Best Light for Reading, Computer Office: Flat Panel or Dome/Global Light

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We are thinking of installing new ceiling lights, in Standard 10 feet ceiling. We originally have 4 inch diameter light in the hallway. My son would keep the door open to prevent getting hot, however this hallway light was hitting the side, peripheral of his eye, very small and lot of light would radiate from a small point, and it would hurt eyes.

I was looking into two other options.

a) A Larger Diameter commercial light (11 inches)

b) Or a Dome Global Light: we will get 11 inch version, it has around 3 inch height

Just curious, whats good for lighting ergonomics, a Flat led light or a Globe/Dome light? I know they have flat ceiling lights in offices, however a Global Light may have more surface area, and may radiate better. Maybe someone who's installed lighting in homes/offices would know.

Note: My ceiling does not have height thickness to put a recessed light in a recessed fixture.


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In general a dome has greater surface area as you mentioned which leads to better light spread. In commercial environments there are multiple flat lights spread out, rarely just one. The ceiling height is generally much higher as well which increases the amount of light spread.
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