Moen faucet woe (low flow)

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  1. JJK

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    May 20, 2020
    Hey there, I have a Moen faucet (2017) that is driving me bonkers with low flow. Looks like their Medina model, with a slightly different handle shape.

    It's been trouble almost from the start. Our building has old pipes (1950's condos), but the supply pipes coming out of the wall are putting out great flow. 3 something GPM. Faucet is putting out 0.5-0.8 GPM.

    I have:
    -Checked the supply from the wall (very good)
    -Checked the flow of the faucet with the sprayer head removed (it is a slight improvement, about 0.2 gpm)
    -Cleaned the little filter basket in the spray head
    -Replaced the cartridge with a new cartridge from Moen

    When Moen shipped me a new cartridge (free, which is great of them), suddenly my faucet shaped up for 2 weeks and had a normal flow (where was that the last 2 years?). The day I went to install the part 2 weeks later, the flow died back down to its meagre rate, before I had touched the faucet to install.

    Does anything explain this bizarre faucet behavior? The new cartridge did nothing different.

    I recently saw a video on this forum of replacing the supply hoses, but it was a different model that was not protected from disassembly by this plastic cap and torx screws on the base.

    I have a new baby coming in 2 weeks so I need a working faucet to clean the endless chain of baby bottles that is about to come at me. I scheduled yet another call with Moen warranty/parts for next Tuesday, so if you guys can help me figure out the problem I can ask them for what I actually need. Thanks and help!

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  2. plumber69

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    Jun 20, 2014
    Prince Rupert, British Columbia
    If your getting good pressure from the 2 valves below then there is something stuck in faucet
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  4. JJK

    JJK New Member

    May 20, 2020
    I agree. I tried to get the hoses off to clear them, but they secured the base where the hoses connect with torx screws. Any other ideas for clearing the faucet?

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