1. S

    Moving a toilet, Is this Legit?

    Not a lengthy explanation. I want to move a toilet a few feet from current location and tie it into the vertical soil stack. The main vent stack is about 4 feet from new location. I just want to know if these are the fittings I should use. Cut section of vertical out. Add 4x4x3 wye. Glue in a...
  2. J

    Horizontal Wye - angle of branch

    Hi there, I'm laying out a bathroom sewer, I have a few wyes connecting sewer branches as well as vent branches. I know that the slope of the run needs to be 1/4"/ft. My question is, does the branch of the wye need to be turned up (22, 45, 60) and then rolled in the direction of the next fixture...
  3. Rowers

    Wye Options

    I'm putting in a second floor bathroom in. The toilet is going to be run down one bay with a 3" line and the sink and tub will run down a second bay exiting with a 2" line. All fixtures will be vented locally due to distance. Once I come down to the first floor I'm planning to use a vertical...
  4. Jason8383

    How to cut a WYE (4,4,2) to an existing pipe!

    Hi, I have 2 questions: 1) I am connecting a washing machine in my bathroom and have been told that to meet does it should be connected directly to the main stack. I located this stack and I am wondering how I should connect my 2" pipe to the 4X4X2 ABS 45. I cannot easily "spread" the stack...
  5. vinrin2

    Wye not cut it in here?

    I am installing a new linear shower drain. What I hope to do is install the new drain upstream of the 1.5” dry vent, however there is already one 2” vented drain that discharges just above the vent (originates at my washing machine). Reading code 909.2, it appears that I should not install the...
  6. Michael Bluejay

    Can a horizontal wye connect to a drain upstream (backwards)?

    I'm installing a shower but the 18" between its drain and the wall is not enough space to run its trap arm, wye for a vent, and wye to tie into the main drain. If it's acceptable, I'd like to connect the shower drain to the trap arm coming from the toilet, but the wye from the shower would be...
  7. BrockHouston

    Another venting question

    This is for a second floor bath. The 2"(after wye) and 3" drain lines will run parallel and inside a single joist bay before turning down at the left hand wall. Due to framing and window placements and existing vent locations, running a lav vent through the roof would be more difficult. This is...
  8. CapMcC

    AAV Recommendations for a Tight Space

    I have a tight space in which I need to install an air admittance valve (AAV). The below image shows the back of the wall behind my bathroom sink that is competing with my nearby tub drain to see who can suck out the other's p-trap faster. From my review of IRC P3114, my options seem very...
  9. Bceverson

    Toilet plumbing and wet vent - remodel

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking a look at my remodel and specifically toilet plumbing/ wet vent questions. The main questions are: 1. Can I: A. use a 3x3x3x3 wye with a toilet/WC on one side and a tub/shower combo on the other. I understand that the toilet should be the furthest from the vent...
  10. oakmanii

    Tilting Wye a little from flat for a toilet

    I have a toilet coming directly off the side arm of a 3" Wye, where the Wye is laid horizontal, the main line going straight, and the side arm going off to the right. Should I roll the Wye a little so the arm is a little above flat to increase the slope coming from the regular 90 off the toilet...
  11. Mulligan Stew

    Toilet Venting

    I'm roughing in a 3" toilet drain and want to install a 3x2 wye on the vertical drop, above where the drain turns horizontal. Is this allowed per UPC? I can't seem to find it in the code book.
  12. Jack O'Voltraids

    DWV Q&A (Toilets)

    I've often got questions or just curiosity on the means, methods, and materials used for every day, taken for granted, inner workings of buildings like the DWV systems used to evacuate our waste. I might even sketch out an idea once in a while just to see if it's at all plausible. My recent idea...
  13. purduephotog

    Adding a wye to cast iron

    Not my house. Thank God. Helping my neighbor after they moved in to add a disposal I came across this beauty. I told them I was shocked it passed inspection, and that they (and possibly me) are going to need to replace the joists, and at least sister in something in as that's under the tub...
  14. Sanders H.

    Bathroom Remodel = How to Wet Vent via Concrete slab with existing drains

    Hello to all, I just realized I may have put this in the wrong forum...Any assistance would be appreciated. I am in a pickle in what do to about the wet venting in my small bathroom remodel, where I am turning (at the behest of the other) a room which had a double sink vanity, toilet and...
  15. Sanders H.

    Bathroom changes / Wet Venting via a Slab

    Hello to all, First thing: As many have stated, I myself have been hovering on this site on and off for the last few years digesting the appreciative knowledge and fixing a few things along the way. Now, I find myself in a pickle in what do to about the wet venting in my small bathroom...
  16. DIY_Graham

    Master Bedroom Redo.

    I am in the middle of a master bedroom redo. I am moving the toilet to where the shower was. I am adding another vanity where the toilet was. I am moving the shower to where a tub was. The tub is gone. I am refreshing my plumbing code from the last project I did adding a basement bath many...

    Waste Plumbing Question, Wye not?

    Good Morning! I'm new here, just joined and searched for this question and was unable to find the answer. Can you turn a Wye on its Y, for lack of a better term? For those that like to read, I explained a lot below the photos. For those who don't look at the photo and tell me if it is a- okay...
  18. DanielpGRaves

    Wet vent Wye to a lav with 90

    I installed a wye with a street 90 going out of the 45.. going to the lav. I think its looks funny. but plumber running Job says its ok. any advice.
  19. cubs1992

    Softener Drain into Main 4" Line

    Hello! Currently I have my water softener draining into my floor drain with an air gap and that floor drain connects to the ejector pit. Every time my softener regenerates the pump needs to run almost the entire time during regeneration. I do not like relying on this pump to prevent overflow...
  20. KeithThirgood

    San T vs Wye

    I am confused about SanTs and Wyes. I understand SanTs cannot be used on their backs, so they cannot be used to connect a vertical drain to a horizontal drain pipe. For this, a wye plus 45-degree elbow must be used. Where my confusion lies is with connecting a horizontal drain pipe, into a...
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