1. ajbennett60

    Tee in near well head for irrigation?

    Hey there new to all this. I have a 15 gpm well in my pasture and my pressure tank is in my house 300' away. I am hoping to tee in very close to the well head and put a valve/spigot a couple feet away to water wine grapes 500' in the opposite direction and uphill 30 feet max. I've read that if...
  2. Adolphus

    Michigan well replacement troubles

    Happy holiday. I'm replacing a 25 year old submersible in a 4" metal casing well. I ignored the depth, still don't know for sure. I have one of those old Merrill pitless adapters seen in a thread in this forum which helped me immensely. Thanks Terry for hosting this treasure. Using the info...
  3. Hueaster

    Well pit plumbing advice

    Hey guys. I'm wondering what could be done to improve the plumbing in my well pit. My issue I'm trying to resolve is I get about 2 GPM of flow to the house (red arrow in the picture is the 60-70' copper feed line to the house) and closer to 15GPM at the hydrant by the well pit (green arrow in...
  4. Goodguy5000HD

    Well water suddenly dirty, well pump power fluctuates... is it a disaster? (SOLVED)

    (1 day after installing new white sediment filter) After being out-of-town for a month, the well pump protection circuit kept tripping due to high load. After testing, the well pump resistance is normal, but the running pump's amperage varies 7--20A (after bypassing protection circuit). Also...
  5. Michaelco

    Using Iron Filters Between Well Head and Water Storage Tanks

    We want to filter iron, manganese from a new well, prior to it entering a couple of 5,000 gallon storage tanks. . Our Iron levels are .740 mg/l and Manganese .051 ppm. There is also a slight sulfur smell (hydrogen sulfide), but figure the filter will be able to deal with that as well. Water...
  6. OffGrid1

    Solar power pump advice

    Hi all, I just purchased 5 acres of land in rural Washington state. I dug my well and initially had 4 gallons per minute at 310 feet. I then deepened the well to 400 feet where I got 25 gallons of water per minute. The static water level is about 150 feet. We would like to break ground in...
  7. Brett Jenson

    Noisy VFD

    Hi, We are remodeling a house and installed a 3 phase, 5 HP pump and VFD. We finally have the house all insulated and sealed up with all the doors and windows fully installed and painted, and the pump is running. However it is way louder than I expected, probably as loud as a small hotel hair...
  8. Soggysocksandthirstytrees

    Pulsating and pump cycling

    My goal is to have a designated pump for watering my plants from my well. I want to start with a garden hose, then eventually add drip lines and possibly sprinklers. I have a 4” free flowing artesian well. I have the 4” well teed off to 1-1/4” lines to house water system, to pond fountain (no...
  9. Skeensy

    Check valves one house well system

    Hi everyone. Looked all over the place for a diagram with a well setup that includes a sprinkler distribution line as well. This is our bathing and drinking water as well as irrigation. I have the well pump, check valve at the well head down pipe, outside the well , then a 10 foot run to a...
  10. vanste777

    Fleck Softener?

    I'm on well water with 24 GPG hardness + 2 GPG for .5PPM iron. We're a family of 5 averaging 400 gallons per day. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my math is coming out to roughly 73,000 grains. 26 GPG x 400 = 10,400 x 7 = 72,800 GPG. At 65% efficiency I would need a 112,000 GPG unit. I was...
  11. heath1993*

    Sand point well problems

    OK so I started driving a 1-1/4 inch well point, got down to around 30 feet checked and had about 9.5 feet of water in pipe. so took waterhose ran down the pipe and turned on tried to clean out the pipe. after it finally reached top of the well pipe. the water would drain back down at a good...
  12. Thomas Dezall

    Well water pump blow water through the PRV.

    During a recent cold spell, My 3/4 Horse Power 57 Litre Stainless Steel Shallow Well Jet Pump . now blows water through the pressure relief valve but I still have pressure in the house. Is it safe to run like that? The pressure gauge red lines.
  13. Jonathon T Leonard

    Installing Second Tank Questions.

    Hey guys, I've learned quite a few things from this forum already, but there is one thing that I can't quite get through my head. My well is a submersible pump that was installed before I bought the house almost 5 years ago now. I was told it's about 15-20 foot deep. My main problem is that I...
  14. Luisco

    1/2 HP vs 1 HP

    My house gets water from a well, the current setup I have is well-pressure tank-house. I was told that adding a water storage tank would be beneficial as it would decrease the amount of times my downhole cicles on/off, so the setup I want to install is well-water storage tank-jetpump-pressure...
  15. Brett Burkhart

    Well sanitize

    Hey, new to this forum. So I had water inspection on my house and the water had coliform bacteria in it, so the county told us to sanitize the well and sent us instructions on how to do so I dropped a gallon of bleach done into it. Now I'm trying to get all of the chlorine out of it and have...
  16. Ron Benchetrit

    Well pump intermittently struggling to refill pressure tank

    Hi all, We’ve recently done some work replacing the plumbing between our pressure tank, water softener, GE Filter and UV Filter with PEX lines. Pressure in all house faucets and shower are fine. The pressure switch looks ok turning the pump on at 45psi and off at 65psi. When all is good, the...
  17. lukasny

    Well water issues

    I'm trying to figure out what is going on with my well water and softener. I keep getting those rust spots on my utensils and I cant figure out what is causing it. I have tried few water softener companies and they all have not answers. Also last year I redid my water manifolds and year later...
  18. Michael Griffiths

    Manhole/Inspection Chamber filling and contaminating head! Please help!

    Hello Everyone. We have recently had a 400ft Deep Bore Well Drilled on our land. The well contractor made us excavate 2 feet below the well head (Challenging as we are right ontop of the bedrock/granite) and then returned to install the pump and told us to build a chamber around the well head...
  19. Blackberries

    One well, two houses-one water has coliform, one does not - HELP, please!

    We tested our water by the county over two months ago which indicated there is coliform (not E-Coli) in our water. Since we share a well with our neighbor and it is on their property they had the well shocked. We retested our water, twice, and still have coliform in our water. The neighbors...
  20. av76

    Distance from well to septic system

    Not sure if this is the right forum to post this question. We have a small piece of property in Pennsylvania. It has what we are told is a cesspool for septic. The well is right next to it. We are interested in having a septic system with a drain field and a new well put in. I am wondering how...
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