1. Diane1166

    Help with Symmons tub/shower faucet

    Hi! I'm trying to fix a leaky tub spout but I'm having a problem removing the spindle. I'm learning as I go and have watched many videos on Symmons faucet repair. I don't know the name of the 'nut' that you need to remove because everyone calls it something different, but, it was on really...
  2. Pink Jazz

    Identify this Delta shower valve

    I was wondering, could you identify this Delta shower valve? I am at my grandparents house. There are two of these valves paired with the Delta pull-down diverter spouts and Delta arms, one with a 5.5 inch Moen Engage with Magnetix showerhead and the other with a Moen Adler showerhead.
  3. Tom Hafemann

    Basement shower drain questions

    Hello all, I am putting a bathroom in my basement. Everything was plumbed in when I bought my house except for the shower drain. So it has been "my pleasure" to tear up the concrete to put in the drain. The main 3" drain wasn't exactly where I thought it was going to be, so it is going to...
  4. JohnnoAndy

    Shower and tub buzzing sound

    Hi folks, my first post... Thanks for having me! I recently purchased a new house and both my shower and tub on the top floor are making a strange buzzing sound that comes and goes when water is running. It's only on cold to middle, not on hot. It's an american standard faucet, and I've...
  5. Caccaco

    Single handle Moen (shower only) has slow leak from pipe out of wall

    I am using very technical terms here but have pictures to better explain it. Our Moen shower fixture is leaking. I took off the shower head to see if it leaks directly from the wall and it does: Its a slow but very steady drip and over the past couple of weeks has been increasing in speed...

    Moen tub spout impedes flow

    I purchased a Moen kit to replace everything in my shower. The previous parts were old and corroded causing the tub spout to leak significantly. Now that I have installed the kit (though not the handle yet) the tub spout is not exactly perfect. While it no longer leaks during a shower, the...
  7. pd-ca

    Danfoss T-11 Trim kit

    Well, I found myself if an unwanted position. I was doing some work to my shower and removed the handle and trim kit. I threw it away thinking I would get something newer and just update the look. Wrong. I can't find anything to use with this valve. Does anyone know where I can find a compatible...
  8. Timberfrog

    Shower arm too short

    My plumber installed the rough in for my shower head arm too far back in the wall and the shower arm only sticks out of the wall 3 1/2". I would like to increase that length. The rest of the trim is brushed nickel from American Standard and they don't make a longer shower arm in that style...
  9. Justin_P

    Moving Drains Under Slab

    Hi, I'm remodeling an old bathroom built in the late 70s and am swapping out the cast iron tub for a new, larger walk-in shower. I am moving the shower drain from the tub location to be centered on the shower floor. I also need to move the toilet over to make room for the new shower. I just got...
  10. MNeeseSpokane

    2 shower fixture, 2 sets of supply lines?

    All, I’m currently working on rough-in plumbing for a basement. I recently redid all the supply lines in the house with PEX (replaced galv steel) and am using a manifold. For my basement shower, I’m planning on doing a standard shower head and a rainfall shower head. My manifold is all 1/2”...
  11. dwhightowe

    Phister Avante, Shower 10° cooler than sink

    This shower valve, at its hottest setting, runs at least 10° less than the sink faucet that is right next to it. Is there some kind of internal adjustment to it? Perhaps to protect against scalding? Our kid is now a grownup and wants his showers hotter, and if I don't fix it I'm afraid he will...
  12. Terry

    Phister Serrano Shower Trim

    Phister Serrano Shower Trim Phister OX8-310A Valve body Phister 974-3210
  13. UrbanNest

    Shower Floor Drain + Sink

    Hello all, This is my first time posting here. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and tips. I plan on hiring a professional plumber to do the job, however, I like to know before proceeding if what I have in mind is possible or not. After removing a fiberglass shower on a concrete...
  14. Shivam

    Delta Faucet cartridge won't go back in

    Hello, I had a leak in the shower faucet, so I took the cartridge out, replaced the rubber and springs and now trying to put it back. But it won't fit back. I have twisted and pushed with enough force, but it just won't go in all the way. It was a little hard to take it out as well, but I didn't...
  15. Terry

    Mixet Shower Valves, cartridge & handle replacements

    Mixet Shower Valves, cartridge and handle replacements. Pre 1968 6" cartridge and post 1968 4-1/2" cartridge and normal? If anyone wants to jump in and add content to this confusing thread, that would be awesome!
  16. Casey M

    Moen 1200 Cartridge Issue

    So this morning I replaced the Moen 1200 cartridge in my shower. Now when I tested it, my hot water pressure is good, my cold water pressure is good as well but when I have the knob set in the middle the pressure is low. Is the cartridge defective or did I do something wrong and there's an...
  17. dejarnett

    No easy way to cut hot water from single handle shower faucet?

    We live in a rented house where we cover expenses <$500, but we have the freedom to do pretty much any improvements to the house we want. The bath/shower has a single handle that rotates counter-clockwise to both increase pressure and make the water hotter and a common diverter on the faucet...
  18. Elliot Coard

    Old Subfloor Under Cast Iron Tub

    Hey everyone, this is my first DIY renovation. I'm mechanically inclined (Auto tech by trade), and I pride myself on research, just so I have a general idea and am not completely ignorant to what's going on. :cool: With that being said, My home was built in 1924, I just gutted the bathroom, and...
  19. Mark2276

    K-8304 Kohler Shower/Bath Faucet Constant Drip

    Hello, I had a Kohler (model Rubicon) Bath/Shower Faucet installed last year during a bathroom remodel. After the install there was a constant drip from the tub spout after the faucet was shut off. I contacted Kohler and they sent me a replacement (one piece cartridge) (model GP 800881 -...
  20. orangesoda123

    PVC Flexible Coupling Under Shower

    Hello Everyone! Question about some plumbing work I'm about to do. I need to move the drain for a new shower install (installing in a basement, the drain is in an opening in concrete). I'm going to cut the current p-trap out to the main drain line that runs under the concrete floor and...
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