Changing Existing Basement Rough-in pumping help

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    Feb 21, 2021
    Hey all, I’ve been watching this forum for a while and have gotten tons of helpful tips and information to reflect on, however now I need some of your help to figure out if my plumping is a good fit.

    My basement came with a rough in but in builder fashion they put it all close together in a corner. I would now like to move the shower and toilet over to make for a nice big shower!

    The first picture attached shows what I’m working with and the locations of the current pipes

    The second picture is what I’m proposing to do, I want to move the shower to the other end of the bathroom to make a full size shower, and move the toilet to put a larger vanity. I was thinking of leaving the existing shower drain to use as a floor drain, is that a good idea or nah?

    The last picture is a rough idea of a bar sink I was thinking of adding - would I be allowed to do this?

    Any one have any input would be awesome!

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