supply line

  1. D

    will soft copper supply lines last longer?

    Hello, I own and maintain several properties. over the years i have gotten more and more serious about best practices for long term maintenance. Though I typically use braided supply lines for fixtures, i am wondering if i should be considering using flex copper with ferrules and compression...
  2. B

    Removed wet what?

    Recently removed a wet bar and wanted to get some advice. The house was built in 1978 and is a four level split. I removed the wet bar which is located on the lower level slab of the split. The supply lines and drain are approximately 6ft into the slab from the basement block. The supply line...
  3. C

    Supply Line ID

    Need to ID this Supply line manufacturer. Can anyone assist? DB marking on the Ferrule.
  4. T

    Replacing rigid supply line to toilet tank with flexible line for bidet

    When we built our home back in 2006, the plumber installed the Kohler toilets with rigid supply lines for 3 out of the 4 toilets (the basement one which was installed couple months later got a flexible line for some reason). Anyway, we are now in the process of installing new bidet seats and so...
  5. Pkem

    PEX for Well Pump intake line?

    I have a 3/4 hp jet pump about 100 ft from a well point with 1 1/4" well pipe and a 1" polyethylene supple line to the pump. The supply line has a hole in it somewhere. I have been told I could run a 3/4" PEX line through the 1" polyethylene and it should work fine. I am concerned about over...
  6. Farmboy65

    Flex pipe on house supply line

    Somebody - not me - installed a water heater type flexible steel pipe between my house supply line shut-off and the pipe into the house. The line from the city water shut-off to my house's shut-off is intact, but this flex pipe sprung a leak (no way, right? lol). I replaced the flex pipe with...
  7. ari

    Splitting and merging supply lines

    Hi, first off, I'd like to thank this forum for all the plumbing advice I've read as a guest. I haven't been able to find an answer to this particular question so I finally joined. I am making a heat exchanger for my shower trap arm. I have a 2" section of copper drain pipe that I want to coil...
  8. Boltnut

    Dual Purpose Water Supply Line

    Hello Everyone! I have an IBC tote in the front yard and use a transfer pump to store water in a 2400-gallon storage tank in the backyard. This supply line is 1.5" PVC above ground. I have a 2" underground supply line running from the 2400-gallon storage tank up to the house pump. Well, in...
  9. MNeeseSpokane

    2 shower fixture, 2 sets of supply lines?

    All, I’m currently working on rough-in plumbing for a basement. I recently redid all the supply lines in the house with PEX (replaced galv steel) and am using a manifold. For my basement shower, I’m planning on doing a standard shower head and a rainfall shower head. My manifold is all 1/2”...
  10. hhudson4498

    Porcher Veneto 9712x supply line

    My flexible supply line (83083.00.000) is leaking but I see the original model is discontinued. Can someone provide a spec for replacement. I need to know the sizing for the connector on both ends. Thanks
  11. Jared Stein

    Clawfoot tub supply line slipping, buckling, leaking

    I'm restoring an old house and think I made a mistake in the installation of rigid supply lines for the clawfoot tub. To be honest, I couldn't find a good guide on how to attach these rigid lines to PEX, so I improvised. The problem I'm having is that the new rigid supply lines occasionally...
  12. Kohinahi

    Can compression supply lines be reused?

    Hi! We had to pull out our half-bath vanity to replace the wood floor below it and I realized that the faucet has a permanent supply line which cannot be replaced. I installed the faucet 7 years ago and am sure that the supply line has been reattached 2-3 times. Is it ok to reuse a rubber...
  13. becca130330

    Moving a toilet to where a sink used to be

    hi everybody! thanks for any advice in advance my current situation is explained in this picture what i want to do: 1. move the toilet to where the sink is 2 add a shower where the toilet was sink plumbing is on the left, and on the right is the existing drain pipe from the toilet 1. i know...
  14. Steveo

    Toilet Supply Line Length Help

    Old angle valve failed so I had to replace it and needed to replace the supply line as well - the old supply line was part of the valve. First time doing any of this kind of work and wondering if the supply line I installed is the wrong length. I had to put a lot of pressure on the line to make...
  15. Sting

    Help Needed: Is this much bend in supply line OK?

    Hello, I recently had a bad plumbing experience. The plumber damaged the non-replaceable supply lines on my $800 tub filler and then disappeared. I installed the new tub filler and completed the compression connections, However based on his rough-in, I ended up with a slight bend in the cold...
  16. Robert Leise

    PVC, What type of fittings/solvent do I need to use

    I am a third year plumbing apprentice swapping out a vacuum breaker for a side job. I do commercial work and am not familiar with the irrigation supply line. 1” IPS PVC1120 SDR 21. (Photo below) I need to offset over bc the vacuum breaker outlet is on the opposite side of the old one. Not sure...
  17. DIYjohnny

    Dishwasher Help

    Will this setup work with a dishwasher?
  18. Viz

    Identify Polymer Braid Supply Line

    I'm looking to identify the manufacturer of a braided supply line. The ferrule is stamped with "FOR USE WITH WATER IN ACCESSIBLE LOCATIONS ONLY, the UPC symbol, LOW LEAD C2543 11 17 BMC" Thanks is advance for any help!
  19. Brian Kehlmeier

    Replace supply lines regularly on toilets and faucets?

    I have always seen the advice to regularly replace the supply lines for faucets and toilets. I actually had a polybutylene pipe burst overnight and woke up to a inch of water in our slab-home. I replaced every supply line in my current home when I moved in 6 years ago. I used the metal...
  20. Madscientistii

    Suction on supply line and air in water (well)

    Hi Everyone, I'm diagnosing a well issue. Long story short a splice broke in the supply line from the well to house. Introduced a lots of fines over the years... (don't ask, that's the long story.) I found the broken splice and repaired it. We've been flushing the system for a couple of...
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