Master Bedroom Redo.

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I am in the middle of a master bedroom redo. I am moving the toilet to where the shower was. I am adding another vanity where the toilet was. I am moving the shower to where a tub was. The tub is gone. I am refreshing my plumbing code from the last project I did adding a basement bath many years ago. This site seems great. So here goes...


I found this in the wall. The left 1 1/2 was the shower and tub. The right 3" was toilet and single vanity. All unit vents were in close proximity to the unit. The new configuration will have 3" Toilet drain coming from the left. A double vanity and shower drain will merge from opposite sides of the room then they flow to the right side of this stack.
Q1: What should I replace this with? Should the size should it be?
Q2: What is the best way to join to drains from shower and vanity coming from opposite sides of the bathroom. I have limited height to work with.
Q3: What size drain for the double vanity and shower?
Q4: Does it make sense to have a 2" shower drain?

Thanks for your help.
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