1. W

    Changed lower element, burnt up upper temp controller??

    TYIA. So about 3 weeks ago I changed our lower heating element. It has been working amazing, actually it was too hot, so I had to turn it down 3-4 days ago. This morning at 4am I had my wife waking me up asking if it smells like fire, it did. This is what I found... Upper temp controller. I...
  2. M

    Amateur needs help with bathroom fan & light switch wiring

    Hello all, I'm hoping I could get some (much needed) help with my bathroom fan and light-switch wiring. First off, I'm an amateur, but I've watching/reading as much as I can to understand electricity, but I think I need some expert advice, to untangle this mess. If this is the wrong place, my...
  3. CommanderDave

    Wiring Timer to GFCI Outlet

    I have a 20A GFCI outlet that I want to wire a timer to that will control a ceiling exhaust fan. However the timer I have requires connection to a 3 wire (B,W,R-G) box, but the GFCI outlet is only powered by 2 wire (B,W-G); it also services three other outlets. So my question is can I wire the...
  4. Terry

    Copper pipe shocked me!!

    I was looking at a 3" ABS drain for a toilet in the basement, standing on the plastic toilet seat, accidently touched the 1" copper pipe and WOW!! I got shocked. The copper pipe right here. And then I went outside to check the grounding on the panel, just one rod in the ground, and nudging...
  5. Jeremy Porter

    My meter runs ridiculously fast when my water heater breaker is on

    My meter has been running faster than I have ever seen when I have the water heater breaker on, but slows way down when I shut it off? I took a video so you guys could see, https://youtube.com/shorts/7QTAyrFbJso?feature=share
  6. Rizwan A Sherazi

    Replacing Submersible Pump Control Box Pipe

    Hi I bought the house 6 months ago and today noticed a leak in one pipe coming through the control box. I am totally unfamiliar with the well pump system/function. Attaching the pictures to explain the setup. It seems from the Control Box there is a pipe going to the wall , that i believe is...
  7. ConstableDuffy

    Electrical connections inside well?!

    I just bought a house that was built in 1977. When I opened the well, I found the electrical connections in the following photograph at the top of the well. This concerns me as there is condensation at the top of the well that seems to me to be perilously close to causing electrical shorts. Is...
  8. JoeThomas

    Best Light for Reading, Computer Office: Flat Panel or Dome/Global Light

    We are thinking of installing new ceiling lights, in Standard 10 feet ceiling. We originally have 4 inch diameter light in the hallway. My son would keep the door open to prevent getting hot, however this hallway light was hitting the side, peripheral of his eye, very small and lot of light...
  9. Ctgcwiqc

    How to remove cap from well

    I'm looking at the cap to my well trying to figure out how to remove the cap. I need to determine pump depth, and static water level. It looks like a bolt has been modified to allow water line to extend from the top of the cap. 1. is there a way to remove the modified bolt at the pvc pipe...
  10. rjschwar

    4 Wire Range and Oven to 3 Wire SE Cable

    I found this thread and have a similar setup but had a couple clarification questions: https://terrylove.com/forums/index.php?threads/question-on-3-wire-kitchen-range-4-wire.67912/ We replaced a couple cabinets so I had to remove and reinstall our oven/microwave combo and the cooktop. I have...
  11. fallenage31

    Flotec 3 wire Model# FP3212-02 - RUN MANUALLY WITH SWITCH

    Flotec 3-Wire 4in. Submersible Deep Well Pump — 1/2 HP, 1 1/4in., Model# FP3212-02 How would I set up to run the pump manually with a switch? 3 wires from the pump. 2 wires that come up to the surface
  12. W Kunz

    Grundfos MQ45 Won't Start

    I have a grundfos MQ45 that I rebuilt the impellers in and now it will not start. I installed a new capacitor and still nothing. The lights come and it says "pump running" but nothing is happening. It sounds like it tries to start initially and then nothing happens. I can easily rotate the pump...
  13. Katherine Straub

    Just whispered "I hate you" to my well pump, how's your morning

    Hey everyone! I'm a long-time lurker (typically when sitting on my kitchen counter by the sink with my laptop and wet socks) and some of your posts have been the difference between keeping and selling my house. I bought what I thought was just a fixer-upper about 18 months ago...it's should've...
  14. Kevin Richard

    Should I buy Used Electricals or not?

    Hello Guys, I was planning to buy some plc's and electrical supplies for my kids school project. As I am low in budget and don't even know if my kid can do it in one shot, I want to ask if I can buy used Electrical Supplies instead of new. I am confused now what to go for. Help would be much...
  15. beachguysb

    Flickering: All 4 LED Recessed bulbs on dimmer switch

    All 4 LED Recessed lights on dimmer switch just started flickering. (4.5w dimmable GU10 LED bulbs) - It only happens sometimes - 4 other LED's on a DIFFERENT dimmer switch (but same circuit) also flicker sometimes, whether the other dimmer switch is on or not. - It doesn't matter how bright I...
  16. PhillipNichols

    Receptacle installation

    Hey Guys, I am installing receptacle in an unfinished basement. I have located the live wire from the breaker box going to one receptacle. I have install a junction box in the ceiling if and want attempting to add receptacle to the adjacent wall across the room. Is there a code on how long the...
  17. Trevor Sams

    Hot Tub GFI

    I have a hot tub connected to a 50 amp 220v trip that has a neutral pigtail connected to the neutral bus. The natural for the tub is connected to the bus. The 220v connects directly to the control panel PCB which then has a series of relays to switch the pumps, water heater etc. The GFI started...
  18. diygiy

    Tracking power feed short to switch

    120v household line. Feed line suddenly lost power. Tenant reports no heavy usage at the time - says she just finished a shower so possible condensation/steam issue caused the short. one gfci in bathroom works fine, no load on gfci just a direct 12-3 yellow feed line into gfci no load out...
  19. Mspearlywhites

    BIG remodel job. Need to get a budget established

    Hi fellow diyers, I'm new here, but I came across a good opportunity to start a business, except that the building has been gutted by vandals looking for copper piping. The space is about 2400 square feet. It needs a new HVAC system because the enrien system was ripped out by the Vandals...
  20. Summer Robinson

    HELP DIY cannon

    I'm trying to build multiple confetti cannons for a gender reveal, and need help with the release. I am familiar with using ball valves, but in this situation I will be the only one with the cannons at lift off and need advice on how to devise a way of turning multiple at once. I have explored...
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