Utility Sink Rough in Drain and water lines.

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Hey There,

Working on remodeling my laundry room and would like to install a utility sink. Opened up my wall and observed the following:

A 2” Washer drain pipe starting from the far left stud then attaching to a Sanitary-T to a 2” vent pipe that turns into what I think is called a Wet-Vent because it ends up draining into a 3” horizontal in the craw space.
Anyway, to the right of the vent pipe and a bit higher of the Sanitary-T there is a Wye fitting which is then connected to another 2” that runs off of that and up into the sealing. Above that is my second floor and I believe it’s a vent but not 100% sure.

I’m not sure which of the two I can use to drain the sink into without causing any venting or p-trap issues. I could really use some help.

Also would like to know which fitting to use. From the research I’ve done so far, I believe I should use a Sanitary-T just above the washer’s sanitary-T position but layout/position wise it would be more convenient to tap into the pipe on the far right. My concern with that though, is that it would be then draining at a 45deg angle which I’ve read is bad for venting and it can cutoff air flow and suck out water from the trap/s.

I’ve attached pictures of before and after opening a section of drywall… and the view from under my craw space as reference.

Any help would be appreciated.



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