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Livingston, New Jersey
Anyone experience any problems with Diamond Crystal Bright and Soft pellets recently?

I know this has been discussed many times before but I'm wondering if the slightly grey color of Morton Clean and Protect salts are fine.

My back story is the following. Recently, my brine tank was contaminated with disgusting brown flecks and an oily residue. I have been using Diamond Crystal Bright and Soft pellets from Walmart for the past year.

Due to this recent contamination, I purchased 4 bags of Morton Protect and Clean pellets from Home Depot. However, I noticed that the pellets are a slightly grey color and the brine water has a light brown tint. (See attached photo.) Now, I'm wondering if the switch was wise because the Diamond Crystals look so clean. They are such a bright, clean white.

On the other hand, my recent contamination has spooked me. I don't know if the salt was the cause though.

In the attached pictures, it's hard to tell in the 1st picture but the Morton pellet has grey spots. In the 2nd picture, you can notice the brown tint of the water.

Which salt would you go with?


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