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Jul 19, 2019 at 6:11 PM
    1. ktlynnfg
    2. Ian Kazian
      Ian Kazian
      I have a vacation waterfront home in Door County WI. Every spring my well flows water out of the well seal for about a month. I have contacted several well installers & they state that this normal as the water table rises in the spring. Many of my neighbors wells do the same thing. Can I replace the seal with a seal that has a threaded fitting so I can attach a hose to it and direct the water away from my foundation?
    3. LMF
      I made an error and used clear PVC cement on the brass fitting for a shower valve. How do I remove it now and use the proper sealant?
      1. Terry
        If you are soldering to the valve, it will need to be sanded out. The solder needs contact with the brass.
        Jun 1, 2019
    4. Dave Z
      Dave Z
      Hi, Terry,

      Thank you! New member here. I have a question to ask for help, but I need to post a pic (don't know how yet). Received a new toto toilet, it seems the bowl outlet is abnormal to me.

      1. Terry
        That's a normal outlet on the bowl. The wax seals goes around that anyway and seals to the flat part of the bowl. It's good. :)
        Apr 6, 2019
    5. James Lampson
      James Lampson
      Hello. Can you tell me how to post a question. Having trouble with my well. I replaced the control box and the pressure switch because it stopped working. Now when I put power to pressure switch it blows a fuse I wired exactly as it was. Didn't do it before. Thanks for your help
    6. Lee Rector
      Lee Rector
      you've responded to some of my postings in years past... perhaps you may have some shareable thoughts regarding my latest post. thx ...see ( Resistance from PEX? high flow transmitted sounds)
    7. Jayman
      I have a hansgrophe shower valve that makes noise after turned off...sometimes . Also after a shower when turning off bathroom sink, same sound comes from the valve area. Valve is 2 years old...any clues? thanks
    8. Tylerloch
      Terry is there any way you could check my post and give me advice thank you
    9. Newhomeowner2018
      Additionally, DuPont makes many types of Teflon sprays, do you know if they would work as well as the Clorox brand? Which one if any do you recommend? And do I need to drain the toilet and dry walls before applying the spray?
      1. Terry
        I've been using the liquid bowl cleaners that they sell at the grocery store. TOTO recommends Dawn dishwashing detergent for cleaning the bowls. I've tried that too.
        Sep 13, 2018
    10. Newhomeowner2018
      Terry, need help! don’t wanna ask embarrassing questions but I don’t know where else to turn? I have a Toto washlet G400 and sometimes the “debris” doesn’t flush off the sides and I can’t scrub after every use. I’ve read Clorox with Teflon is helpful - but it’s no longer available for purchase ..... so now what to do I do?
    11. Michael Young
    12. Jay5000
      I have an old leaky hose bib embossed with a logo of a "T". I can not figure out to remove the stem valve to replace the gasket. I can not find the brand name that uses a T logo. I have reviewed many youtube and other instructions.
      I removed the packing nut and tried to unscrew, pullout, etc the stem assembly with not luck.
    13. Michael Young
      Michael Young
      Terry, the landscape has changed for us old timers. Any chance you could create a back-links area where your business owners can post their information so we can trade back-links with each other.
    14. Brian Geo
      Brian Geo
      Hi Terry, I'm attempting to convince my plumber that it's not legal to put ABS pipe between cast iron on a vertical stack. I'm positive that I read that it's not legal in a UPC code book but for the life of me can't find anything about it online. Do you know where it is in the code book?
    15. John Pujol
      John Pujol
      Hi Terry

      I'm looking for help!

      Working with some students at UC Berkeley we built a system for easy home water testing. I'm looking for ways to distribute our kits for free to plumbers so that plumbers can offer them to their customers. Do you know how I could get started with such a plan?

      Thank you
    16. Master Plumber Mark
      Master Plumber Mark
      hey Terry.... have a happy 4th.. how ya doing??
      I turned off my add blocker and clicked on about 10 of your adds today for fun
      I dont know what kind of money you make off of them but I thought I would throw you a bone....

      this news about A.o.Smith water heater going into Lowes might be a interesting thread to start
      I think they are gonna sell the same old junk just in a new package and new box......
    17. DanG43
      Hi - I have a 1.25" sand point well that's about 27 feet deep, with water at about 24 feet (elevation is 1435'). There used to be an old dual-piston pump that could pull water from it, but it was stolen long ago. Someone told me they no longer make those old dual-piston pumps so I'm trying to find out which makes/models would work so I can try to find one. Or maybe you know of a newer type that would work?
    18. Bub
      Why do i have insufficient privileges to post ?
    19. Another Terry
      Another Terry
      After having replaced multiple parts (some of them multiple times!) over the past few years on my Kohler toilets, I'd decided to find a Toto based on reputation for reliability and efficiency. I have read the specs and reviews for every model Toto makes at this point. Still confused. May I ask which model you installed in your daughter's home?
      1. Another Terry
        Another Terry
        I narrowed the field a little due w/requirements that it be ADA height and elongated bowl. I would like a model to which I can add a washlet in the future (unless you recommend buying one already included). Additionally, I would like to get a model that is skirted (concealed trap)
        Feb 5, 2017
    20. Ronpm70
      Water slow when running water in sink most of the time. I have to run garbage disposal to get it to drain.and at times some of the water from first drain goes in to the second drain. I have a vine line going in to a straight line that goes down in to drain.
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