1. M

    Toilet/WC above Shower?

    I'm trying to get a wall hung toilet installed in my condo but my application got rejected because as I understand it, that the wet vented drain for the WC has to be at the same elevation or lower than other wet vented plumbing group fixtures such as the shower (I assume it is to prevent risk of...
  2. Y

    Navien NPE-240A2: No hot water in 1 shower

    Hey! Thanks in advance for taking a look at my post if it is being discussed elsewhere please let me know. My Navien NPE-240A2 has been working great for 2 years but over the last month has not been consistently providing hot water in 1 shower. There are no error codes. The other shower and all...
  3. B

    Water hammer

    Tub has American Standard single handle valve. There is a constant water hammer when water is on and handle is mixing hot and cold. There is no water hammer if the handle is allowing all cold or all hot. It’s only when mixing that i have the hammering. Could it be a bad faucet cartridge? The...
  4. mkeenan

    Replacement 3 hole bath valves for 1950s home

    Hello, I'm looking for some advice on replacing my bath valves and I'm not real sure where to start. I've actually already replaced these once 16 years ago, but the local parts store that I bought the parts from no longer sells them and I didn't keep the information. I'd like to replace the...
  5. keb21

    Shower drain not flush with pan. Possibly installed wrong?

    This drain has bothered me since we purchased our house (2020), but it’s never caused problems or been enough of a nuisance to check it out. Our shower drain does not sit flush with the lowest point in the pan so we get some pooling water around the edges. It looks to be about 3/16" higher than...
  6. T

    Moen Shower Faucet flow question

    I have a Adler Moen shower faucet. I just replaced the cartridge and set the scald guard to 12 o'clock (hopefully off). We have not been getting super hot water even though the DHW is set to 140. Thinking to test my scald settings, I left the cold water intake valve turned off and just turned...
  7. J

    Help me, I'm dumb (Delta shower cartridge issue)

    I need some help, I’ve exhausted everything I know and can’t figure this out. I’m trying to install a delta shower cartridge (MODEL#: RP46463) into r22000 valve body and no matter what I do the water just comes out full force from the shower head like the cartridge is turned fully on. I’ve...
  8. P

    Leak from swivel 90 in mobile home after shower arm broke

    So my shower arm ended up breaking (gotta love a plastic one) so I’m trying to replace it. I have a new mobile home specific shower arm like what was previously there and I almost have it fixed but the plastic drop ear 90 keeps leaking. Sometimes it’s just a drip, others it may be more of a...
  9. J

    Remove old shower faucet

    My shower tub is leaking, so I tried to get to the cartridge, but am stuck on how to remove the cover/housing at the cartridge. I believe it is Kohler. The photos show the center, and 2 of the cover. How do I remove the cover? It won't budge. Thanks for any comments.
  10. E

    Shower Drain

    Is it ok that drain seems to be a bit elevated? Water seems to sit around the drain for a few minutes and then goes away, is this a sign of a leak or are drains designed to work like this? Thank you!
  11. A

    Help to identify shower faucet

    Hi. I need help to identify my shower faucet. I don't have the original model
  12. N

    Help removing an older moen shower handle

    Hi all. Any idea how to remove an older Moen shower handle? Picture attached. Thanks!
  13. ned8675309

    shower pipe drain placement?

    Hello, How important is the slope and placement of the shower pipe that leads to the main drain? An assistant plumber decided to route the pipe through the wall, rather than taking the most direct line, which would be from the shower drain to the main drain in a straight shot. When we asked...
  14. PerryNotMason

    shower + lav draining into toilet drain with attic bathroom

    hi all, I'm installing a new small bathroom in my attic - the space is awkward and small, and my main question is about using space wisely. I'm located in Portland, oregon for code purposes. I intend on having a 3" toilet drain, as well as a lav sink and a shower in the new bathroom. new...
  15. J

    My pfister shower won’t turn off

    Hi I have an older pfister shower model and when I went to pull on the temp adjustment to turn on the shower it turned on like normal but the nob refuse to push back in I could really use some advice on how to fix this if anybody knows how. It won’t let me add any pictures
  16. T

    Used wrong size trowel for wall tile

    Good Evening, I installed 12x24 wall tile in my shower remodel. I realize now that I should have used a 1/2 x 1/2 trowel, but used a 1/4"x1/4" trowel. I back buttered and troweled each tile as well as the wall. I pullled up tiles every so often and always had good coverage of the back. The...
  17. Brian Kehlmeier

    Okay to use Pex B for a new addition?

    I am down to the last part of my room addition; the supply lines. I have always used copper, but my friend has a Pex B crimp tool and I know it would be a huge time saver, plus less time in the crawl space. I currently have 3/4" supply coming into the house that feeds the water heater. Every...
  18. Offguard-2

    Moving outside shower drain from dry well to storm drain

    I have an outside shower that drains to a dry well. It doesn't last long (maybe 1 to 2 minutes) before the water starts to come back up the drain. My neighbors have there outside shower drains connected to the storm drain that lets out on the street. I'd like to connect my shower drain to the...
  19. D

    Need help identifying shower mixer stem

    The stem pull out does not unscrew. It has a brass housing that is removed first that holds it in place. Has a D shaped broach. Any help would be great I took it to a plumbing supply store they looked through their catalog and could not find a match.
  20. T

    Dual Shower Temperature Problem

    I recently converted my regular tub shower combo to a dual head standing shower. Each shower head has its own control via pressure balancing valve, and I plumbed it (basically) as shown in my attached crude drawing. I’m a novice when it comes to plumbing, but based on some research, I built the...
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