1. Mike Mazzla

    Leak In showing on basement wall

    I noticed a leak on my basement wall that seems to be happening when I run my shower on the 2nd floor of my house . The wall in the basement is sort of recessed pushed outward to accomodate a largeish white pipe that goes behind it that was put in when I dormered my house 10 years ago and added...
  2. blueludedude

    Water heater leak/element corrosion

    Hello, My home has a State Select electric water heater, 9+ years old now, still working (for the moment), but there's been a very slow leak for a few months now from where the PRF valve connects to the unit. The leak has left a rusty stain down the side of the unit, but the water that pools...
  3. Shannyshields

    Hose spigot leak in concrete slab!

    Hello all, I'm new to this so please bare with me. My rental property in Sparks NV. Has a front water spigot that has not been used in years. We are looking to sell the house soon and want to fix it up. A couple years ago, I went to use the front hose and no water came out. I was in a hurry and...
  4. kdfaleev

    Leak...from where?

    Can anyone tell me is this leak coming specifically from this hose meeting the wall or does it appear to be more of an actual pipe in the wall issue? Thanks in advance.
  5. Vinvar

    Vanity sink leaking. Need help

    Hello Everyone, I just bought a home a couple of months back. I am in experienced and need some help. I have a vanity sink as show in the attached pic. Two of them actually and both are leaking. In the attached pic, you can see water leaking from the right hand bottom corner. It's just small...
  6. Briggs2513

    Leaking underground 2" PVC water line

    All, Though I have used this forum in the past this is the first time I have posted anything, all the other forums I have searched for information have been spot on but I just can’t seem to find anything specific on this issue. I recently installed 634’ of 2” schedule 40 pvc bell end pipe...
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