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    Jan 6, 2021
    First post, so excuse me if this has been covered elsewhere, but I am in the process of deciding which toilets to install in a new home for my family and I am ready to pull the trigger on the Toto Drake II (C454CUFG-01). However, I am concerned about the disinfecting limitations (using only Dawn instead of a bleach based toilet cleaner) for a Cefiontect bowl. I have also seen random posts regarding pitting or the glazing wearing off. I cannot know for certain whether or not those individuals used more abrasive cleaners, but my main concern is that Dawn, while great at cleaning, is not a disinfectant.

    To confuse matters even more, I am not certain that the Cefiontect is as fragile as Toto's guidance would lead you to believe. Their standard cleaning guidance is listed below:
    • Use a mild dish detergent to clean your lavatory.
    • Use a gel-based toilet bowl cleaner.
    • Use a soft cloth to clean your lavatory.
    • Use a soft-bristled plastic brush to clean your toilet.

    • Don’t use cleanser, polishing powders or detergents that have gritty or coarse particles.
    • Don’t use bleach, chemical thinners, or products that include acid or alkaline detergents in their ingredients.
    • Don’t use metal scrub brushes or steel wool.


    However, I have also found contradicting information regarding cleaning a Cefiontect glaze, which was in a document linked to Toto's (Russian?) website.

    Cleaning and care
    The CeFiONtect glaze makes ceramics far easier to clean. There are practically no special cleaning instructions for this very hard, durable and smooth surface, which can stand up to pressure washers, disinfectants and aggressive non abrasive cleansers. In most cases, the ceramic surface should be cleaned regularly with a clean, moist cloth. If it is necessary to use a cleanser, we recommend a slightly acidic cleanser with vinegar or citric acid to prevent lime scale, or an alkaline cleanser to eliminate oils and fats. TOTO always recommends using cleansers without abrasives. Please avoid using aggressive cleansers to help the environment. You can use any conventional toilet bowl cleaner and a toilet brush for your toilet.


    It would be helpful to hear of anyone's experience using (or knowing of someone else using) a disinfecting cleaner on a Cefiontect bowl (against Toto's recommendations) to see if there is any adverse impact to the glaze.
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    Dec 20, 2020
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    Wake County, North Carolina
    As long as there are no abrasives in the cleaning solution, you could use any toilet bowl cleaner. The Works brand toilet bowl cleaner is straight up hydrochloric acid, so be mindful of its fumes and you could send an email to Toto support about this product.
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  4. Terry

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    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
    I have been using liquid cleaners with a nylon Bristol brush. Lately using Dawn dishwashing detergent. The finish seems to hold up.
    My water is pretty good though, homes on wells need more cleaning in the area. My water comes from the rivers.
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