plumbing code

  1. Dpm200

    Raising p-trap that sits too low in 2nd floor joist

    Hello. I removed a large light structure from my 1990s kitchen ceiling in order to install canless led lights and learned the p-trap from the shower in the floor above rests 5" below the joists preventing me from installing drywall flush with the joists. I am wondering what my options are for...
  2. TiredinDC

    Minimum distance of wet vent to furnace vent

    I can't find any information on how close a plumbing vent (PVC) can be to a metal furnace vent. Reading through my local county code website I can't find any specific information either. The only relevant information I found was a single wall furnace vent requires 6 inches of clearance while a...
  3. Anna Luttrell

    Is this plumbing plan to code?

    Does anyone know if this plumbing plan is code? Can I tie in the shower drain plumbing into the existing sink drain plumbing with these fittings or do I have to take the shower plumbing directly to the main pipe? I would tie it into the main stack but I'm running out of room because this is the...
  4. zoom216

    Is basement bath rough in properly vented?

    I'm trying to determine if the shower in our roughed in basement bath requires its own vent before I finish the framing of the rest of the basement. In the attached photo, taken before our house was finished, you can see the connections for the sink, toilet and shower which are now underground...
  5. 3h4life

    12 ft horizontal vent pipe in attic for toilet?

    Hi, I have a 1-story, 2 bathroom home where originally my master bathroom and guest bathroom toilets were facing back to back with a shared double sanitary tee connection and 2" vertical vent pipe to the roof. Now I have relocated my master bathroom toilet approximately 12 ft away and my...
  6. thejonr

    Adding a sink to laundry room, up to code

    Hey all. Relatively new to plumbing and have been learning a lot reading through past threads on here. I decided to add a sink to my laundry room and in doing so, wanted to make sure everything that had been done by the previous owner was up to code, from the looks of it, it's not. The goal is...
  7. herynkc

    Looking for feedback on Drain and Vent Layout for Home Remodel

    I accidentally posted this in the remodel forum first. I am now reposting here since I think it is more appropriate. The attached diagram shows the design that I am planning on going with. It is a single family home with an income apartment in the basement. Totaling 2 kitchens, 2 full...
  8. jimmyfo

    Add new second story bathroom, DVW questions

    After calling about 8 companies and only having two come out who no longer answer, I'm going to give this one a shot before throwing in the towel. This is via permit and I'd like to be super sure before the inspection. This is in Michigan and I believe we follow a version of the 2015 IBC, if...
  9. Scott Montross

    Drain rough-in and p trap placement for bathtub

    Long story short. Bought a house built in 1940, its awesome. Except there was no bathtub only a 60x30 mortar bed tiled shower. Wife requires a bathtub, so here we go. all is well through demolition and prep of the space. New subfloor installed, tub overflow drain assembled, tub fitted all looks...
  10. Donny H

    Wet vent code help, please!

    Hello all, I'm building a new bathroom in my house on a homeowner's permit. I'm planning to use a wet vent with a lavatory, bath tub, then toilet, in that order from upstream to downstream. So the vent will come up through the ceiling in the wall behind the lavatory. I was planning to use...
  11. JoeW2019

    Am I venting this bathroom properly (IPC area, pictures included)

    I am installing a basement bathroom (sink, toilet, tub) and curious about venting properly. I am going to run a 2 inch vent up past the sink drain(common I believe). I would like to know how to properly vent my toilet behind the toilet flange, going up into the wall that will be built behind it...
  12. Bena2048

    How many bends can be in a tub drain?

    Im getting ready to run the drain for my basement bathroom but I'm concerned that I have too many turns in the tub drain. I had to start in the wrong direction in order to pick up a wall for a vent. Is this a problem, does it meet code? A second set of eyes on this would really be appreciated.
  13. Bena2048

    Is this DWV plumbing diagram routed and vented correctly?

    Hello, I've been working towards trying find the best way to route and vent this bathroom layout. I've been reading the code and checking examples and think I found a good way but I'm a novice and would like a sanity check before I start so that it passes inspection. My main concern is if I...
  14. mradel

    Plumbing question with our residential basement remodel

    My plumber says the height of the drain from the kitchen above is correct. Maybe I’m over-thinking the height but I think it should be 12″ from the floor not 32″ as shown in the picture on the left hand side. My concern the bathroom sink drain is below the kitchen drain. Is he right?
  15. franksr27

    Waste Line layout for bath Addition. Please help!

    Hi Guys, I am planning on adding an addition bath/bedroom. The concrete guys need to know where I want the trench for the plumbing do be dug. Attached is a picture of existing house and proposed addition. the proposed plumbing waste lines are in orange. Could someone with experience please...
  16. jaywalsh31

    Washing machine full overflowing. flood neighborhood. And trap weir at 20" with 8" stand p.

    Hello, everyone my name is Jason. I was hoping i could pick some brains about a clothes washer that is installed in massachusetts. I checked the forum for mass but no one goes there so I'm trying my luck here. Problem: washing machine was full of water and overflowing onto the floor. The...
  17. NeedHelpAlways

    Is This Correct Venting? I Live in St.Louis County Missouri

    So I received a plumbing violation when I was trying to get an occupancy permit. I contracted a plumber to update the plumbing and he removed my cast iron stack and the abs glued to pvc and this is the final project for $2800 but is this correct? My concern is I smell sewer after I flush the...
  18. Quicker27

    Wet room with clawfoot tub

    Hello all, We are in the process of building our house, doing most of the work ourselves. While designing the layout of the bathroom, we decided to turn the back part, with the tub and shower into one big wet room. The designated is a little over 7' x 64". There will be a ledge separating the...
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