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Hello to all,
First thing: As many have stated, I myself have been hovering on this site on and off for the last few years digesting the appreciative knowledge and fixing a few things along the way.

Now, I find myself in a pickle in what do to about the wet venting in my small bathroom remodel, where I am turning (at the behest of the other) a room which had a double sink vanity, toilet and tub/shower combo into a separate tub, shower and toilet. The Vanity will stay in its place.

I have read multiple posts on this site about wet venting and I am all over the place on the proper way for a wet vent configuration with the drain piping, which fittings to use, etc.

What is the best way to wet vent this space: Connect a double wye to split the connection:

1) A wye connector going to the original 2" drain for air
2) The second line going towards the tub and shower and splitting off to each t-trap

I have upload an image for your viewing pleasure. I would definitely appreciate your thoughts on this one.
Thank you,


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