Laundry tub backs up - vent is used by water softener

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Hey all,

I was browsing other threads with clogged laundry tub problems and found some information but not what I was looking for in my particular case.

I will preface this with I'm a pretty amateur plumber dude and am unfamiliar with terms you may use, so bear with me.

I have a basement laundry tub, which drains into floor drain. The pipe going down from the laundry tub has a trap below the tub drain, then goes down and there is an angled pipe going back towards the wall which runs up the wall and has a tube coming from the water softener draining into it. These pipes and tube are marked red on the photos I've attached.

My thoughts are, is this angled pipe that catches the overflow (?) from the water softener, supposed to be a vent for the laundry tub drain? And if so, does the fact that it is usually full of water cause it not to allow the tub drain to vent properly causing it to back up and drain slow?

Would it be better if I just drained the water softener tube into the wash tub, and made sure this vent pipe was empty?

Let me know if I need to clarify anything, like I said I'm not too well versed in this stuff.


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