1. S

    Rate my sewer lateral [video]

    Hi guys, long time lurker and first time poster. This forum has come up several times when I've researched DIY plumbing tasks so I thought it would be a good place to ask. I recently had a 2 way cleanout installed and then the plumber performed a camera inspection of the sewer lateral. The...
  2. O

    Tips for backfilling around sewer line repair

    Hi , I had a section of sewer line replaced in the front yard, directly beside the house foundation. The depth is about 10 feet. I'm responsible for backfilling the hole, and I'm trying to determine the type of material to use. I've read recommendations for sand, gravel or soil, and I'm not sure...
  3. Niloc75

    What's going on with my sewer drain?

    Good evening. Twice now, I've snaked my ~98 year old sewer with a full 100 feet of snake, because I have water backing up in my basement after just a 4-5 minute shower. Both times, the 5/8" auto-feeding snake powered ahead with no issues both times. No roots, no apparent blockages, etc. Also...
  4. Rodsgal

    Bad smell in new addition

    A few years ago we added onto our house. The addition now sits on part of what was the backyard. The sewer clean out pipe is now covered by the addition, but it was capped off and relocated by a professional plumber. Each fall when the temperatures begin to drop a bad smell comes from that...
  5. TheOverThinker

    Maximum slope for sewer -- handling a vertical step or drop under CPC/UPC

    I'm trying to find in the UPC the right section to deal with a step or drop in a standard 4" sewer line, where the usual 1/4" per foot can't be maintained. I'm aware that making the entire line sloped steeper can cause problems with solids, but that a drop can solve the problem. What's the...
  6. Shrekpower

    Help... Sewer pipe extension... (through concrete)

    Good day everyone, I'd like to extend my sewer line to my new garage in the back of my house. I'm about to do the plumbing and drill a core hole in the foundation wall and I was wondering what would be the "best" way to connect everything so i don't screw this up. By looking at the pictures...
  7. Michael Bluejay

    How to connect sewer line to City main?

    Tree roots got into my 1965-era iron sewer pipe so I'm replacing everything from the house to the street with 4" Schedule 40 PVC. I've trenched out to the City main and it appears that the connection of the old sewer line was made with concrete. How do I make the new connection? Chisel out...
  8. nabbasza

    Advice on routing new sewer pipe through garage

    I recently purchased a house built in the 1940s with some side sewer issues. Rather than digging in a couple spots at the back of the house to reline the problem segment and continue using the existing side sewer to the street, one bidder (which comes well recommended and reviewed) advised...
  9. Adam Doyle

    Transitioning from Slab on Grade Elevation to Sewer Line Elevation Outside

    I building a one bed on bath unit in my backyard and connecting the sewer line from the unit back to my house. I had an inspector(young guy, pretty new at his job) come by today and fail me for the ~12" drop from the plumbing elevation under the slab on grade to transition to the elevation of...
  10. Andy_in_Oregon

    Sewer Replacement: Grade issue

    I'm replacing a 70 year old sewer line at my residence. This line outside the structure is concrete pipe. I will be installing 4" schedule 40 PVC DWV. I've measured the fall and computed the grade for the existing line. It is 1%. This is allowable in my city for a replacement, if there is...
  11. mcfall9

    Sewage Ejector questions. Wet Vent

    I am installing a bathroom in the basement I have to pump up to the drain. For lack of a better name the "Sewer Crock, pump" will need to be vented. Do I have to tie into and existing vent upstairs that runs to the attic-roof or can I tie into the sewer drain and use a wet vent ?
  12. farmerisland

    Fixing improper venting, old house

    Hello, This is an update/new question from my last post. My home has old all copper DWV from 1960 and earlier, with even older cast iron at basement level-down, that I'm replacing with PVC. Plumbing noise isn't an issue; I really don't want to do expensive cast. The current copper has pinholing...
  13. farmerisland

    Copper waste line flat, venting lacking, and so much more

    Hey guys. I need to share a little back story to give proper context of my issue with some upstairs very old plumbing. I live in an old farmhouse that was originally Mennonite-built in 1890. There was no indoor plumbing initially but the main floor bath was put in by my grandparents at some...
  14. Rogerio

    Urgent help needed - Descale cast iron main line

    I live in a 60 year old home and i am having problems with main/sewer line (cast iron) back up. I had a camera inspection done and there is a lot of scale build up. The total line is about 70 feet. My plumber recommended descaling using a picote machine which seems to be a good advice. Problem...
  15. Scott Bacon

    Sewer smell

    I've been in this newly constructed house for just short of a year. For a few months now I had noticed a sewer smell coming from the sink. Normally after is not used for awhile, like first thing in the morning, or when I get home at night. Before I use it in the morning I am now filling it...
  16. Tom Hafemann

    Basement shower drain questions

    Hello all, I am putting a bathroom in my basement. Everything was plumbed in when I bought my house except for the shower drain. So it has been "my pleasure" to tear up the concrete to put in the drain. The main 3" drain wasn't exactly where I thought it was going to be, so it is going to...
  17. Dallas Skinner

    Drain vent question

    I'm replacing a shower/tub combination with a shower that will drain where the tub/shower used to drain and a new tub on the other side of the bathroom. I'm also removing one of the two sinks in the bathroom. Can I safely drain the new tub into the sink drain I no longer need (or into the main...
  18. Plumbingq189

    Sewer drain in the garage

    I'm building an addition. Ill be adding a new single car garage and above it will be a bathroom. To tie into the existing sewer which is located right underneath the new single car I would like to add a Wye there and go up with a 3" stack on the back of the garage up to the new bathroom. My...
  19. Gonz

    Looking to validate sewer design options

    Hello, I am really appreciative for the info in this forum as it has helped me in the past. Now with more DIY experience am planning on adding a bathroom to a detached garage. I have read quite a bit about it and came up with a couple of designs, moving the sink vs the toilet, to cover the sewer...
  20. Jason Vogt

    Is a shallow sewer line grandfathered in for a remodel in Ca.?

    Hello, new to the forum. Have gone through the permitting process and have started demo on a 38' by 34' RV garage in the back yard to convert to an ADU with a kitchen and relocated bath room, built and permitted with the house in 1983. Had the plumber come out yesterday for the new plumbing for...
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