drake ii

  1. edronline

    Replaced Toto flush tower, now handle has too much play

    Hi -- I have a Toto Drake II 1G toilet, left hand flush. I replaced the original flush tower with a new flush tower - I can't find the model #, but it was the correct one. I replaced the flush tower in another Drake II toilet we have in our house without incident. With this newest toilet, the...
  2. Eric Lytle

    TOTO Drake Dual/Drake II hybrid?

    So, I currently have a Drake Dual-flush and don't really like the low/narrow waterspot because my little one can't yet sit far enough back to hit the target, but I LOVE the 0.8gpf that still handles average solids and paper like a champ. I'm wondering if it's possible to hybridize the Drake II...
  3. bh5254

    CeFiONtect Cleaning Clarification

    First post, so excuse me if this has been covered elsewhere, but I am in the process of deciding which toilets to install in a new home for my family and I am ready to pull the trigger on the Toto Drake II (C454CUFG-01). However, I am concerned about the disinfecting limitations (using only Dawn...
  4. Kyle Huwer

    Connelly vs Drake II

    I've read plenty of reviews about the Drake II. I went to the Toto website ans poked around and of course was enthused about the various options. In a nut shell I thought the Tornado 3D would be better than the Tornado flush system. So I ordered the Connelly from a local big-box. Then I looked...
  5. Chezmike

    Vespin II vs Aquia IV

    hello, I am installing a new toilet in the basement, and will add a washlet. How do these two toilets compare? I believe the Vespin II is the skirted version of the Drake II which is highly recommended on this site. Locally the Vespin II is much more expensive than the Aquia IV. On Toto’s...
  6. CCalhoun

    Drake II rough-in clearance question

    My original installation Briggs toilet was damaged so I'm looking for an upgrade. I think the Toto Drake II 1.28GPF (or alternatively the Ultramax II) is the model I'd like, but I'm concerned about the rough-in clearance. I haven't ripped out the old caulk to pull up the Briggs yet where I can...
  7. ADInosaur

    Replacing a Mansfield 160 with a Toto Drake II or Ultramax

    I just purchased a loft condo and the toilets are pretty old and in need of replacement. I would like to replace a Mansfield 160 with a Toto Drake II or Ultramax II. The Mansfield bolts are 11" from the wall. Is is possible to fit either the Drake or Ultramax? Specs show both with 3/4" space...
  8. Psale

    Out with Kohler Cimarron, in with Toto Ultramax II or Drake II

    I have a poor flushing 1.6 GPF Kohler Cimarron k-4634 with the old style flapper valve assembly in my Master bathroom. Like I said, this Kohler is a bad flusher and clogs 2 or 3 times per month. I have decided to replace it with a Toto. I also have a Toto Drake II (at least I think it’s a...
  9. kb_aren

    Need Advice on Toto Toilet and Washlet

    Hello everyone, thanks for your time. We are remodeling our bathroom and looking to purchase a Toto toilet and Toto washlet. We've narrowed the toilets down to either the Ultramax (or Ultramx II) versus the Drake (or Drake II), and the washlet will be the S350e. My questions are these: 1)...
  10. JeannetteC

    Toto Drake II model number confusion

    I and a consumer and I went to my plumbing supply to buy the Drake II 545CEFG as recommended by Terry. They gave me the 545CUFG. I complained saying that the CUFG (as shown online and elsewhere) was a cheaper model without double cyclone flush and 1 gallon instead of 1.28. They showed me the...
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