1. Hhussey

    Dishwasher plumbing - high loop causing occasional leak

    Hello! I have two questions. A.) I had a leak from my dishwasher years ago, but it seemed like a one-time thing and my husband at the time didn't know why it leaked. But this morning I heard a backup sound from the plumbing under my sink and water was in the cabinet under my sink and on the...
  2. Narshe9999

    Leaking Grohe Grohtherm 1000 Temperature Control. New shower could be installed within a month. How should I fix this without throwing away $300?

    Hello! This installation is about 20 years old now, and this is the first problem I've had. It leaks whether the shower is running or off. It leaks whether the temperature control knob is turned hot, cold or in between. It has been leaking for 2 weeks. And the leaking is getting a lot worse...
  3. Marshall62

    Ventilation stack leak

    We have heavily used shower in an upstairs bathroom (with exhaust fan) that drains into a pipe that runs up/down an outside wall into the attic where it then turns and runs horizontally in toward the center of the building where it joins a larger diameter stack pipe. Its very cold in our attic...
  4. BabaCharles

    Navien NPE-240A condensate drain leak

    I bought a home a few months ago that had a Navien tankless water heater installed in 2019. Yesterday I noticed lots of water coming out of the condensate drain. The floor beneath the unit was a little wet too but whatever caused that bit of moisture has seemed to have stopped. But the water...
  5. TheOverThinker

    Keeney Manufacturing Company 1/4 turn defective leaking ball valve

    I've got a 1/4 turn ball valve that's leaking. Looking at it, the shaft appears to be plastic and its dripping pretty good. Going to the local ACE and checking Lowes online, they sell what looks like the same valve. Is Keeney a generally good brand, or should I hold out for something higher...
  6. Peterac78

    Plumbing/water heater- spots recently on ceiling downstairs, 2 story house. Condensation??? New wate

    Plumbing/water heater- spots recently on ceiling downstairs, 2 story house. Condensation??? New water heater. Live in home now for 20 years but could happen anywhere. Got a new water heater in September on 2nd floor in a tiny closet. In that closet is a metal aluminum vent and also a white...
  7. BostonGuido

    Seepage around PCV coupler through concrete wall

    I have a rain water cistern, and the inlet and overflow pipes (3" PVC) penetrate the wall at the top of the 7' deep cistern. The pipe penetration was done by placing an ordinary 3" nominal PVC coupler in the poured concrete wall when it was poured. The PVC pipes were then passed through the...
  8. MoonmanH3

    Newly Installed Slip fit shower drain leaks

    Hello all, We are installing an acrylic shower base and I wanted to test fit the drain. I am using this drain: https://www.homedepot.ca/product/pro-connect-abs-shower-drain-white-grid-slipfit/1000117477 It seems like a fairly typical design for 2” drains. There are several versions of this...
  9. losten

    Bathroom sink leaking from water supply connection to faucet

    Hello, all. I recently discovered that my bathroom sink was leaking where the cold water supply line connects to the underside of the faucet. I initially tried tightening the connection but that didn’t help. I replaced the water supply line but I am still having the same issue with it leaking at...
  10. Mark415

    Galvanized Since Waste Pipe Replacement/Repair

    (edit--Galvanized SINK waste pipe...) I am a former flooring contractor/carpenter, so I know my way around a home. Two days ago, I was away for 2 days, and the galvanized waste pipe under the kitchen sink started to leak. My wife called multiple plumbers, and finally got a guy to come out from a...
  11. rsimoneaux

    Old tub drain leaking

    We discovered a leak at a joint where the tub drains. House was built in 60s and the drain lines under the slab are cast iron. Not sure what going on where the leak is.. Looks like maybe copper to cast iron. The pipe with the weird flat flange must be part of a trap - holding water. Any...
  12. GLT

    Water Softener Pipe Threads: Tapered or Straight?

    I installed a new softener and used 1 inch PEX to run new water lines. All went great, except for two very slow leaks between water softener connecter and the brass female pipe (NPT) to PEX fitting. Leaks about 1 drop every 5 minutes, tightening the fittings has not really changed the rate. The...
  13. DIYOwner

    Kohler tank to bowl leaking

    Got a new Kohler installed and the tank to bowl leaks outside everytime I flush. Called Kohler - they sent a new gasket , but it still leaks. On examination I noticed that the hole where the tank seats seems to be oval ( I think it should be round) Question 1) is it really a defective hole...
  14. Paul DT

    Sprinkler anti siphon lid leaks heavily when turned ON- Zone does not work

    Sprinkler anti siphon lid on my Champion brass irrigation valve leaks (heavily) when this irrigation Zone is turned ON & none of my sprinklers pop out and they don't work in this zone.... It was working perfectly until this. The only thing I have recently done (not sure if relevant): Could the...
  15. Jack-of-All-Trades

    How to fix leak at plastic elbow in clear PEX-A Tuffpex by Uponor?

    My son broke our bathroom faucet in our mobile home. I purchased a regular style fixture ( and galvanized pipe fittings to make connections between the new fixture and the ½ inch clear PEX-A Tuffpex by Uponor. Seemed to go OK , but when I turned on water , water is now shooting out from...
  16. Mr Fixit eh

    Toilet Base Leaks When clogged

    So, I'm helping a friend with a toilet that was leaking around the base. The valve would stick open and there would be significant flooding from the base. The plumbing system is 30 years old, toilet is fairly 'new'. Before I started, I flushed - no leaking. I dumped a pail of water down to...
  17. Jsto

    Can this ball valve be repaired, or just replace?

    Can this be repaired, or should I replace. If It should be replaced, any recommendations on a quality 1/4 turn shutoff for my shower? It's not leaking at the stem, but it is leaking at the seam.
  18. DannyDan

    Mysterious shower leak

    A few weeks ago we spotted the drywall in our shower swelling: The home is about 7 years old. We're the original owners and have never experienced this before. One guy told me it's the seal on the door. So I re-siliconed it myself, but problem still persists. Still, I called the builder to...
  19. Caccaco

    Single handle Moen (shower only) has slow leak from pipe out of wall

    I am using very technical terms here but have pictures to better explain it. Our Moen shower fixture is leaking. I took off the shower head to see if it leaks directly from the wall and it does: Its a slow but very steady drip and over the past couple of weeks has been increasing in speed...
  20. Rizwan A Sherazi

    Replacing Submersible Pump Control Box Pipe

    Hi I bought the house 6 months ago and today noticed a leak in one pipe coming through the control box. I am totally unfamiliar with the well pump system/function. Attaching the pictures to explain the setup. It seems from the Control Box there is a pipe going to the wall , that i believe is...
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