1. PlumbingNovice35

    Sink Cartridge Replacement

    Hello, have a small sink in a half-bath on my first floor -- no hot water, only cold. I am trying to replace the cartridge, and this is what it looks like when I take it apart -- at this point, I'm uncertain and can't find a YouTube video that looks like mine. Do I need a tool that fits inside...
  2. johnjward

    Drip under bathroom sink

    Hi everyone. I know nothing about sinks or plumbing so hence here I am. Yesterday I was plunging my bathroom sink because it was clogged up. Afterwards I noticed that under the sink there was water. A hole at the bottom of the sink is where it's coming from. I assume the hole has a purpose...
  3. NoClue64

    Solid Rider Leak - Help Please!

    I need help from the pro's diagnosing the cause of a leak under my console sink. The attached picture shows the source of the leak - where the water supply is connected to the cold side. I did not use any tape - pretty sure I read that you don't use tape on a metal to metal connection but maybe...
  4. Kaelderna

    Weird faucet, weird cartridge. Help please?

    In florida, picked this faucet out when i was about 5. Its just now starting to leak out the top. The thing is I have never seen another faucet like it, and cannot find a new cartridge for it. Could someonr help me identify the brand? If it helps any the unit was a display model. Pics attatched.
  5. aouke

    Sewer odor from bathroom sink

    Hello all, Long time reader, first time poster here. I am having an issue that I cannot figure out on my own in my master bath of my new house. The issue that I am having is that when I wake up in the morning and go to brush my teeth I get a puff of sewer gas "punching" me in the face when I run...
  6. Austev

    Can a kitchen drain smell rise to upstairs neighbors

    Hello Forum! I need your kind advice I live in appartement complex, mid level floor. I got complaints from my upstairs neighbors that their "under sink" (there's some kind of hole below their sink) stinks and that their plumber said the smell must be coming from the apartment below. It is very...
  7. ngmtl

    Name That Sink!

    A bit of a unique question here. We removed a nice pedestal sink as it didn't work with our new master bath layout and decided we can't make it work in our other bath. To make a long story short we're looking to identify the make and model of this sink as we're planning to sell or donate it...
  8. Johnathan Whitaker

    Kitchen sink gurgling while washer is draining

    New member here. I know HVAC, but nothing about plumbing. Here's my problem: I own a '98 double wide. Nothing has been done to the plumbing since I bought the house. The washer we've had for 3 years has always drained fine, but made the sink make a horrible gurgling noise . The other day, while...
  9. ngmtl

    Why doesn't this 3/8" COMP tee have a washer in it? And should you use thread tape?

    I purchased this 3/8" COMP Dual Outlet Tee: Questions: 1. Why doesn't the female connector on the tee have a washer in it? 2. Since there is no washer, do I need to use thread tape to make a seal or...
  10. pandalocksmith

    How do I repair this sink leak?

    Just inherited a old beat up home. Tried using the sink and water started flowing from the floor. Upon inspection, seems like this piece just isn’t rightly installed or isn’t the right piece at all. Wondering what pieces I need to buy at Home Depot so I can get the sink up and running. Here’s a...
  11. MeNeedsSomeHelp

    Flushing the toilet causes my kitchen sink to gurgle.

    Flushing the toilet causes my kitchen sink to gurgle. The toilet flushes fine. The two have separate pipes running out of the house for the sink and the toilet. I snaked the toilet 25'. I have snaked the vent 25'. I have poured chemicals down the vent. I have called a plumber who didn't think...
  12. jeranderson

    Low Hot Water Pressure In Kitchen Sink & Dishwasher

    My kitchen sink and dishwasher are getting little hot water with very little pressure. The faucet is a single handle faucet and the pressure reduces dramatically when pushing the handle to hot. The dishwasher is only about 2-3 months old has worked fine until now. A little water comes thru...
  13. jeranderson

    No hot water pressure in kitchen

    My kitchen sink and dishwasher are getting little hot water with very little pressure. The faucet is a single handle faucet and the pressure reduces dramatically when pushing the handle to hot. The dishwasher is only about 2-3 months old has worked fine until now. A little water trickles thru...
  14. Colemc45

    Kitchen Sink Install

    I installed my new kitchen sink however the drain pipe from the wall and p trap extend past my sink tailpiece. I am not an expert at plumbing- do I need to take out the PVC wye that my dishwasher drain is attached to shorten the drain pipe going into my wall?
  15. macdowellj1121

    Bathroom sink Plumbing question

    Hi All, I am installing a new vanity and sink in my bathroom in a rather old house and I am having some issues finding the necessary pieces to make this work. Below are the details of my situation. I am new to this whole plumbing thing so any advice would be welcomed. Thank you very much! -...
  16. TexasHomeowner659

    Condensation, What is this hose?

    Hi all, What is this hose's purpose? It connects above the P-trap on my bathroom sink and runs into a wall facing the outside. It's on only one of the two sinks in the master bath. My wife says when it's cold she can hear what sounds like wind coming from the sink drain. This sink is on the...
  17. nhaho

    Portable Sink Troubles

    Hi, I am trying to build a portable sink. I bought a EcoPlus 185 Fixed Flow Submersible/Inline Pump 158 GPH - 728300 ( to pump water from a 7 gallon tank I have underneath a sink stand. I have one 6ft...
  18. Nicole Denton

    Can anyone help me identify this kitchen faucet brand?

    The spout of our pull-out kitchen sink faucet broke, and we're trying to replace it, but there's no obvious brand marking. It looks like the cartridge works on American Standard, Moen, Danze and a couple others. Inside the handle is the number 069878A, but searching that doesn't turn up any...
  19. OklahomaDave

    Securing disposal flange on new stainless sink

    Greetings! I have just completed the reinstallation of a garbage disposal into a new stainless sink in our kitchen, and while the install appears to have been successful, I am concerned about one thing. The previous sink into which this disposal was installed was essentially flat on the...
  20. Sbas

    Help! I have little space between my drain pipe and the top of my counter top. How can I get a few e

    I am in the process of building a tiny house on wheels and just had my plumber finish the drain line. Because we needed to achieve minimum slope downhill, my drain pipe ended up being a bit higher than I wanted. I know have very limited space to work with my kitchen sink. Here is a picture of...
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