Moen “Eva” Roman Bath Faucet - Rises with Water On

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    Apr 27, 2020
    Hi All,

    I’ve got a question I’m hoping you all can help me with after scouring the manuals and parts lists online for the last hour. We gave our girls a bath tonight in the larger master tub that has the Moen “Eva” Roman faucet. We had both hot and cold water on and noticed when they were turned up high, the actual faucet came off of the deck of the tub, but not to the point of the actual faucet coming off (thank God). I initially thought it was the set screw, but it was clear after research the shank assembly was moving up and down. I fully loosened the set screw to try and remove the faucet, but along with it came the retaining clip and part of the shank (see pics). Does anyone know how this need to be reassembled and tighten down so this is installed correctly?


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