1. Tom Hafemann

    Basement shower drain questions

    Hello all, I am putting a bathroom in my basement. Everything was plumbed in when I bought my house except for the shower drain. So it has been "my pleasure" to tear up the concrete to put in the drain. The main 3" drain wasn't exactly where I thought it was going to be, so it is going to...
  2. Dallas Skinner

    Drain vent question

    I'm replacing a shower/tub combination with a shower that will drain where the tub/shower used to drain and a new tub on the other side of the bathroom. I'm also removing one of the two sinks in the bathroom. Can I safely drain the new tub into the sink drain I no longer need (or into the main...
  3. Plumbingq189

    Sewer drain in the garage

    I'm building an addition. Ill be adding a new single car garage and above it will be a bathroom. To tie into the existing sewer which is located right underneath the new single car I would like to add a Wye there and go up with a 3" stack on the back of the garage up to the new bathroom. My...
  4. Gonz

    Looking to validate sewer design options

    Hello, I am really appreciative for the info in this forum as it has helped me in the past. Now with more DIY experience am planning on adding a bathroom to a detached garage. I have read quite a bit about it and came up with a couple of designs, moving the sink vs the toilet, to cover the sewer...
  5. Jason Vogt

    Is a shallow sewer line grandfathered in for a remodel in Ca.?

    Hello, new to the forum. Have gone through the permitting process and have started demo on a 38' by 34' RV garage in the back yard to convert to an ADU with a kitchen and relocated bath room, built and permitted with the house in 1983. Had the plumber come out yesterday for the new plumbing for...
  6. Monique Rivera

    In escrow on a house and need advice!

    So, we are first time homebuyers and admittedly, I am a bit clueless about plumbing in general haha. However, let me explain to you my concern. The house we are in escrow on is a home built in 1900 that has had significant remodeling etc. The house had already fallen out of escrow before because...
  7. RickNewfoundland

    Building new cabin. Need help with plumbing layout.

    I have been reading the forum for a few years getting info as I need it, now I need some help in figuring out my layout for plumbing a new cabin for me. The cabin will be slab on grade. Where I am building it, there is no inspectors for plumbing, only main power company for new electrical...
  8. khaldrogo

    Sewer Line Sleeve Leak HELP!!!

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum and site and can see that this is a wealth of information. I currently have a issue with a leak in my basement wall only when it rains. More specifically with a leak that is coming underneath (to the best of my guess) the sleeve of my sewer pipe that exits the...
  9. Noremac

    Belly in sewer line

    I'm wondering about a belly that was found in a sewer line. Sounds like the belly is about 99' from the clean-out, spanning something like 30'. and under about 15' of sidewalk and pavement, Does anyone have a ballpark idea on what this should cost, and how long the work might be? There haven't...
  10. Dbwil

    Water in sewer line

    Hi All. I am looking for opinions on water in the sewer line and how much of an issue this is. A rental home I own had water coming in around the sewer pipe through the foundation. Upon excavation, it was found that the pipe was completely cracked just outside the foundation. It was repaired...
  11. Rdel

    Connecting new 2nd story bath drain in crawlspace

    Hello. I am needing to tie in a new drain line coming from a new 2nd story bath as part of 2nd story addition project. The drain line from the 2nd story ends up in the crawl space and will meet the condition as shown in the photo. I have also drawn a simplified sketch showing what each line...
  12. AVR

    New Main Line From Well - Is this done properly

    Hey all, Was traveling and out of town when I get the news that our water won't work. called a local plumbing / well company that replaced our submersible pump almost 3 years ago, and sadly the mainline from the well to the house apparently broke or gave out or something, it might have been...
  13. FixerLady

    Cast Iron Wye to ABS Repair- Will this work?

    Hello all, I've been pouring over the forums here and want to first thank everyone for contributing to these forums. I'm in the middle of a bathroom remodel have moved the shower and toilet to new locations. This is my home and I'm doing the work so before I close things up I wanted to post...
  14. mattegel

    Sewer pipe to city sewer miss aligned

    I am working on buying a house in Normal IL. I had a sewer inspection done and they found that the pipe running out to the city sewer is not aligned (see photo). Is there a code some where that indicates the allowable offset between two connecting pipes? If so, can you give me a link to it. I...
  15. Mike Boston

    Issue with sewer smell and p-trap

    Hi All, I need your advice. We live in a high rise 13 floors building (1969) and our top floor apartment has 2 floors ( 12 and 13). Our top floor bathroom sinks constantly losing a water seal and passing sewer gases inside our apartment. It's very random and a lot of times its associated with...
  16. SpudMuffin

    Sewer basement fitting leaking...

    I went downstairs to discover that a joint in the sewer line is not glued and is leaking onto my stuff. Not sure how I can repair it without taking everything out.
  17. Nancy Johnson

    Un-trapped Basement Drains!

    I'd love to add traps to existing basement floor drains. We have lived with a stinky basement for 35 years and I'm really tired of it. I'm thinking that the floor needs to be broken out around the drains and new trapped connections installed.Will this be a huge expensive deal in a 1915 house?
  18. mojorisin23

    Bubbling in my pipes!

    Hi my downstairs bathroom was below the sewer grade when i bought my house. i had a pump installed in the garage (they share a wall) which then ran vertically out of the pump then along the ceiling of the garage back towards the house, then into the foundation wall down into the basement...
  19. Zane Bridgers

    Water Supply Line Crossing Under Sewer Line

    Hey folks, Had a question come up about the main water supply line crossing below the main sewer line. The situation is as follows: Sewer line to septic is 3" PVC @ 18" depth coming through the foundation. Water supply line is 1 1/4 250 PSI Poly @ 5' depth and crosses under the sewer at ~45*...
  20. Chi

    Is it normal to have water in sewer pit?

    Background: The sewer pipe was clogged about 3 weeks ago. The water came out from the basement floor drain, and the sewer pit was filled with dirty stuff. The pumper came, and unclogged, and put a camera to inspect the pipe. The sewer pipe is still in good shape. However, the the sewer pit was...
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