1. grayhair54

    New Softener System - head replacement suggestions?

    First post on this site - I am in need of advice on a water softener system problem. Long time homeowner, but relatively new to the finer points of water softeners. I do wish I'd found this site a bit sooner..... hoping you can help. Recently purchased a P*****n PLS48 water softener system...
  2. Rebekah Rich

    Rust around element/thermostat

    Hello, I am in need of some advice. My 50 gallon electric water heater was recently leaking at the connection from the cold water supply. That's been fixed, and still no hot water- so I opened up the bottom panel and discovered the insulation was wet. Turned out the leak had caused a lot of...
  3. TJEL

    Water Draining Around Bathtub Flange

    I've got water leaking around the bathtub flange in my seldom used bathroom. I confirmed this by closing the drain, running an oz of water, putting some dust particles into the water, and watching where it sucked up to as the water drained out. It sucked up to the outside edge of the flange -...
  4. Terry

    Texas plumbing questions. How to repair plumbing leaks

    Texas plumbing questions. How to repair plumbing leaks. Where is a main shutoff? Questions about my well Water heater questions Can I use Sharkbites to repair leaks, and is PEX a good repair pipe? What kind of pipe cutter is good for cutting out sections of pipe has split. You can check the...
  5. David Rodecker

    Filter leaking

    Greetings, I have a two stage house filter system that was inherited with the home. This is my second time replacing the filters with iSpring F4WGB22B (Sediment & Carbon block). After performing the replacement and refastening, the second filter (carbon) leaks! In removing it, I noticed that...
  6. PHXflood

    Cracks forming next to plastic Uponor fittings

    Has anyone else been seeing Uponor PEX pipes forming small cracks and leaking next to the expansion ring fitting? We seem to be removing more and more of these with no apparent pattern other than the location of the water leak and the plumbing system.
  7. Terry Exner

    Very leaky faucet when hooked up to a portable dishwasher?

    When I hook my portable dishwasher up to my faucet, the piece on top of the tap (faucet cap) leaks. I also think the bottom of the faucet body leaks. It's not just a minor drip either, it sprays out. I started up my dishwasher the other day and left it and when I came back to my kitchen, my...
  8. Byron Willis

    General Ionics Water Softener, 8 X 44, Leak at the bypass

    Hello there! I just did some maintenance on my water softener (General Ionics EE0824, 8" X 44" tank, .75 cu ft resin). I cleaned, lubed, and reassembled the brine valve assembly, I replaced the resin, I cleaned the tank and the distributor, and I cleaned and lubed the bypass valve fittings...
  9. DannyDan

    Possible water leak damaging hardwood

    Hello, I've recently noticed what seems to be some changes to the hardwood flooring surrounding my dishwasher and kitchen sink. There is some discoloration and the hardwood seems to have expanded a bit, as can be observed by some pieces not being leveled. I looked under the sink and under the...
  10. BamBoozzled

    Water leak coming from upstairs bathroom to main floor.

    Hi everyone, yesterday we noticed after 3 consecutive showers a little bit of water dripping from our main floor chandelier. We found the culprit to be coming from the upstairs bathroom. After running the toilet, and sink we realized the leak was not coming from those amenities. Not to mention...
  11. MK2007

    Tub drain leak at gasket

    Hello - we are just wrapping up a small bath remodel. Our contractor installed a new tub and tile surround, but we discovered a very small leak under the tub at the shoe gasket. Thankfully I had him cut in a small 8x8 access panel from our bedroom so we could check for leaks. It is an acrylic...
  12. Loneriver

    PVC-to-metal leak at coupler

    Hi. I've used this forum often for my indoor plumbing issues but this is the first time I've tried it for an irrigation. Thank you in advance. I have an underground pvc pipe that feeds an outdoor faucet. I dug up the area and see the following (pictures attached): 1. PVC pipe goes into a...
  13. Megan Richardson

    Garbage disposal connection is short

    Hi there- Im hoping someone can help direct me to the right tool to solve what looks like an easy fix. Apologies I don’t know the right lingo. The main drain pipe on my garbage disposal is too short so there is leak when water goes into the pvc elbow pipe. There is a teeny gap. It only leaks...
  14. Neil.Steiner

    Unidentified discoloration on flooring near tub and sink

    My upstairs bathroom has short wall between a tub and a sink, with a door just beyond the edge of the tub. Over the last few months, the floor just outside the door has become increasingly discolored, but I haven't been able to determine the source of the presumed water leak. I have looked...
  15. Steve

    Refrigerator leaking onto floor, I can't find out why?

    I noticed water to the right of my fridge a few days ago, mopped it up and thought I was good. The next morning there was more water on the floor to the right. I pulled it out from the wall and checked the hose and saw no water. Really strange. I turned off the icemaker and remove the hose to...
  16. Todd Fyffe

    DIY Shower Now Leaking in wall

    So I am in a predicament... I remodeled my bathroom recently, which was an entire tear-down to the studs and rebuild. I installed a new Onyx Collection stand up shower which included a new mixer valve and I decided to raise the shower head up about 6". Everything was pressure checked before...
  17. ees19

    CoOp leak to downstairs unit— Cartridge Replacement

    I just recently moved into a new CooP. I’ve been there for 3 weeks. Prior to moving in, the unit above me had a leak in their bathroom that trickled down through my ceiling (no damage). Once I moved in, the hot water in the standing body shower was not working. I spoke to maintenance and they...
  18. Jack-of-All-Trades

    Best way to fix leaking fitting in black poly pipe ???

    I have 3/4 poly pipe coming from my well. Artisian well needed more pressure, particularly during summer droughts. Bought a jet pump and tried installing. The pipe comes up vertically from the ground so I need a 3/4 90 degree angled fitting to line intake up with the pump. Had to use brass...
  19. merce

    Shower Drain Leaking

    I've got a leaking shower drain in an apartment building. I only noticed while exploring a crawl space. The drain is an Oatey Casper's SBCCI ES. I get the impression it's glued in place (purple residue visible in the photos) and cannot unscrew so I'm left scratching my head...do I just caulk...
  20. Kaspars

    Boiler leaking through side.

    Dear Gentlemen, I'll be short: I'm not very knowledgeable in the boiler side of things, although I'm technically inclined and am reading up on boilers as we speak. I have an acute problem, that I have to fix miself due to budgeting issues - I can't afford to change the boiler or anything of...
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