1. PrettyGoodTenant

    Can Laundry Hookups/Related pipes burst with no water in them?

    Hello from Columbus, Ohio. Edit: I DON'T have laundry hooked up. There are not any machines attached. Never have been. That's why I'm wondering if the pipes have water in them at all. Thx I am really eager to get a handle on this dispute with my landlord. She's received notice from the...
  2. i'm my own troublemaker

    Laundry room rough in with drain pan

    Hello all Always turn to this site for any matters plumbing related and I have a new item on the “Honey Do” list. Going to relocate laundry into a second floor old bedroom in our split level. Waste and dryer power and PEX supply will all be run through interior 2x4 walls down to basement...
  3. Jharse

    Standpipe or Clog?

    My washer overfills from the standpipe. Do I need to extend the standpipe or should I call someone to snake it out? If I extend the standpipe, I would need a longer hose for the washer. From what I've been reading online, my P trap is higher off the ground than most. Any suggestions would be...
  4. jaywalsh31

    Washing machine full overflowing. flood neighborhood. And trap weir at 20" with 8" stand p.

    Hello, everyone my name is Jason. I was hoping i could pick some brains about a clothes washer that is installed in massachusetts. I checked the forum for mass but no one goes there so I'm trying my luck here. Problem: washing machine was full of water and overflowing onto the floor. The...
  5. Jefehebes

    Drain to Laundry is leaking sewer gas smell

    Hi All, cannot figure this one out. I know there has been similar posts. I have a split level home, Laundry machine is on the bottom floor, plumbing is in the crawl space. When I start the laundry, the sewer smell starts building from the drain hose. It takes about 30 seconds then slowly...
  6. artfullofheart

    Loud gurgling laundry faucet and running water sound when no taps on in house.

    I have a very loud gurgling noise coming from the laundry faucet opening and loud running water sound when no taps are on inside or outside the house. The faucet is a red and blue handled brass one piece faucet tap with a trap primer outlet. The outlet has a thin tube that runs under the floor...
  7. thegorilla

    Help needed moving & adding laundry to old utility room

    Hi all, I need some advice and suggestions please. In my downstairs utility room, I would like to change a utility sink to a kitchen sink, move my laundry connections from one wall to another, and add a laundry connection upstairs on the other side of the same wall (in a carport closet). The...
  8. Bpontin

    Washer Standpipe and Laundry Sink Drainage Reconfiguration

    We just moved into an older home and I want to move the laundry to a different location in the basement. I have been doing quite a bit of reading and found some excellent resources on both this forum as well as others and I think I have it figured out but I was hoping I could get a second...
  9. gkostrom

    Laundry Fiasco

    Thanks in advance for any help! Part 1: My laundry/utility room is unfinished and in the basement (exterior wall). We purchased a new front load washer and dryer, and it had been working well for 2 weeks or so. Right now, I have copper supply lines coming to a laundry tub and galvanized drain...
  10. Katrina81

    Laundry Stand Pipe

    Hi! I've searched around, but haven't seen this asked so forgive me if I'm repetitive. Currently, my washing machine has to pump draining water about 5 ft and then up 3 ft before it hits the drain. The pump on my washer is tired. I could buy a new machine and wear it out or - at the...
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