1. dpw-ct

    Bosch Dishwasher Noise not cleaning

    Getting a noise like motor issue in my Bosch Dishwasher SHE58C0UC/54. 12 years old. Dishes don't clean I don't think water is circulating properly. Could not find obvious blocking the drain/recirc area. Any thoughts on what might be wrong and how to fix. Thanks
  2. pkirkovsky

    Double sink, disposal, dishwasher, 70s house - was this done correctly?

    Hello! Our kitchen sink recently developed a small drain leak due to old & cracking fittings, and I'd like to do an overhaul. After looking at some posts about this setup, I am starting to wonder whether the plumbing was done correctly when the house was built. Based on other posts it seems...
  3. P

    water remains in dishwasher after cycle

    I've got a countertop dishwasher. It's an RCA, but it's made in the same place as all the other brands, including Magic Chef, Danby, etc., that have the first generation style design for countertop dishwashers. (the different brands put their own name on these particular identical Chinese...
  4. Milkshake

    Dishwasher sprays out of sink when draining

    My new Bosch dishwasher drains with enough vigor that the water streams up or if the sink drain. The strainer basket keeps it contained but I'm nervous that if someone takes that out and forgets to put it back we'll have a mess. Is this happening because the tailpiece connection is at a right...
  5. Phelpdk

    Flushed Hot Water Heat now Dishwasher Not Working

    This is about a Samsung DW80M2020US/AA 00 dishwasher. It is less than 3 years old. A few days ago, as a part of regular maintenance, I flushed my Rheem hot water heater for the first time (also less than 3 years old). Everything went well, and after the tank filled up again, I ran all the...
  6. Hhussey

    Dishwasher plumbing - high loop causing occasional leak

    Hello! I have two questions. A.) I had a leak from my dishwasher years ago, but it seemed like a one-time thing and my husband at the time didn't know why it leaked. But this morning I heard a backup sound from the plumbing under my sink and water was in the cabinet under my sink and on the...
  7. Rick Anderson

    Dishwasher Sounds Like a Sick Moose

    My dishwasher sounds like a wailing moose in distress. Still washes and drains, just makes a racket while doing so. What should a complete plumbing moron like myself check? Thanks!
  8. Runzwsizzorz

    Water pressure

    We are in a 2 story with a full bath and washing machine on the 1st floor. The kitchen, dishwasher, and another full bath are on the 2nd floor. Our samsung dishwasher was throwing an error of not detecting water. We've been checking lines, filters, valves, trying to see if there's any kinks or...
  9. Moses Blumenstiel

    Dishwasher only fills with water after running kitchen faucet

    If I leave my kitchen faucet idle for a couple hours and then I try to run my dishwasher it doesn't get any water. Once I turn on the faucet for a couple minutes the dishwasher runs fine. This seems to be the pattern so far, anyway. Is there any explanation for this? There is a water hammer...
  10. DIYdaisy90

    Kitchen Sink Plumbing

    Prior to moving into our house last year my husband re-ran all of the water and drain lines and hooked up our dishwasher / garbage disposal / sink drains. Since we moved in every few months we have had horrible smells coming from first the dishwasher and now the sink. Eventually, I starting...
  11. MikeG17

    Dishwasher Dilemma

    Hi everyone! I just bought a new dishwasher and am trying to install it myself but because of my dishwashers location, the included 6ft drain hose is not long enough to reach the sink. It said in the manual I could order a 12 ft one but whirlpool doesn't have it in stock until January. There...
  12. Peter Brinson

    Dishwasher closing issue

    Notice when I open the dishwasher halfway and then close it, it is fine. But if I bring it all the way down, it gets stiff and there's a sound. It feels like I'm going to break something. Sound on:
  13. Peter Brinson

    Dishwasher not draining enough?

    Lately my dishwasher leaks in the front when running. I believe the water level is getting too high in the middle of the cycle... I went under the sink and removed the related tubes, cleaned them and put them back, but that didn't help. The tube that drains into the garbage disposal, I blew...
  14. Dylan

    Dishwasher install, Bosch uses 3/4 FHT connector

    I was able to find a Bosch 500 SHPM65Z52N listed in stock with a delivery date toward the end of the month. Looks like I need a 3/4 to 3/4 elbow connector and a 3/8 supply line? Anything else I need to install this? Looks like Bosch uses 3/4 FHT vs 3/8 FHT. Install manual says a power cord and...
  15. David Ades

    Double Kitchen Sink with Floor Drain and Disposer

    We have a double kitchen sink and are replacing the old disposer that quit. The new disposer is "unexpectedly" wider and will make connecting to the floor drain very tight if even possible. Unfortunately, as you can see these PVC connections are on top of each other so no room for cutting and...
  16. BryceinSLC

    High Loop Drain that Goes Below Trap

    Hello All... First post of this forum, here we go! My dishwasher's drain line has a high loop... but.. after the loop it goes down to below the sink trap and back up to the disposal. (actually its goes slightly above the disposal, then back down to the disposal, so 2 high loops?) Is this ok? I...
  17. Terry Exner

    Very leaky faucet when hooked up to a portable dishwasher?

    When I hook my portable dishwasher up to my faucet, the piece on top of the tap (faucet cap) leaks. I also think the bottom of the faucet body leaks. It's not just a minor drip either, it sprays out. I started up my dishwasher the other day and left it and when I came back to my kitchen, my...
  18. MrMark

    Dishwasher standpipe under sink

    I changed sinks in kitchen island. Two hole to one drain hole. Removed disposal and added a soap dispenser in the “extra” hole in the sink. Wisconsin allows a standpipe to be used and I knew it needed to be as high as possible. I used a tailpipe with the dishwasher port for a connection and it...
  19. Scotchy

    Isolated Dishwasher

    If I understand this correctly, there are a few things that must/should be followed when installing a dishwasher. 1) A high loop (attached as high as possible in the cabinet) and 2) Some jurisdictions may require an air gap. a) The air gap can be on the counter pointing to the sink or b)...
  20. ClassicRob

    Permanent Dishwasher Removal

    1st timer here; looking to remove dishwasher permanently; (I assume it's connected to hot water line). I'm wondering what to do with the supply line if I just leave the valve completely turned off except for the other knob that supplies the sink. Other than that and plugging up the hose from...
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