Help ID softener brand / model / error code

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I'm trying to help my landlord sort out the well & softener system at my home.
The house has been suffering from low pressure/flow so the landlord had the well guy come out. Well guy came out and said the softener wasn't working and we'd have to get someone over to service the softener. He put the softener in bypass for the meantime. Culligan came out and said the softener is not repairable and would need to be replaced.

I didn't get a whole lot of information from the Culligan guy, but this is what he told me and what I've observed:
- He said he's sure it's not a salt clog.
- The salt reservoir had some salt in it and was mostly full with water. He said that with this brand, when the system is working properly the salt tank is normally empty of water and only fills during regen.
- He said that what likely happened is a "disc" (or "discs") in the softener cracked with age and isn't able to it's job. I'm thinking the discs might be diaphragms in a valve? Please let me know if I'm right or wrong about that.
- He said that it is an "Echo" softening system. Not sure how it's spelled, but he pronounced it "echo".
- I can't find a brand marking anywhere on the system.
- He said Culligan bought Echo somewhat recently and that parts for the old Echo stuff are not readily available, therefore the system needs to be replaced.
- The screen on the softener displays "Error # 1". I did not get an explanation about what that error means.
- It's a somewhat large commercial system. The resin tank is about 18 inches around and the brine tank is about 24 inches around. Both about chest height.

So with all that out of the way, for starters...
>> I just want to get a positive ID on the brand and hopefully the model of the softener. I can't find a brand name on it anywhere.
>> I'd also like to know what the error code means.
>> Are service parts really not available for this model softener?

I've got other questions, but I'll leave it at this for now. Pictures below. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: For those of you who are interested in responding to the pressure/flow issue, please refrain from discussing that here and look for the thread I will start in the Pumps/Tanks/Well section. Thanks!





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Low pressure, likely bad resin but regardless, you are wanting to repair a softener that belongs in a museum. Don't waste your time, it is time to replace the unit.
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