best

    Updated Laundry Tray and Washer Diagram

    Hi all, I'm installing a new utility sink and relocating the washer. Working off of Terry's infamous Laundry Tray and Washer Rough-In diagram, I placed the washer and sink on separate walls. So my question: 1. Is it okay to turn the 2x2x2 long sani-T 90 degrees so it's horizontal rather than...
  14. ScottDee

    Bsmnt Laundry Proposed Drainage

    Since it's COVID season and I'm home bound, I'm dreaming of how to move my laundry to the basement. I did up a sketch and I'm wondering if anyone can confirm that this is a reasonable way to put the drainage in for a laundry tray and washer standpipe. The existing drainage is a bit wonky, so I'm...
  15. Tbtbt

    Plumbing a utility sink with no vent into floor standpipe

    So I currently have a washing machine that has its hose running into a 2" standpipe that is coming out of my basement floor. A humidifier hose and AC hose also squeezes into that standpipe and it's pretty tight and janky looking. I'm trying to clean everything up with proper piping, install a...
  16. Doug H

    Basement Laundry and sink remodel

    Have an old house, galvanized pipe drains and vents. Redoing laundry area where vent extends straight up from near floor drain across window. Framed wall and want to bring to 2" drain code, add standpipe for washer and move laundry tub to area where old vent extends. See pic. Will the assembly...
  17. JoeThomas

    Install Sump Pump Check Valve on Washing Laundry Machine

    Just purchased a Everbuilt THD1020 (In-Line Sump Pump Check Valve) , and installed in the back hose of our washing machine. The original hose would leak detergent soap and water. Is it a good practice to install In-Line check valves like this on washing machines? Are there any negative...
  18. JordanF

    Basement floor drain too close to new Laundry Wall?

    I'm enclosing a 1950's basement laundry room area. There is a floor drain that is in the path of the newly planned laundry room wall and door that I want to build to enclose the space. I can get about 1"-2" of clearance from the old floor drain to the finished laundry room wall. I can't get...
  19. Ajmicek

    Access to capped DWV

    Hello! So I moved into a house with a closet that used to be a laundry room. Back wall of the closet has a hole in the sheetrock where the washing machine outlet box used to be. In that hole: a capped DWV (and I assume supply lines, but I haven't opened the wall). I'm doing work in this wall...
  20. artistsnature

    Adding washing machine and tray to bathroom DWV

    Hi guys, I'm trying to tie a new laundry room into an existing bathroom on a raised slab. The copper supply lines (as well as cast iron drains) are all under concrete, so I'm going to cut them off and re-route them through the walls. My concern is, is it okay to patch the washer and tray into...
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