1. Fragille Bill

    Another Question about Bathroom Sink with Overflow

    I assume the black gunk below the overflow holes and above the rubber gasket is the result of drain water getting out through the overflow holes. What problems will it cause if I replace this drain with one that has no holes for overflow, other than the obvious problem of the bathroom flooding...
  2. J

    Overflow Drain Issue

    Hello, we recently spent a year remodeling a home built in 99. We didn’t really use any of the plumbing fixtures prior to moving in but after moving in and starting to use some of the plumbing fixtures, we noticed there soap suds coming out of both a downstairs half bath sink and the upstairs...
  3. S

    Utility Sink Rough in Drain and water lines.

    Hey There, Working on remodeling my laundry room and would like to install a utility sink. Opened up my wall and observed the following: A 2” Washer drain pipe starting from the far left stud then attaching to a Sanitary-T to a 2” vent pipe that turns into what I think is called a Wet-Vent...
  4. Dvid

    Trouble with P-Trap Backdraft

    Master bathroom, two sinks. One has a backdraft of sewage smell daily, the other is fine. It's definitely not mold, but sewage. -The one that smells is used regularly, several times a day. It's not dried out. -The sink drains perfectly fine, not slow. -Smell comes when the water is hot or...
  5. Brendan Poirier

    Main stack vent necessary ? Garage plumbing

    Hello Just built my garage this year and am currently installing my utility sink. My original plan was to put a toilet in the garage but that was ditched. For now I will only have a sink so I am wondering if running the main stack up through the roof is necessary since the sink has its own AAV...
  6. Margarett

    Frequent and extended gurgling in our powder room sink

    We must have a partial clog in our plumbing, but we cannot determine where. We’ve been living in our house for 24 years; the house itself is about 100 years old. Even before we started experiencing our current problem w/ our first-floor sinks a little over a year ago, our powder-room sink would...
  7. Milkshake

    Dishwasher sprays out of sink when draining

    My new Bosch dishwasher drains with enough vigor that the water streams up or if the sink drain. The strainer basket keeps it contained but I'm nervous that if someone takes that out and forgets to put it back we'll have a mess. Is this happening because the tailpiece connection is at a right...
  8. Modernwood

    Can you identify Loud Dishwasher drain noise from airgap?

    When my dishwasher drains, there is a loud dishwasher drain noise. It's a gurgling sound emanating mostly from the airgap. The dishwasher drains to the airgap, which drains to a junction at the top of the disposal. Here's a YouTube link to the offending sound. At the end, I cover it to show...
  9. NickLo

    Sink drain into floor drain.

    Hello everyone. I did not see a post about this and wanted to check how the best way (following code) to do this.. I wanted to install a sink for a wet bar in my basement. I have a floor drain that connects to a sump that is connected to my main septic tank. The floor drain also catches any...
  10. DanaG

    Align Sink Drain with P-trap?

    I'm trying to replace a bathroom sink, but the new sink's drain no longer aligns with the p trap. (See attached picture) The pipes are off by about 1.5". Just wondering if there are any easy fixes here to re align? Very much a novice DIYer so any input is appreciated!
  11. Theant

    Super low sink pressure when washer or toilets run

    Background: house built in 1986, well water, pressure tank. I do all the plumbing, but we only bought the house a couple years ago, so problems may or may not be my fault :) Water pressure in our sinks is normally really good. It's great in the showers. But when the washing machine is...
  12. DIYdaisy90

    Kitchen Sink Plumbing

    Prior to moving into our house last year my husband re-ran all of the water and drain lines and hooked up our dishwasher / garbage disposal / sink drains. Since we moved in every few months we have had horrible smells coming from first the dishwasher and now the sink. Eventually, I starting...
  13. s00316

    Water Softener Backwash connect to sink drain

    Please see the photos. So my basement does not have any access to drain pipe. I had to bring the discharge to 1st floor bathroom as you see on the photo. I know the current connection is very wrong. So I was doing more research and tried to figure out what would be the right solution. I came...
  14. Adam McBride

    Is this venting correct for a sink below a window?

    I am remodeling my home and the plumber said this how they vent an island sink, and it would work and be in code. There is a window above the sink, and they said this was the reason they chose this method. They said it was some kind of closed loop vent...ok. 1) Is it right? 2) If not, what does...
  15. Michael Crivello

    Plumbing Issue Under Old Mobile Home

    I live in a mobile home that is at least 10 years old ...if not older...with plumbing issues. I've had issues pretty much from the time I moved in around 8 years ago. The toilet never had enough water pressure to flush or wasn't really going down. Both the kitchen an bathroom sinks have...
  16. tshannon

    Clarification on Water Heater T&P Relief Discharge Code in Calif.

    Hi everyone, Thanks for all the knowledge on this forum! I love browsing and learning here. I am getting ready to replace my old gas water heater with a new heat pump water heater. The water heater is in the garage with no floor drain and with no access to an exterior wall. Therefore, I'm...
  17. Phil Parsons

    Replacing a bidet with a "pedestal" sink

    I'm looking at replacing a bidet with a "pedestal" sink, quoted because the base is large enough to surround all plumbing and is a stand-alone unit. The bidet was never actually installed, but all plumbing is through the floor. A correct bidet plumbing would have the p-trap below the floor...
  18. King777

    In a tight spot with Venting a bar sink in basement

    We're adding a bar sink into the basement of our house while we are finishing it. The location is at a place where we can attach to the drain just fine. The issue I am running into is that I am not able to or clearly almost impossible to connect to an existing vent on another end of the basement...
  19. GA_

    Sink stopper for ramp style sink?

    Does anyone know of a way to have a sink stopper work with a ramp style sink? By ramp style sink, I mean something like at the link below with a linear slot drain, instead of a round drain...
  20. UrbanNest

    Adjusting copper drain

    Hello, I hope I will explain it clearly :) I have to change the location of a kitchen sink which will require the pipe draining into the vertical drain to be moved. The vertical drain is copper and is in the wall. We can access it by removing the gyps and insulation. My questions is whether...
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