Advice on whole house filtration set up

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houston texas

I'm trying to figure out the set up for whole house filtration system.
Splendora TX (an hour away from Houston TX)
municipal water from a private company called Quadvest
158 Hardness (mg/L), 9.23 (grains) according to their website
small house 2 bathrooms 2ppl for now

I understand I would need:
a water softener bc of the hardness
a carbon filter before the softener to remove the chlorine
a sediment filter before carbon filter

I also understand that I should install based on flow rate: since water softener is last, this should feature the lowest flow rate so that there's enough flow rate during backwashing.

These are the products I'm thinking: (although can change but same concept)

First: iSpring WSP-SL Whole House Reusable Spin Down Sediment Filter 50 micron
it says 20 GPM flow rate max.
I know I can also use the replaceable cartridges with the filter housing, but I'm trying to set up something where I don't have to replace every 6 months.

Second: ISPRING Whole House Water Filter System Model: WF1024
Maximum GPM 26. not sure if this is correct?
Filtration: Activated Carbon, Carbon Block, KDF
I know this one has a higher flow rate than the sediment filter however it doesn't require backwashing.
will last about 3 years. anyone has any experience with this product?

Third: ISPRING Whole House Water Softener with Backwash Feature - 45,000 Grain
Service Flow Rate @ 15 psi drop (gallons per min.) : 8 gal (US)/min
Since softener only has 8gpm service flow rate, I feel comfortable there should be enough flow rate for backwashing since carbon filter has 26 gpm

I will also have a tankless water heater so softener is a must.

I have a very small area to set all this up (about 42" wide by 30" deep). I just need something adequate enough.
Will have a RO under sink for drinking water.

I'm not a plumber. Almost zero experience with plumbing. Just been researching intensely for a few days.
Does this set up make sense? Is my understanding correct?
any advice/input would be appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.
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