1. ConstableDuffy

    Best way to bleach/cleanse well?

    I just bought a house that was built in 1977. The water test showed violation levels of coliform bacteria in the well water (although no E. coli). I was told that bleaching the well and plumbing would likely resolve this issue. I understand that there are at least two general ways to do this -...
  2. bh5254

    CeFiONtect Cleaning Clarification

    First post, so excuse me if this has been covered elsewhere, but I am in the process of deciding which toilets to install in a new home for my family and I am ready to pull the trigger on the Toto Drake II (C454CUFG-01). However, I am concerned about the disinfecting limitations (using only Dawn...
  3. edleit

    Bleach line check valve replacement

    My softener includes an external bleach jar which tees into the brass brine valve. The bleach jar has been overflowing during recharge cycles, so I disassembled it to find the inner parts coated in sediment and white goo. I have not been able to find any indication of a part number that I can...
  4. SuperGreg

    Where to get NSF chlorine bleach?

    Hey all, I have recently added a chlorinator to my well filtration system, and have been using 10% pool chlorine from Wallmart. I have seen reference to the availability of NSF rated chlorine ("standard 60"?) but I don't know where to find this. I tried a pool supply store and they hadn't...
  5. BCisle

    Shocked well, didn't flush.

    Someone in the household who was visiting and trying to help, shocked our 60 ft well by pouring a bottle of household bleach down the well cap, and left it there. We didn't flush it out. We also have a UV system that was not bypassed. I'm wondering how likely it is this amount of bleach would...
  6. ArtBacon

    Does anyone make a fill valve that you can use the chlorine pucks with?

    I've looked at the Fluidmaster and Korky documentation and they both say "Do not use bleach tablets in the toilet tank". Surely, someone must make a valve that'll stand up to the bleach... does anyone know which brand does? Thanks Update 8/3/2020. The "Flush 'n Sparkle" doesn't do a darn...
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