1. MichaelFL

    Intermittent dripping in shower

    I have a problem with intermittent dripping from the master shower. I cannot find a solution to it. I live in Peoria, AZ. My house is new - only 4.5 years old. The builder installed Moen fixtures throughout it. The master shower has the Moen model Eva fixtures (model T2132ORB). The control...
  2. pguinn22

    Matching Trim w/ Installed Valve (HELP!!)

    Hi, I'm new to home ownership and I'm hitting my first speed bump! I'm replacing an old Moen shower trim and want to put a nice bronze shower trim in. I've done about 5 hours of research and I know I'm making this much harder than it should be and thought maybe someone here can give me some...
  3. Marcus Stenzel

    Moen Brantford, Should I avoid this faucet?

    We have purchased this faucet but not yet installed it. Generally well reviewed, but there are a handful of online reviews that warn of leak problems. I've also seen Moen...
  4. Happee

    New Gas Water Heater Temp +30 degrees Possibly Caused by Crossed Plumbing Lines?

    Hi, everyone. This is my first post, so please forgive me if I'm not providing enough information, too much info, or not explaining things clearly. I can unclog drains and turn water lines on and off...that is where my plumbing experience ends. :) We live in the Twin Cities (MN) and our home...
  5. Brad Repka

    Replacement Moen 1225 Whips to the right hard when turning on?

    Ok, I am in need of a little help. I watched a few videos and read a couple of instruction guides on how to replace a Moen 1225 cartridge. The replacement went well, and with the initial test it works fine. The problem happens when i get everything back together. When the water is then turned on...
  6. Samfran

    Standard Moen Valve/trim kit to Posi-Temp Moen valve/trim kit

    I just bought a house built in 1990. All three bathrooms have Moen standard trim kits (escutcheon screws at 5:00 and 7:00). All are leaking at one point or another (shower head, spout, etc). As a rookie, I bought some Moen combo kits that include tub spout, shower head, posi-temp...
  7. Aspiring DIYer

    Moen Shower - 2.5 GPM or 1.75 GPM

    I am purchasing a Moen shower system, and I'm looking at the Dartmoor 2.5 GPM or 1.75 GPM. I live in MD, so I don't have water restrictions to contend with, but I do try to be eco conscious. My concerns with the 1.75 are as follows: 1. My husband is disabled and will use a bench built in the...
  8. Terry

    Moen Banbury 87017 kitchen pull-out faucet

    The Moen Banbury 87017 kitchen pull-out faucet is a fairly easy install. But then they all are. It's removing the old faucets that make it hard sometimes. Anyway, here is what this thing looks like. Moen 87017 Banbury A nifty little snap on for the hose. They supply a label for those...
  9. Terry

    How to Install the Moen Annex Shower Rail

    A very nice video by Moen shower the installation of the Annex Shower Rail. Kohler also makes a very nice shower rail. It's a nice addition to a bathroom.
  10. idreos

    Need help replacing Moen 1225 Tub cartridge

    I have a leaking spigot controlled by a push pull Moen valve I'm trying to identify the model of the cartridge replacement Can you tell by looking at the pics below or advize how to identify the replacement needed. Thanks for your help
  11. Terry

    Delta 600 shower valve replacement

    How many times does a homeowner do this to a Delta 600 when they try to remove the bonnet? If a person isn't careful, you can twist the three soft copper tubes to the body of the faucet. My fix is to cut out the old Delta 600 and install a new valve body. Moen makes an easy replacement...
  12. Terry

    No water to Moen shower head

    No water to newly installed Moen Posi-Temp shower head. This has never happened before. So I'm thinking bad cartridge? I run down the hill and pick up a 1222 cartridge for the Posi-Temp and no luck with it. Absolutly nothing comes out of the shower head. The next day I swing by my supplier and...
  13. Terry

    Installing new Mediterranean Bronze trim for Moen Posi-Temp

    Installing new Mediterranean Bronze trim for Moen Posi-Temp to replace the old chrome fixtures. The first thing I did was to remove the old chrome trim and toss it out the window. Hit a dog running by and it yelped, so then someone poked their head in and asked what's up? Nothin! I'm just...
  14. DaveJW

    Moen Single Handle Faucet Issue

    I recently replaced a Moen cartridge in an old single handle faucet. (Moen part number #1220). It is working fine with the exception that sometimes it does not shut off completely - almost like the handle doesn't get the cartridge stem all the way back down. Other times it works fine. I'm...
  15. Vinvar

    Leaking Moen 7385 faucet need help

    Hello All, In advance I would like to thank anyone who reads this post and helps me out. I am not knowledgeable in DIY plumbing work so any help would be most welcome. I had a leaking faucet. Picture attached. From videos on you tube, I understood that the cartridge needed to be changed. So I...
  16. Gruncle

    Moen Temperature Override Kit

    I recently installed a Moen ExactTemp Valve in my shower, along with a Moen trim kit. The valve works fine, but I have a part leftover that I am hesitant to install, since I don't understand what it is for. There is a red plastic threaded plug labelled "override screw" and a small packet of...
  17. PWonderland

    Looking for Moen Brand faucet parts (1950's)

    Hi, I'm looking for two plastic rings to fit both the hot and cold handles on my bathtub in a house that was built in the mid-1950's. The brand of the faucet is Moen and the attached pictures shows the parts I'm looking for (handle base stamped F11896). These photos are of a sink handle, but...
  18. PSGrl

    Frustrating Pfister Avante Faucet Removal

    We recently bought a house that was built in 1992 and I'm sure these are the original faucets. We have a locked up Moen cartridge and were going to replace it. There is no allen screw on the faucet, so I assume the center cap has to come off and there is a center/set screw. I cannot get this cap...
  19. Terry

    Hole too big in tile for tub spout. The fix...Moen 3857.

    Sometimes the tile or install cuts too big a hole for the tub spout to cover. I had one of those last week. The standard tub spout is about 2-1/2" and normally the hole is something like 1-3/8". Most of the time, perfect. However last week the hole was too large and off center. And they...
  20. Terry

    Moen now has disposers

    Moen now has disposers. We knew that had faucets, but this is a branch of the business that is new for them. Their disposers use a compatiple mounting system like what Insinkerator has. The outlet for the drain is lower. So keep that in mind if you have an issue with the height of the drain from...
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