1. Lori Spurgeon

    Reversible basement shower

    Moved into daughter's unfinished basement that has preexisting kitchen area with full sink set up, stove, fridge, deep freeze, counters, washer and dryer, and only floor drain downstairs. 5ft away is a walled in bathroom with toilet, temp utility sink drains into main stack cleanout so it can be...
  2. kilkenny

    Jetted tub shenanigans

    This is an 11 year old jetted tub in a condo master bath. The jets have stopped working. I cannot find anyone willing to repair the tub (have called 15+ handymans and tub specialists) because there is no obvious access panel. Some guys said to call them back if I can get access myself. Is there...
  3. Karen Vanek

    Shower renovation help requested....

    Hi. I am 2/3 of the way done with my bathroom tear down/ rebuild. I have installed 1/2 of my cbu (hardie board). I am using onyx collection pan and wall panels. The onyx collection people claim you do not need to waterproof under their panels.... I just wanted to know if you all agree with...
  4. Martin Semelak

    How to tell a shower has properly instaled drain & trap? (picture included)

    Hello, I'm no pro so sorry if there are any mistakes in terminology. I'm about to rent an old house in Norway. The shower there looks as terrible as the smell which comes from the drain. The sink and toilet are ok. Could you please advise if the drain in the picture looks altight and if the...
  5. VictoriaK

    Cat litter blocking drain - advice please.

    Hoping someone can advise me as to how to clear my shower drain. The previous owners used to put a cats litter tray in the downstairs shower cubicle - it is completely blocked with cat litter and is starting to cause a funky smell. It is blocked right to the top, and I have no clue as to where...
  6. Kyle Marsden

    Tub/Shower to Shower only: trap arm and venting

    Hello all, wonderful site have learned a lot over the last couple days. I typically do tile work but have been tasked with some plumbing work on my current project (rural job in Missouri, owner is NOT pulling permits) Pictures attached are the re-work of a second floor drain and vent. Existing...
  7. Donovan

    Upstairs water pressure

    Hello, we have well water, for the passed few months our upstairs water pressure has gotten significantly worse. It began by going in and out of pressure, this got worse when the filter needed changing. When we changed the filter it would get a little better, but not much and not for long. Now...
  8. JonnyThunder

    Help identifying make shower cartridge

    Hi, My shower is leaking and in speaking to a local hardware store clerk I learned enough that I probably should replace the cartridge. My challenge is I can’t figure out the make/ model. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to identity this ? Thank you ! Rod
  9. Peter B Crocker

    Toilet Almost Overflows When Shower Is Running

    My toilet and shower is 6 feet apart from each other. I also have a separate tub and two sinks in the bathroom. If the shower is running and then I flush the toilet, the water slowly comes to the top but doesn't overflow. This has been going on for over a year. I would think if it's a...
  10. JoeV

    Just installed cast iron shower drain is already rusting

    We just got our bathroom remodeled and I noticed that the new cast iron shower drain already started to rust, and nobody used the shower yet, except for the plumber who installed the faucet. Should we be concerned, and is there anything we could do to prevent the rust to spread?
  11. NelsonK

    Low pressure for hot water from shower

    For a month now, the water pressure drops when using hot water in my shower. Cold water comes out fine. In addition, there's sometimes a small increase and decrease in temperature, but the more noticeable issue is the pressure. Concerning the pressure, it will sometimes fluctuate, or remain...
  12. Paul T.


    I am trying to fix a customer’s shower faucet but I cannot find the brand of the shower valve. I have posted pictures of the shower handle and face plate with the handle removed. I have also posted a picture of the bathroom sink faucet because the handles are the same so I believe they are...
  13. Kodidavis29

    What water heater setup for jetted shower?

    Hi guys new here but am torn about a decision to upgrade to a tankless water heater 11gpm Westinghouse model sold at the box stores and online. Or just add another 40galon water heater in series to my exsisting 40galon. My setup is a custom jetted shower just built with 4 jets 2.5gpm each a...
  14. Terry

    Grohmix Thermostatic shower valve needs parts

    This shower valve is leaking and needs parts. The homeowner sent me these pictures. Home built in 1979 It's a thermostatic valve. Maybe the 34419000
  15. Tony G.

    Help needed figuring out cold water pressure issue

    Hey everyone, Newbie here. I have a shower with a single handle that delivers only hot water. I decided to open her up and see what I was dealing with. There is hot water pipe and a cold water pipe both fitted with stop valves. My first attempt to figure out why there was no cold water pressure...
  16. MIBamse

    Shower with only hot water on, flush toilet, it gets hotter

    Hello We have a problem with luke warm water in the shower in the morning. The shower water is not warm enough to mix it with cold water, so we only turn on the hot water faucet and leave the cold water faucet off. My wife is not happy about the water not being very warm so she flushed the...
  17. unionmaid

    How determine if pipes froze and burst when furnace stopped working while we were away.

    Before we left on vacation, my husband turned off the water in the house and put antifreeze in the toilets and drains. We didn't drain all the pipes in the house. When the house was being checked by a friend, it was discovered that the furnace wasn't working. We don't know when it stopped...
  18. Chupacak

    Kohler Coralais, KO-1 Cartridge for Kohler Shower Faucet Replacement

    Does anyone know what type of shower faucet cartridge this is. I also took a picture of the valve. I'm having a tough time finding a replacement.
  19. dburn

    3x3 shower install

    Hi, I have spent the last month or so reading about shower installs and I decided that my original idea of a simple home depot shower base with direct to stud plastic walls was not the best idea and I would prefer to tile the walls. I started by seeing what I had to work with so I removed the...
  20. Hnl83

    No hot water to shower

    We recently had a bathroom reno done. Prior to the reno, we had issues with getting hot water in the shower and we sadly still are. The sink in that bath is fine, as are all of the other hot water faucets/shower in house. Our water heater is in the basement and the shower is on the second floor...
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