1. X

    Harden Shower Diverter Stem

    Our Harden diverter does not divert. The handle just unloosens the splined stem when turned counter-clockwise and the handle and splined inner shaft screws all the way out of the valve. I found a previous post here from 2012 about how to remove the entire cartridge. In that post, there is a...
  2. JackPasco33

    Faucet diverter came off - no obvious way to re-install

    Hey folks, a bit of an emergency situation here, and all the plumbers in town are busy. The faucet came off the tub when one of our AirBnB guests turned on the shower. It doesn't look like anything I'm finding on the internet, and I'm not sure what to do here. There's not a screw that holds the...
  3. Abbott

    DXV Thermostatic Valve, Who's the manufacturer

    I have to replace the diverter and I don't see any mfgr information Thanks for any help. Abbott
  4. Terry

    K-29724, K-6881 Tub spout not diverting well

    Here is a gold tub faucet from 1981 that is not diverting well. I wonder if the diverter on this can be repaired. These are photos sent to me.
  5. Mike Kovach

    Sweat soldering to control valve

    In my first post I forgot to ask the question. Can I sweat a copper fitting to the output of the valve pictured? I don’t know if there is any plastic in the diverter and I wouldn’t know how to remove it if there were. I was told to use 1/2” copper for shower head for more volume. Is that true...
  6. aprilmedusa

    Kohler Shower Diverter Replaced and Water is Still Draining from Shower and Spout.

    I have a Kohler 3 way in wall shower diverter that pulls out for shower, push in for spout. When you would pull out for the shower it was draining water from the faucet and the shower attachment. I replaced the shower diverter (the hot and cold stems had recently been changed also). This did...
  7. mark barbieri

    TOTO Diverter Install

    I'm trying to install a Toto Diverter Toto THU4131 As when I turn to the tub i still get water come from the shower head and vice versa. Could it be anything else other than the diverter? Any way, I purchased a new toto diverter and it comes in 4 parts. The brass cylinder, a rubber plug, a...
  8. JoeThomas

    Cracks, holes shower near tub spout

    I have an old 1980s shower, it has a flexible shower wall. Recently when I pull the tub spout Shower diverter up or push against the wall, I see cracks and holes appear. I tried replacing the bathtub spout multiple times, and retried Caulking Numerous occasions. It keeps showing holes/cracks...
  9. JoeThomas

    Shower Tub Spout Diverter Keeps breaking

    I have a Shower Diverter that keeps breaking. Last one, I had for 10 years, and it got stuck, or sprays water between the Shower head and faucet. So plumbers replaced it, 2 more in fact, and the same issue. I promise I am not pulling the shower head hard, never broke this many shower diverters...
  10. JoeThomas

    Can Removing Shower Head Restrictor affect Diverter?

    I live in California, I removed the water restrictor in my shower head, because the standards are too low here. Does removing the restrictor affect the shower diverter or anything else? My Shower Diverter keeps getting stuck even after couple spout replacement, where water goes to Both the Tub...
  11. Dave317

    Delta R10000-UNBXHF valve with R11000 diverter - installation questions

    Good morning, I am installing a Delta R10000-UNBXHF valve and a R11000 diverter that will ultimately control a regular shower head, an overhead rain can, and a handheld. The supply is 1/2" PEX from a ManaBloc manifold. The question I have is about stringer depth: I am aware that the...
  12. Lindz300

    Water to my Delta handheld isn't working

    Hey guys. Looking for some help. Just installed a new showerhead and handheld. It's got a 3 way diverter. All is plumbed correctly. Turned on the water for the shower head, it works great. Went to switch to both, only the shower head works, switched to just handheld, no water flow. Also, no...
  13. johnsonnoise

    Copper Pipe Crimp A Problem?

    I had a plumber put in a new valve body since I'm in the midst of a complete tear down of the tub surround. I noticed that the copper line (diverter pipe) that feeds the shower head has some crimps in it. It looks to me like he grabbed it pretty hard with a wrench while sweating everything...
  14. Ausmavsfan

    Can't get new faucet/diverter on.. What kind of pipe is this?

    My old bathtub faucet/ diverter is no longer working. I go and buy an identical one from Lowe's. I open the instructions and find 4 types of pipes shown in the directions. My type of pipe is not on there... of course. Mine protrudes a little over 3 inches and has threads close to the wall? SEE...
  15. David Gilley

    Shower/tub water leak

    Bought this 1952 home a few months ago. As for any old house, always things to fix. The new issue that has me baffled is the lead in the shower/tub area. It is a tub with a shower assembly. I noticed in the basement that when the shower was running there was a up of water coming from the area...
  16. Rese

    Bathtub faucet spout shoots off like a rocket

    Hello, When the water is on the faucet functions fine, but once the diverter is pulled up to activate the shower the spout shoots out. I've tried to manually hold it in place and it still fights to come off or the water comes out of the back end. I've tried some Teflon tape on the tip of the...
  17. Jamie96

    Switch from knob diverter to faucet

    Is there a way to change my shower diverter from a knob to the faucet valve kind. Basically making the middle knob of a three knob system useless. I used to have a shower like this but I don't know how to do it myself. Thanks!
  18. TommyTunes

    Bath tub spout can be rotated

    I have a weird setup in my bathtub. The tub spout is attached to the normal 1/2" copper stub, but if you grab the spout it can be moved from side to side. The copper line coming down from the mixing valve is regular 1/2" copper but it goes into some type of "swivel fitting", that allows the...
  19. Lildiy

    Tub spout question/identification

    This may be dumb to ask but I've searched all over and can't find what I need. We needed to replace the spout in a tub/shower and couldn't get it free; someone came to help but couldn't get it either. They then used a hacksaw to remove the plastic-like spout, breaking it off and leaving behind...
  20. JustSomeGuy

    Shower multi-head diverter plumbed wrong?

    arg! I didn't realize that the photos would disappear - let's try this again with a different host! I did a bunch of searching, but haven't found a post about anyone else being a huge dumbass like I was ;) So years ago I got this big acrylic shower that had literally fallen off a truck and...
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