1. CodeMaster

    Garbage disposal in single bowl sink - too close to drain line

    Hi there, This is my first post here and I'm hopping someone can help me figure this out (I'm loosing sleep over it for 3 days already :confused: ) I replaced my sink as part of a kitchen remodel. I Went from a shallow double bowl sink to a single bowl 10 inches deep. To make matters worse...
  2. Theresa D

    Kohler Bancroft sink handle leaking

    hi there! i am new to DIY and have NEVER done anything plumbing related in my life so bare with me here. My sink is leaking from the handle - only the hot water side and it doesn't leak underneath the sink, just small amounts of water come out from the edge of where the handle pieces meet on...
  3. B. Clark

    Stumped by double vanity

    Background Info: Upstairs double vanity. Both sinks won't drain. Sink 1 on L side; Sink 2 on R side. Sink 2 overflow connects to Sink 1's tailpiece. Single-piece vanity top. Troubleshooting Measures Taken: Pulled P-traps and tailpieces. Sink 1's tailpiece was full of sediment in overflow...
  4. rebarman

    Comparing two different vanity sinks

    I'm looking for 5 matching ceramic drop-in single-hole-faucet sinks. I found one at HD Allier 24 in. Drop-In Ceramic Bathroom Sink in White with Integrated Bowl by Fresca, for $159 and a different brand at that looks identical, Swiss Madison, for $94 Does anyone have suggestions as...
  5. Nizolekz

    Dual Sink Issue

    Hey All - I was hoping you could help me with an issue that I’m having and can’t figure out what might be causing it. I have side by side sinks, one with a garbage disposal and the other is a standard drain. When I have stuff in the disposal along with some water (usually to help the...
  6. Wake_999

    Sink Drain Leaking - Compression fitting slipping

    Hi, I have a bathroom sink that is leaking. The issue is the compression fitting (see picture attached). I tighten it as much as I dare, but over time, the compression fitting slips (due to the weight of the p-trap ) and then it start leaking. I have addressed this temporarily by supporting the...
  7. BryceinSLC

    Air Admittance Valve Protective Cover - Is It Needed?

    I just replaced an air admittance valve under the sink The old one had the protective cover over it. Is this needed? From what I gather its good for when its outside, but will having it on help or hinder when used inside? Thanks!
  8. Michael Crivello

    Issue with Bathroom Sink Water Not Going down.

    Hi: I have a bathroom sink that's fully of dirty water that hasn't gone down for days and I've tried heavy-duty liquid to get it unclogged such as Liquid Fire and Liquid-Plumbr (Industrial Strenth Urgent Clear) with no results except to have the air full of toxic fumes. I live in a mobile home...
  9. Scott Moorman

    Adding island sink drain line

    OK - moving my sink to an island. The closest drain pipe is the downstairs bathroom closet flange (to the right) and main stack (to the left). The new sink is pretty much 12FT to the right of the closet flange. I might be redoing the bathroom floor (based on the staining around the flange)...
  10. Roadman33

    Rough in drain cluster#@**!help

    hi guys, I pulled a permit to make my basement bath up to code and need some help. yellow line: 2" goes down to slab then into 3". (think this is vent for toilet?) pink line: 2" goes in to mechanical room p trap for hot water heater overflow & furnace cond. drain. drains down into slab...
  11. Dallan

    Sink addition to Laundry room

    My wife would like a sink added to our Laundry room. I'm pretty short on spacing to put a 1.5" sanitary tee above the 2" sanitary tee and go around the 2" washing machine drain and keep the proper angle for drainage. is it possible to raise the 2" sanitary tee up and place a 1.5" x 2" x 2"...
  12. DJ O

    Rough in question in New Jersey

    I am in the process of adding a master bathroom and I have to rough in a toilet and sink off of a 3 inch main stack. The problem is the second floor bathroom was built with a ledger board connected to the house and I cannot drill or notch it. I am thinking of using a 3” San tee followed by 2 45...
  13. davearonson

    Washing machine hose length?

    Our washing machine has a hose that comes out the bottom back, goes over to the sink, drapes into the sink, and is then long enough that the filter on the end (like a mesh sock) is laying down in the sink and getting moldy. We're thinking of cutting it short so that the filter dangles like it...
  14. NotthatCraig

    Garbage Disposer overflows into 2nd sink

    Ever since we had granite installed with a new double sink, there have been frequent explosive overflows from the garbage disposer, into the other sink. I recently replaced the old garbage disposer as it was leaking and the new one behaves the same way. I had snaked the drain and run a couple...
  15. JSwift

    Double kitchen sink slow draining after disposal trap installed.

    I have a dual kitchen sink with recently installed drain plumbing that is not draining slowly (pictures below). Prior to the new plumbing the AAV was about 10” above the top of the lateral line into the wall (where it goes to a 90° and into the slab). The disposal had no trap, it was a straight...
  16. Chris Emerson

    In line sinks on horizontal drain

    We are adding a restroom and an old warehouse in Seattle. Because part of the drain line has to go over a concrete footing it starts at its lowest point about 10 inches above floor level. There are two sinks and for each we are using a combo 2-in tee on its side, it is not possible to change...
  17. Terry Exner

    Very leaky faucet when hooked up to a portable dishwasher?

    When I hook my portable dishwasher up to my faucet, the piece on top of the tap (faucet cap) leaks. I also think the bottom of the faucet body leaks. It's not just a minor drip either, it sprays out. I started up my dishwasher the other day and left it and when I came back to my kitchen, my...
  18. Gage Foley

    New Half Bathroom Vent - Through Exterior Wall?

    I live in Massachusetts and recently installed a half bath on my first floor. The main vent is on the other side of the home. I ran a wet vent from the toilet and exited the vent through an exterior wall. It is currently stubbed out, planning to run 2" PVC up outside of the house, above the roof...
  19. Jon Herrington

    Dirty arm drop! A dance move?

    Good Afternoon everyone! I bought my house in almost exactly 3 years ago today. When I got it inspected, the inspector told me the kitchen sink wasn't plumbed correctly, but it worked so I didnt pay any attention to it. Three years later I want it to work RIGHT. Whenever I use the garage...
  20. Neil.Steiner

    Unidentified discoloration on flooring near tub and sink

    My upstairs bathroom has short wall between a tub and a sink, with a door just beyond the edge of the tub. Over the last few months, the floor just outside the door has become increasingly discolored, but I haven't been able to determine the source of the presumed water leak. I have looked...
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