Cracks, holes shower near tub spout

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    Aug 31, 2019
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    I have an old 1980s shower, it has a flexible shower wall.

    Recently when I pull the tub spout Shower diverter up or push against the wall, I see cracks and holes appear. I tried replacing the bathtub spout multiple times, and retried Caulking Numerous occasions. It keeps showing holes/cracks again. Whats the best solution to this problem? This seems more of a structural/flimsy issue, that caulking may not resolve.

    I've had the tub for many years, never seen this problem occur till recently.

    Other notes, There is a brick wall behind my shower (in a condo complex). Its an all Metal Spout, and Copper Pipe, I Rotate it to pull the Spout out

    ** My real concern is regarding mildew/mold which can form later from leaks, causing larger problems.


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