1. Douglas Hood

    Sink Gurgle, Older 2Fam, newer drain

    Hello, Glad to be a new member. is my go-to for initial plumbing searches. When I google an issue I always start with "" then my search terms. I have a lav/bath sink drain that's begun to give me some trouble with being slow to drain, plus a gurgle. It's been in...
  2. Peter Dolan

    Sink Water not Draining, No Blockage

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I'm having with a sink I'm fitting not draining even though there isn't a blockage (maybe). Quick background, I am putting the sink into my wife's business. There was a large ceramic sink with copper and steel piping that...
  3. Angelle

    How to get size of flow regulator?

    I know next to nothing about plumbing so I hope I'm calling this thing the right thing, flow regulator. Its the thing that sits on the spigot of the kitchen sink that has a screen and a rubber thing and stops water from going in all directions with super force when you turn on the sink. Anyways...
  4. Peteman

    New Bathroom Sink - Tap Into Toilet Vent?

    Hello Everyone - I have a bathroom in my basement but it is just a toilet. I'd like to add a sink but am not too excited about bashing up concrete to tie into main drain line. I had the city inspector over for a new hot water heater inspection and asked him about tapping into the existing...
  5. Nick at 940

    Sink PVC re-arrange to fit garbage disposal

    I am tackling the task of installing a garbage disposal in my kitchen sink. As I neared the end (mounting the actual unit), I discovered it will not fit with the current PVC arrangement I have underneath the sink. Can anyone shoot me some advice for how to configure and what I will need to get...
  6. Ben Y

    Basement bath: Can I tie a wet bar sink into bathroom vanity drain?

    I've seen similar questions asked, but there seem to be enough variables that I'd like to ask here to be sure. See attached photos. I have a basement bath roughed in, it is wet vented. The vanity is the most downstream fixture. On the other side of the bathroom wall, I'd like to put a bar sink...
  7. Hlpla

    Sink leaking, please help.

    Went to my girlfriend's apartment and noticed her emptying out a bucket of water under her sink. She doesn't want to call a plumber during this quarantine. I usually call my brother to help with this stuff or just get a plumber myself but I'm gonna have to learn how to do this. I think it's...
  8. Tylero17

    Bathroom sink clogged but can't pull anything out

    Whats going on i just bought my first house and i noticed my bathroom sink drain set up is hacked and backing up i noticed the connection to the stub coming through the sink is nothing more than a piece of PVC that slides over the copper coming through from the sink. secondly i took the trap...
  9. Thatdude89

    Kitchen sink gurgling?

    So I live on the 2nd floor of a 2 story apartment. I was hearing this weird gurgling noise happening from my kitchen sink around the same time everyday so I called my landlord and he had a plumber come over and snake out my drain. Thought that took care of the problem but the next day it started...
  10. Tbtbt

    Plumbing a utility sink with no vent into floor standpipe

    So I currently have a washing machine that has its hose running into a 2" standpipe that is coming out of my basement floor. A humidifier hose and AC hose also squeezes into that standpipe and it's pretty tight and janky looking. I'm trying to clean everything up with proper piping, install a...
  11. JoeyDYI80

    Need help with new sink plumbing

    Just did my countertops and installed new sink double sink which is about 3" deeper than old and drains offset. Also purchased new garbage disposal. With my old sink my disposal was on left side and drains centered. I started to install new disposable on right side and ran into an issue. Seems...
  12. pedge

    Smelly sink/vent

    I have a little sink with very tight clearances and several months after the completed house I noticed a foul smell and traced it to a small sink in a small bathroom. The plumber suggested I put a p trap in the wall in addition to the bottle trap on the sink. I have isolated the smell to this...
  13. sandyjb

    Plumbers putty or rubber gasket under sink flange (stainless steel sink)?

    The manufacturer of the new Garbage Disposal we are installing in a couple days says IF you have a stainless steel sink do not use plumber putty under the sink flange when installing, use the rubber gasket they provide instead. Well, I understand they are the manufacturer, but I am more...
  14. MaRisaJ

    Freshly installed sink basin and faucet leaking. Help

    This is my first project beyond replacing the toilet innards. I’m doing my best. I bought a Glacier Bay vanity with Sinktop and a Glacier bay faucet. Everything is working fine on the water supply side but now I can’t get the drain to stop leaking. I put silicone under the drain flange. I...
  15. Anna_U

    How the heck do I remove this kitchen faucet?

    I need to replace my leaky, corroded, old kitchen faucet. I have the replacement ready to go, but I can’t figure out how to get the old one out. It’s a kohler, and none of the images or videos I’ve found show one like this. I easily got the two plastic nuts off the sides, but in the center, I...
  16. MSiep

    Drain bar sink to mechanical room floor drain?

    Would this be acceptable with respect to IRC 2018? The furnace and humidifier already drain to the floor drain. I'm wondering if I can add a bar sink on the other side of the wall and drain it to the floor drain in a similar manner:
  17. tethys

    Adding 2nd Sink and Plumbing Complexities

    Hi all, I was pointed in this direction by a dear friend with many years in the reno business. I am currently gutting a master bath, and moving a sink from one wall to another to join an existing sink. To put it a bit more simply, I'd like to install a double sink vanity on a wall where a...
  18. Terry

    Kitchen sink replacement. A new stainless steel sink by Kohler

    Here are some pictures of a sink replacement in an older home. Kohler makes a nice stainless sink replacement for those. Here is the old sink and piping that was removed. The wrong way. There should have been only one trap for this. New basket and disposer, the Insinkerator 880LT 7/8 HP...
  19. Eskaymarsha

    Disgusting smell under kitchen sink

    Hey! I did a renovation 2 years ago so my kitchen is new. I also have a whole house water filtration system with softener installed in the basement at the water main and a reverse osmosis system installed feeding my ice maker and a "drinking water" double faucet at one of my kitchen sinks. A...
  20. Mike Boston

    Issue with sewer smell and p-trap

    Hi All, I need your advice. We live in a high rise 13 floors building (1969) and our top floor apartment has 2 floors ( 12 and 13). Our top floor bathroom sinks constantly losing a water seal and passing sewer gases inside our apartment. It's very random and a lot of times its associated with...
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