1. Kirk Zimpel

    Trying to remove this collar from Moen valve stem to get wall plate off

    I have been trying to identify from millions of videos how to take apart this exact Moen shower collar so I can remove the base place and install a new trim kit. Is this collar connected to the stem? I don't see a hex nut or pin holding it together. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. mossymeadow

    Moen shower arm leaking

    After finishing our new shower earlier this month, we've been fighting issues with our Moen shower arm leaking behind our wall. Probably should have put the drop ear a little bit further out towards the shower, but it's done now. We're getting grout cracking underneath the shower arm and I don't...
  3. SeaDog

    Bidet Valve Connections

    HELP HELP HELP!!! I've been on a 3 month journey. My dog freaked out during a thunderstorm and almost chewed through the supply line that feeds cold water to the bidet mixing valve. I have two supply hoses (hot and cold). Each supply hose goes from the water source to the corresponding hot and...
  4. JJK

    Moen faucet woe (low flow)

    Hey there, I have a Moen faucet (2017) that is driving me bonkers with low flow. Looks like their Medina model, with a slightly different handle shape. It's been trouble almost from the start. Our building has old pipes (1950's condos), but the supply pipes coming out of the wall are putting...
  5. Guarrac1no

    Moen Posi-temp No Water New Construction

    Let me start by saying, I'm handy, but not a plumber. I recently finished my basement, including a full bath myself. Everything is closed up and now I have no water at my shower head. I know I should have tested this before closing everything up. I installed the Moen 2590 Posi-Temp valve. I...
  6. Mark Ezrin

    Foam gasket needed

    Hi, Probably an unusual request. I've got an old Moen liquid soap dispenser, Model 3910. I need to reinstall it and the one part that I can't find is what I'd describe as a foam gasket or seal. The original disintegrated after 19 years. It goes between the Brass Escutcheon (see diagram) and...
  7. ktornquist

    Moen “Eva” Roman Bath Faucet - Rises with Water On

    Hi All, I’ve got a question I’m hoping you all can help me with after scouring the manuals and parts lists online for the last hour. We gave our girls a bath tonight in the larger master tub that has the Moen “Eva” Roman faucet. We had both hot and cold water on and noticed when they were...
  8. Mike Starcher

    Moentrol - No water to shower

    Hi, Apologies if this has been asked. I couldn't find anything. I have a Moentrol shower valve that supplies a shower head and four small body spray heads. One morning I suddenly have no water at all. I took off the faceplate and shut off the water using the two stop valves integral to the...
  9. KGH

    Is this Moen retaining clip broken?

    I am pretty sure I have a very old Moen 1255. This is the retaining clip. I am pretty sure it's broken and I am hosed (I have zero plumbing or handyman skills). But I won't be able to get the cartridge out without serious effort, right? Thanks in advance.
  10. Casualfc

    Shower Handle turns, and I hear water but nothing comes out of the shower

    I have a stall shower (no tub faucet) in an area of my house that doesn't get much use. The shower has its own shutoff valves due to no heat in the winter (converted garage bathroom, I'm in New Jersey). Recently when I tried turning the shower on, I heard the water in the pipes, but nothing...
  11. PatTheRat

    Low water flow at tub spout

    I'm trying to help my sister-in-law with her tub. When i first looked at it, it would run constantly at a low flow no matter what the knob was set to - off, on, or anything in between. This is a Moen single-handle shower valve model 1220 I believe. I removed the old cartridge and replaced it as...
  12. Loren

    Moen Posi-Temp shower cartridge stuck

    Need help for my grandfather. He needs to replace moen shower cartridge, but the piece you pull on broke. He tried to screw in another screw and use that as leverage to pull the cartridge out, but that also didnt work. See attached picture. Any advice??
  13. BrandonR

    Moen Castleby Shower Handle - Replacing Cartridge

    I have a Moen shower handle (unknown model) that doesn't seem to have a set screw. Before I go yanking on the handle, any thoughts on how to take this piece off?
  14. Chris Winkler

    2004 Moen bathroom faucet disassembly

    I have a leaky faucet and I presume it is a Moen because the aerator housing says Moen on it. The house was built in 2004 so I presume it is from that year. I cannot figure out how to disassemble it to save my life. There is no screw underneath the top cover, there is no screw on the side...
  15. Brownt

    Moen pulldown kitchen faucet water pressure issue

    We continue to have less hot water pressure than cold thru our wand. Replaced the cartridge and same thing. Verified pressure going to faucet is good for both hot and cold. So something not right in the faucet. Hard to get support or parts because I don't have the model number of the faucet...
  16. Terry

    Replacing/Installing Moen Renzo kitchen faucet

    The Moen Renzo faucet CA87316 This was a replacement for an older one, let's take a look. The mounting cap can be installed either of two ways. This one was installed this way making it hard to use anything but the supplied Moen wrench. It was solidly on there, and the wrench wasn't having...
  17. TexasHokie

    Moen tub / shower leak. Cartridge 1222.

    I just had some tenants move out and I noticed the shower / tub Moen faucet was leaking. Little more than a drip. Since I don't live there I have no idea how long it's been leaking. I could ask.....but they did not leave on good terms. I just assumed it was the 1222 cartridge. We have hard...
  18. diydreamer

    New home selections

    Hi everyone, I have been silently browsing these forums for a while as my husband & I were planning our new build but now we are under construction & I would love some additional insight. We have 4 bathrooms-2upstairs/2downstairs I have selected Moen shower/tub posi- temp fixtures...
  19. Mark Ezrin

    Stuck Moen Posi-Temp shower cartridge components

    Hi, I'm not even sure what to title this. I've got an old Moen shower head (moved in 2001) that leaks. I'm sure it is the cartridge. When I take apart the handle (single handle unit), i get to a few parts that prevent me from getting to the cartridge. Please see the attached pictures. How do I...
  20. RobertF

    Bathroom Faucet Advice

    I am planning to remodel two bathrooms in my house. I am new to DIY stuff having to do with plumbing & faucets. I am mostly interested in buying faucets that are durable and easy to maintain. I do not mind paying more up front for a good faucet. I have read where a lot of people like Delta...
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