water softener

  1. P

    Advice on whole house filtration set up

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out the set up for whole house filtration system. Splendora TX (an hour away from Houston TX) municipal water from a private company called Quadvest 158 Hardness (mg/L), 9.23 (grains) according to their website small house 2 bathrooms 2ppl for now I understand I...
  2. D

    Fleck 5600 "people" dial not engaged

    Noticed my softener wasn't using salt, figured it was a salt clog, but when I was emptying the salt, I noticed that the "people" dial that sets the capacity of the unit is spinning freely. Also after I ran a manual regen, the capacity setting was at zero. In every video I've seen on programming...
  3. WorldPeace

    Diamond vs Morton

    Anyone experience any problems with Diamond Crystal Bright and Soft pellets recently? I know this has been discussed many times before but I'm wondering if the slightly grey color of Morton Clean and Protect salts are fine. My back story is the following. Recently, my brine tank was...
  4. B

    Help Needed - Clack WS-1 Brine Tank Full of Water, Messed Up Settings, and Other Issues

    Hey everyone. Been reading the forums and learning a lot in trying to fix my water softener, but still no success. Hoping someone can help me get this thing working again. Here is what I have, what I have done, and what I am experiencing. Softener * Clack WS1 (I'm pretty sure) valve * 54" tank...
  5. W

    Commercial Water Softener Prototype Design

    Hello community! : ) My quest here is to design a new commercial salt brine water softener system targeted to the hospitality (motel) industry. My early thoughts: Basically, I want to eliminate the complex specialized "all-in-one" multi-valve and electronic control head unit residing on top of...
  6. I

    Help ID softener brand / model / error code

    Hello, I'm trying to help my landlord sort out the well & softener system at my home. The house has been suffering from low pressure/flow so the landlord had the well guy come out. Well guy came out and said the softener wasn't working and we'd have to get someone over to service the...
  7. H

    House came with Rain Soft system

    So… my fiancé and I just realized yesterday that we have a Rain Soft system on the side of our house. We’ve been here for a little over a year and when we moved in we were never told that it was out there (it’s encased in a storage box) and/or how to use it and maintain it. It’s obvious it...
  8. AZHardH2O

    Can I Connect Outdoor Spigots to Water Softener?

    I have a water softener installed in the garage but I would like to have my spigots have the same soft water for my outdoor misting pump system. It's 1,000 psi and works excellent in the Arizona heat but it leaves a coating of hard water "milk" all over my covered patio, grill etc. I attached a...
  9. AniScati

    Prefiltering A Water Softener

    I got quotes from several water treatment companies to install a water softener at a location that is not used much. Both are pushing prefiltering, but one suggests an inline cartridge style carbon filter and the other is suggesting a backwashing carbon tank. The guy pushing the cartridge type...
  10. Dwest36

    Very hard water, Dumb blonde, water softener not programmed correctly. Fleck 5600se, please help!!

    Hello friends! Complete idiot here, and believe me I’ve tried everything before I reached out here. Basically I have hard water that is unresolved. My landlord is extremely unhelpful, unfriendly, etc..I have what I believe is an air injection DUAL tank fleck 5600se. That’s what’s printed on the...
  11. BobLobLo

    Need to replace old softener, company that did original install gave me really high quote, advice appreciated on sourcing my own softener.

    Hello, thanks for taking time to help! TL:DR - want to purchase my own unit, need help finding a quality unit; I want a unit that is efficient for my situation and don't want to get ripped off (what's marketing bs what's real?) My current unit is ~20 years old, stopped taking salt. Due to age...
  12. Ed_D

    Fleck 5600SXT: replacement of Econominder head and change in resin tank size

    Hello, I appreciate the help of the many on this forum in terms of supporting people like me (somewhat clueless homeowner) and our water softener questions. I've gone through many of the posts and I think I have a good idea of what I need to do but would like a second (or third, or fourth...
  13. Zenon2cubed

    Filtering after a backwashing Activated Carbon Filter?

    I'm updating my water supply system. Currently I have: Pleated Sediment Filter -> Water Softener The sediment filter doesn't generally capture too much, but I'm thinking it should be there anyway. Thoughts? I'm adding an AIO Catalytic Carbon filter primarily to remove potential VOC's (a few...
  14. WorldPeace

    Water Softener & Filter Questions for City Water

    Hi, Everyone, I've spent a lot of time reading threads here and tons of articles online about water softeners. I've literally spent days. I still have a ton of questions I was hoping you guys could help me with. My home's water is supplied by my town. I live in a 2,000 sq ft home with a...
  15. GLT

    Water Softener Pipe Threads: Tapered or Straight?

    I installed a new softener and used 1 inch PEX to run new water lines. All went great, except for two very slow leaks between water softener connecter and the brass female pipe (NPT) to PEX fitting. Leaks about 1 drop every 5 minutes, tightening the fittings has not really changed the rate. The...
  16. Kevin Tao

    Water Pressure Complication, Draining, Under Sink Pipe Modification Suggestion/Advice Needed

    Hi guys, I'm not really handy with this stuff so I need some help please. I'm installing a Rheem 42,000 grain water softener, and I'm having some trouble running the drain hose. The idea that I'm inclined to work with now isn't the best, but most likely the ONLY option to do in the given...
  17. DB Tsai

    Installing water softener outdoor?

    Location: San Jose, CA I plan to install water softener outdoor under direct sunlight, and I want to install big blue sediment pre-filter, carbon backwash filter, water softener, and then big blue sediment post-filter. Are they able to install outdoor under direct sunlight and rain during the...
  18. J.A.R.V.I.S.

    Water Softener & Iron Filter Drain Lines - To Sump or Septic?

    The systems will be installed in a "closet" with the pressure tank. There are no floor drains nearby but the sump pit is about 15' away. There's also a bathroom directly overhead on the floor above. I searched here and the advice seems 50/50. It could be good or bad for the septic system, and...
  19. House

    Water Softener Vendors

    I read a bunch of post here about water softeners that have helped me decide on the following system. I would love if you folks can send me some recommended Vendors/suppliers (online or local) to buy the following system from. Looking to DIY a softner at my Round Rock, TX (City water) 1800sqft...
  20. drummerchuck

    Water Softener Pre filter

    Had a water softener installed today. Doesn't look like the pre filter is installed so water runs through it before going to the softener filter. The incoming water line is on the right side going straight into the water softener filter. Anyone have experience with this?
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