1. Terry

    Moen cartridges for replacement

    Moen cartridges for replacement
  2. FirstTimeDIY

    Shower Valve Leak? Unsure of how to diagnose the problem.

    Hello Everyone, First time DIYer, trying to give it a honest go at a self-repair! The shower has been leaking for a little bit with a slow but consistent drip through the tub spout. After some reading and videos online, figured it was probably the cartridge that required a possible...
  3. Whitall

    Another Moen retaining clip thread!

    Hoping a new post brings fresh ideas. I have a 25 year old Moen positemp bathtub /shower faucet. It's been dripping for years so I finally decided to tackle it. I had waited because there's no shut off valve and I was afraid to shut off the whole house in case I screwed it up. Got my cartridge...
  4. Cyahr

    Filter for sprinkler system

    I have the problem of my sprinkler heads getting clogged up with a reddish/orange sediment that looks like sand. I’m assuming it’s iron/rust. My question is, I have a old pool filter on the side of my house. The exact model is the Hayward C900. Would that work for filtering the water going...
  5. Conqurall

    Aquabrass, Mystery Shower Cartridge

    I have a shower cartridge that I cannot identify. I have pulled on all my sources and have come up empty handed. Does this look familiar to anyone?
  6. Junkie_Vince

    American Standard Tub/Shower Identification

    Anyone here familiar with American Standard t+s cartridges? Need to go fix this for a family member and I’d like to buy the parts in advance if possible since I can only go out there when most places are closed. Don't have much experience with American Standard but finding that some use a single...
  7. JMustang

    HELP! Shower Head Leaking when Guest Bath is Used

    My master shower dribbles and drips when the guest bath/shower is used. Both the valve and cartridge(Single Lever) have been replaced and it's still doing it. What the heck?
  8. Terry

    Moen 1255 Everlast cartridge leaks, the fix from Moen

    I have been noticing that some of my customers with Moen kitchen faucets have had issues with the leaking 1255 cartridge. For some I've gone back several times. Moen now has a kit they send out that helps to keep the cartridge from loosening and therefore leaking. The is the kit. Once...
  9. Terry

    Import Shower faucet cartridge question

    A really generic shower without a name needing a new cartridge. Someone thinks it may be this one.
  10. Shivam

    Delta Faucet cartridge won't go back in

    Hello, I had a leak in the shower faucet, so I took the cartridge out, replaced the rubber and springs and now trying to put it back. But it won't fit back. I have twisted and pushed with enough force, but it just won't go in all the way. It was a little hard to take it out as well, but I didn't...
  11. Casey M

    Moen 1200 Cartridge Issue

    So this morning I replaced the Moen 1200 cartridge in my shower. Now when I tested it, my hot water pressure is good, my cold water pressure is good as well but when I have the knob set in the middle the pressure is low. Is the cartridge defective or did I do something wrong and there's an...

    Help Identify old shower stem from the 50s

    Hey my name is Rocky, i have a leaky shower stem pulled it out and the washer/bushing at the end is torn and degraded. i need to replace or rebuild. problem is i have no idea what make the stem is. Has 12 splines and is roughly 5 7/8 long. As the title says, i need help to identify it. the house...
  13. Breplum

    Altmans Cartridge I.D. Help

    Supposedly Artistic Brass, I have not been able to identify. Even sent pics to A.B. But, so far no response. I’ve been through every page of the brass craft stem finder PDF.
  14. Mark2276

    K-8304 Kohler Shower/Bath Faucet Constant Drip

    Hello, I had a Kohler (model Rubicon) Bath/Shower Faucet installed last year during a bathroom remodel. After the install there was a constant drip from the tub spout after the faucet was shut off. I contacted Kohler and they sent me a replacement (one piece cartridge) (model GP 800881 -...
  15. Cain2k

    Strange shower temp change

    I have a Grotherm 3000 valve (34909) in a shower that was installed many years ago. A little while ago, it started only putting out hot water. After a little research, it seemed like the cartridge was the most likely candidate. When I opened it up and tried to turn off the supply locally using...
  16. zaruljica

    How to take out mixer cartridge - urgent help needed!

    How can I take out this cartridge: Please, please, nobody knows and system is really unusual. What tool should I use and what to do??? Please! Thanks!
  17. ees19

    CoOp leak to downstairs unit— Cartridge Replacement

    I just recently moved into a new CooP. I’ve been there for 3 weeks. Prior to moving in, the unit above me had a leak in their bathroom that trickled down through my ceiling (no damage). Once I moved in, the hot water in the standing body shower was not working. I spoke to maintenance and they...
  18. Mike Kovach

    Sweat fitting to Gabrylly shower valve

  19. DigitalAlien

    Hot water runs when tub faucet off

    Hey all! I have a new D210000BT Tub filler valve shown here For some reason when the hot water side is shut off some water still runs out of the faucet. Not just drips out but runs out like it is not closed all the way. So I thought, "New Cartridge!" So as a temp fix so I could turn on my hot...
  20. Gui13

    Trying to change cartridge in single handle tub/shower

    Hi everyone, Homeowner in distress here. I have two questions: I am trying to remove the cartridge that is stuck in the handle (see picture). How can I remove it without breaking it? How can I find a new handle that would be compatible with this particular type of cartridge? I am trying to keep...
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