1. Soulbarn

    At the height of the big freeze, one of our faucets stopped working. Sediment built up. Coincidence?

    During the big freeze, despite our precautions, one bathroom faucet stopped working. It is in the middle of the house, but the line does come directly up from our unheated basement (so do all the lines, but this was the only one that had a problem.) I spent a day applying heat, not directly to...
  2. Goodguy5000HD

    Well water suddenly dirty, well pump power fluctuates... is it a disaster? (SOLVED)

    (1 day after installing new white sediment filter) After being out-of-town for a month, the well pump protection circuit kept tripping due to high load. After testing, the well pump resistance is normal, but the running pump's amperage varies 7--20A (after bypassing protection circuit). Also...
  3. Mawst95

    Whole House Sediment Filter Recommendation (City Water)

    Hi all, I've searched the forums some, which has been helpful, but need some additional advice before pulling the trigger. We moved into a home in Baltimore, MD in July. Home had a rusco 1.5" spin down filter installed (not sure the micron level). It was completely chocked full of orange/brown...
  4. Ambam

    New well, sediment everywhere! HELP!

    We recently purchased a new home, with it came a brand new well. It was drilled July 9, we just moved in September 1, so it had only been actively being used since then. First time home owners here, and we don’t know anything about this. We’ve got black/dark grey sediment coming up in all our...
  5. B. Clark

    Stumped by double vanity

    Background Info: Upstairs double vanity. Both sinks won't drain. Sink 1 on L side; Sink 2 on R side. Sink 2 overflow connects to Sink 1's tailpiece. Single-piece vanity top. Troubleshooting Measures Taken: Pulled P-traps and tailpieces. Sink 1's tailpiece was full of sediment in overflow...
  6. KyleGKlein

    Sediment Filter

    I'd like to improve my water quality. I'm on a well and have attached my latest water results. Currently there are no filters of any kind on my setup but there should be.... I know I need sediment filters... what sizes? Any how many filters? Also, is there anything that stands out in my...
  7. Warren P

    Unsatisfactory sediment removal

    I use city water, which is sourced from surface water and heavy rains can load it with a lot of sediment. Right now it has so much sediment that washing clothes gets them dirtier, as I inadvertently discovered to my wife's annoyance (thanks for nothing, Hurricane Eta). So I installed an inline...
  8. Rprilutsky

    Calcite and Sediment filter in one?

    Hi, I am very new to the subject and I need some help here. I have well water and the only problem I have is somewhat low PH ( about 6.2) and red/brown sediment which clogs my standard whole house filter (5micron) withing 2-3 weeks. The sediment looks like ferric iron but the water test shows...
  9. Bryan

    Water Heater Valve and Other Questions

    To preface this, I just purchased my first home. This is my first post and I really hope you guys can help with my problem. I'm pretty new to general home repairs, but tend to be pretty good with general DIY so long as I do some research first. My new home has a gas water heater. There seems to...
  10. Timothy Roy

    White Pieces clogging faucet and shower aerators!!

    Just purchased a manufactured home and shortly after moving in I noticed some white shelly/plastic like particles clogging my sink and shower aerators. I contacted the local plumber who suggested that I install a water softener and sediment filter due to the home operating on well water. I now...
  11. James Riel

    Losing Well Pump Pressure - Sediment.

    Hello, I just bought a house a couple weeks ago. We noticed a loss of pressure when running a shower and washer at the same time. We heard some pretty loud knocking coming down the copper pipe near the pressure tank. Our pressure dropped down to about 24psi and the gauge needle would flutter in...
  12. MiamiBorn

    Shower riser clog caused by brown sediment in water?

    We have a almost total blockage in our shower riser. I noticed that the toilets have a reddish brown sediment in the bottom. I wonder what that is and if it can accumulate over 30 years and cause this blockage. We do have a water softener.
  13. Jasonir129

    Well filtration fun in MD -- acidic hard water

    Hi guys, new to the forum. Lots of helpful stuff here, looking to get some feedback on well filtration setup. I know you guys say there's no "one size fits all", so I'll give details from our water testing. The current setup is just a cartridge sediment filter and a calcite based neutralizer...
  14. Bill R.

    Well pump cycling and significant increase in water sediment

    Hello, I'm hoping to get some guidance. I have a well equipped with a 30/50 pressure switch and an Amtrol WX-203 pressure tank. Over the last month or so I noticed that the water pressure throughout the house pulsates when taking a shower or flushing a toilet. I recently had a water company...
  15. Koby2270

    Brown well water and well depth question

    I'm looking for some advice to improve my well water. Last week our water stopped flowing. After some troubleshooting I figured out that our submersible pump was not working. I bought a new pump from Lowe's. It's a Zoeller 1/2 hp. Probably not the wisest decision but it fit the budget and was...
  16. John Nunley

    Delta shower valve plugged with sediment

    I have a shower with a Delta 600 series valve, the one with the round stem that moves within the triangular shaped plastic shell. It worked well 4 months ago when the city had a water main break. When the water was turned back on, I ran all my faucets and showers in the house as well as...
  17. NovicePete

    Sediment in faucet screens and shower head

    We have had an a build up of sediment in our faucets and shower head for the better part of a year. We can also see the sediment whenever the bath faucet is run for more than a few minutes. I have flushed the hot water heater and had the City come out to flush the water line. This seemed to help...
  18. Mattwell

    Stirred up Sediment then Pumped Dug Well to Bottom

    I have a dug well, 17 feet deep with water up to 12 feet. I sanitized the water system with bleach and during the mixing process I stired up a lot of sediment from the bottom of the well. I let the well sit for the 24 hours and then I began the pump out of the well. I used a sump pump to pump...
  19. herzogzwei

    Fleck 5600sxt quit softening after sediment filter change

    I have a fleck 5600sxt that has worked great for the last 6 months. I changed my sediment filter (installed before the softener) and instantly the water is no longer soft. Could I have created some kind of vapor lock that is preventing the water from going through the filter?
  20. dpw-ct

    Drain Welll Tank annually?

    I have a well and 4 year old tank. We tend to get a fair amount of sediment in our lines and the water is mildly hard. Should I be draining the tank periodically? Should I drain the electric water heater as well? If so, how often should this be done, and any special procedure to use
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