1. dpw-ct

    Drain Welll Tank annually?

    I have a well and 4 year old tank. We tend to get a fair amount of sediment in our lines and the water is mildly hard. Should I be draining the tank periodically? Should I drain the electric water heater as well? If so, how often should this be done, and any special procedure to use
  2. Matthew Plumlee

    Need help with well and pressure tank hook up

    I have a well that is 730ft deep. It has a 1/2 horse pump. I am having a 2 horse pump put in. The house that is on it is about 90ft from the well. The second house that I'm hooking to the well is 850ft away from the well. My question is how I need to hook up to it. Should I hook to the presure...
  3. Ryan Lee

    Large capacity well (100gpm) and home use

    I will be putting a irrigation well in for my farm this coming spring. I'm hoping to achieve a flow rate of 100 GPM. We would also like to use this well for a future home. Can I use a CSV on the well for the mixed flow rates of my irrigation zones and then put a larger pressure tank in with...
  4. Daniel Gottesman

    Specify whole house filter for well supplied home

    We need to install a whole house water filter system to both eliminate bacteria and sulfur smell. The pump supplies 12.5 GPM (measured actual) And has reservoir in pressure tank that supplies 4.5 gal before pump kicks in for 21 seconds to replenish. Our current fixtures are kitchen sink and...
  5. tycen

    Sand repeatedly getting into well

    I'm looking for some help and have appreciated searching and browsing in these forums for a few years - time for me to post a question. Here's the details (I'll try to be as thorough as I can): - we bought the house in 7/2014 and I've been learning about this well ever since... - well is dug...
  6. Tai

    Well to pressure tank to whole house filter to

    Hi all, I need ur advices. I currently have a well and pressure tank located right at well head. Its about 15-20ft to house. I now want to get a whole house filter, extra tank, and softener inside the house. Will this over kill? How much pressure will be lost? Need your advices. Thank you. Plan...
  7. Biddle

    Circut Breaker Trips - Pump Wire Short, Bad Pressure Tank, or Well Running Out of Water?

    I would be most grateful if you would give me a hand at figuring out the well/pump problem I’ve been experiencing the last 2 weeks. The pump circuit breaker trips under normal water demands for 2 people. Example: The circuit breaker trips and, consequently, cuts off the water after running the...
  8. Morning Dew

    Well Water system Intermediate Loss of water pressure

    System info: sub pump with check valve between water line from pump right before the tank tee, tank is a in pit that is about 6 feet from the well head and 20 feet from the house. The pressure switch is a 40/60 and is new as of the end of May 2016, the tank has recently been correctly...
  9. rremde

    Shared well, water pressure jumps up and down

    Hi all - have a bit of a quandry. We have just built a house on a property with a shared well. The well is shared between 2 houses, and the original property (not ours) has a pressure tank installed, and they service the electricity to the well. We've checked for leaks on our end, and there...
  10. Klon Solo

    New to Forum

    Hi guys, Wish I found this forum a while ago. Not only could I have used some help installing my Bison pump, but I also have solar and geothermal. Nevertheless, we are moving and I have posted the shallow well Bison 2-piece hand pump for sale on eBay - it is new and unused, since I couldn't...
  11. Stanly Kristan

    3 wire well pump , wired directly to pressure switch?

    Hello everyone! Im new to well pumps . I purchased one hell of a fixer upper and the first thing i noticed was the insane hydro bill! i run leds for all my lights so it can only really be traced back to our well pump. I have no info on the pump from the previous owner. All i know is that its a...
  12. cindy&eric

    Recommendations for Iron Filter for Landscaping

    We moved in to a house with a well (Hardness 180+ ppm, Iron 5+ ppm, pH about 6.5) with iron bacteria. We have up to 1/2 acre of landscaping and garden (with drip irrigation) that we are preparing for spring and we need to get some kind of iron filtration so we can use drip irrigation and...
  13. joseph.moody

    Well Pump to Aerator

    Quick question. I currently have a submersible pump going to a 35 gallon bladder tank which then feeds to our house. Can I add a aerator directly after the well pump, then use the pump in the aerator to go to the bladder tank and then go to the house? I am asking because setups that I've seen...
  14. Ace866286

    Shallow well pump problem

    Hi, Having a big issue with water pressure, I have none. Haha Two days ago I went to take a shower and lost all water pressure. Shallow well pump in the basement was screaming due to a bad bearing so I know it was trying. Went to Lowes and bought a replacement pump, same model that was...
  15. P Farrow

    What type of Well pump?

    I am wondering what type of well and pump I have. My well is 30 foot deep so I assume I have a deep well submersible pump since I don't have a pump above ground. I don't understand this extra PVC pipe with a gate valve on it. It comes from the top of the cap and then goes back into the...
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