rough in

  1. R

    Slab-on-Grade - Plumbing Exterior Wall

    I am add two bedrooms and bathrooms onto my home. The bathrooms will be stacked one on top of the other with the fixtures lined up like this: sink, toilet, tub/shower combo. Same thing on first and second floor. The plumbing and DWV will all be in the exterior wall (6" studs). I believe I...
  2. Brian Kehlmeier

    Installing shower drain and closet flange before rough inspection?

    I am nearing the end of my DWV install and terminating the closet and shower drains are confusing me. I do have access to the crawl space under both fixtures. I tend to overthink things, but I can't seem to convince myself it will be easy. I have a stainless steel flange that will fit over...
  3. C

    Upstairs bathroom to downstairs kitchen sink

    Greetings, DIY plumber here getting ready for a rough in inspection in Missouri. I just wanted to make sure this will pass? It’s an upstairs bathroom sink draining to a downstairs kitchen sink drain through the foundation with the kitchen sink vent above. All 2” PVC. I really appreciate...
  4. Emblem1972

    12" Toto Drake on 11 3/8" rough? And performance

    Hello all. I'm looking at replacing a 1972 Eljer Emblem and would like something with a very strong flush. Been doing a lot of research, and my early digging brought up the American Standard Champion 4 as the king of flushes, but the more I searched on that specific model, the more complaints I...
  5. S

    Not sure which pipe to add a a San-t to for a laundry room sink.

    I recently opened up the wall in my laundry room to rough in pipes for a laundry sink. I’m thinking of tying into the pipe to the right shown in the attached picture. Thing is, I think this is a vent pipe that runs to the second floor… but not sure. I think if I tie into the laundry room vent...
  6. I

    Under slab rough-in

    Hello I am trying to create a roughin for an under slab. I will attach some drawings. Does anyone see code violations? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  7. Kathryn

    Toto w/ 10” rough

    Hi! Renovating our hall bath and need a new toilet. It’s a 10” rough so choices are limited... Is Toto Drake the best option? The showroom I went to recommended - CST776CEFG Should I go with 1.28 or 1.6 GPF? Thank you so much in advance! Sincerely, Someone who does not know anything about...
  8. Seriousowlisserious

    Back Outlet Toilet Rough In Questions

    Hi good people! We are doing a bath remodel and we live in a condo that requires a back outlet toilet. Currently we have a 15 year old Kohler toilet - it works great. They do not make it anymore, but the current updated model is the Barrington K-3554-0. This toilet has a 4 inch rough-in. We are...
  9. Vci15

    Installing New Kohler Bathtub, Vertical Pipe (Vent Stack?) in the Way

    My bathroom (house built in 2002) is on the top floor of the home (3 floors) and I was able to remove the existing bathtub and now I'm preparing to put in the Kohler Underscore 60x30 bathtub Of course with my luck there seems to be a problem. There is a black pipe (vent stack?) that is going...
  10. RAG71

    Bathtub vent pipe issue

    I am changing from a 3 handle faucet to a single handle pressure balanced Moen. When I opened up the wall the vent pipe is in the way of where the valve would need to be centered. Is this something a plumber can easily resolve, or am I better off just installing another 2/3 handle? Thanks for...
  11. Evan8

    Plumbing inspector help

    I purchased my home last spring and basement plumbing was already roughed in. I began developing my basement in the fall and went smoothly until I scheduled the inspection for my rough in plumbing. The county inspector was supposed to come at the beginning of December but I received a call the...
  12. ThatGoogleGuy

    Basement rough in plumbing questions

    Long time reader - first time poster. Thanks in advance for the advice! I'm framing a basement for a friend. The house is only 11 years old, I'm impressed by the builders work, the entire house is plumbed with pex and has a very detailed manifold where practically every fixture is a homerun...
  13. Angelo

    Offset Closet Flange: OK or No Go?

    Am remodeling a small bathroom. After tiling, the closet flange will be about 11 1/2" rough in distance. 1: Might a 12" rough-in toilet fit here? 2. If not, do you have any positive or negative feedback regarding using an offset flange to gain the extra needed space? 3. Or is it best to...
  14. Adam Doyle

    Transitioning from Slab on Grade Elevation to Sewer Line Elevation Outside

    I building a one bed on bath unit in my backyard and connecting the sewer line from the unit back to my house. I had an inspector(young guy, pretty new at his job) come by today and fail me for the ~12" drop from the plumbing elevation under the slab on grade to transition to the elevation of...
  15. arkanos

    Moving basement bathroom rough-in; cast iron under slab

    I'm planning to finish our basement which includes installing a 3/4 bath. The existing rough-in is terribly placed and basically unusable for anything other than a 1/2 bath, and it would require walling in one of the 2 basement windows. There is an sewage ejector sump that is original to the...
  16. Hdmapp

    Changing Existing Basement Rough-in pumping help

    Hey all, I’ve been watching this forum for a while and have gotten tons of helpful tips and information to reflect on, however now I need some of your help to figure out if my plumping is a good fit. My basement came with a rough in but in builder fashion they put it all close together in a...
  17. DJ O

    DWV Rough in Question

    I am adding a new master bathroom to my house and wanted some feedback on my diagram before I start gluing the drain and vent pipes together. I ran a new 3" drain to my basement and I am going to tie that into the main sewer drain. Then upstairs it goes to a 3" San tee directly to a 3" 90 to...
  18. Yazen

    Basement Bathroom Remodel Venting questions

    Hey all, First time posting from Lynchburg, VA. Did quite a bit of reading on IPC codes and what my options are for doing a basement bathroom remodel from a half bath to a 3/4 bath. I have added a lot of pictures because the current rough in piping doesn't seem to make sense to me...I can...
  19. DJ O

    Rough in question in New Jersey

    I am in the process of adding a master bathroom and I have to rough in a toilet and sink off of a 3 inch main stack. The problem is the second floor bathroom was built with a ledger board connected to the house and I cannot drill or notch it. I am thinking of using a 3” San tee followed by 2 45...
  20. TryingToPlumb

    Basement finish with bathroom

    Good day everyone- What a forum. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and I am ready to learn. Glad to be here. I am working on finishing my basement. I'm onto the bathroom plumbing. The builder looks to have somewhat roughed in for a bathroom. I've attached some pictures. I'm unsure what I am...
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