1. P

    Ebony Toto Toilets do not come with CEFIONTECT Glaze - Am I in Trouble?

    Last night I purchased an ebony / black Toto Drake, model: CST776CEF#51 I purchased it from Amazon and the page says clear in the description that the toilet includes the cefiontect glaze. I was very happy with the purchase (which hasn't arrived yet) until I looked at the user manual this...
  2. FeCuPEX

    Toto Questions (model #’s, Emax vs Tornado, etc)

    Hi all, I’m looking to put an Ultramax in the bath upstairs, but there are some confusing items in trying to select smong Toto’s models. Can anyone please explain how the letters ending the # relate to anything — like CEFG? I can’t seem to find this out. Also, the model I bought my wife like...
  3. bh5254

    CeFiONtect Cleaning Clarification

    First post, so excuse me if this has been covered elsewhere, but I am in the process of deciding which toilets to install in a new home for my family and I am ready to pull the trigger on the Toto Drake II (C454CUFG-01). However, I am concerned about the disinfecting limitations (using only Dawn...
  4. Terry

    TOTO G400 Toilet, Reviews & Pictures. MS920CEMFG

    The G400 by TOTO is their entry level Neorest style toilet that combines the Washlet with the bowl. A dual flush unit, 1.28 GPF or 0.9 GPF. The seat auto opens and closes, warm seat, warm water wash and warm air dry. It's pretty nice. Power is 120V AC, 60Hz, 409W It also has Water Premist™ of...
  5. JeannetteC

    Toto Drake II model number confusion

    I and a consumer and I went to my plumbing supply to buy the Drake II 545CEFG as recommended by Terry. They gave me the 545CUFG. I complained saying that the CUFG (as shown online and elsewhere) was a cheaper model without double cyclone flush and 1 gallon instead of 1.28. They showed me the...
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