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Sep 2, 2004
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New England
Retired Systems engineer for defense industry.

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Retired Defense Industry Engineer xxx, from New England

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Oct 17, 2021 at 8:33 PM
    1. Dylan Williams
      Dylan Williams
      Hi Jad, I saw a post where you were helping with noises around the shower valve. Just had my bathroom remodeled and when i turn the water on it was very loud(like pressure) when going from cold to hot. I took the shower head off and it resolved the noise. How do I shop for a shower head that doesn't have the feature that causes the issue? Thank you so much for your time.
    2. TKMO
      Jadnashua, I was reading a post of yours regarding a sump pump drain. My neighbor has it along our property line and the drain sits back 20 feet from sidewalk. The problem is when all other sidewalks, including their's and our street's pavement is completely dry, this thing drains for days and days. During winter months it freezes and refreezes and turns into an ice skating rink on my sidewalk, not her's.
    3. TGhost
      I think I still have issues. I'm 30-40 minutes from nashua. I would love your help.
    4. Dusty hair
      Dusty hair
      Dusty hair Help I have a chain hoist chain stuck in a 2in casing for a water well about 10 feet down how do I get it out »
    5. VASSEY P
      VASSEY P
      I am glad to be here
    6. Keith Sharrow
      Keith Sharrow
      Howdy, as I am prior service. Thank you for your service. I became a plumber after I got out. 17 yrs. later, I invented a tool, called the Soldersnake, now available thru Ferguson. Youtube "Soldersnake shower valve", your comments and thoughts appreciated. Thanks Keith.
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    New England
    Retired Systems engineer for defense industry.
    30+ years in defense industry. Training, development, test, repair of missile systems and h/w.

    photography, woodworking


    Jim DeBruycker
    Important note - I'm not a pro
    Retired Defense Industry Engineer Systems Designer; Schluter 2.5-day Workshop Completed 2013, 2014, Workshops at Mapei and Laticrete completed 2014, Custom Building Products Workshop completed 2015