water pressure

  1. CouzinX

    Not sure where to Start - low well pressure

    After reading a few posts relating to my low water pressure, I'm still at a loss of what the issues might be. Up until a few weeks ago, my water pressure was decent, but have noticed a decline especially if more than one water source is turned on. Here are some details : Pressure gauge sits...
  2. StefanieG

    Water still running even though valve is closed

    We had a slab leak repaired a few months back. It is leaking again. The leak is from a hot water line in the kitchen. We found our floor became hot again. The floor was reopened to verify the leak. We shut off the water at the hot water tank (valve) and allowed the lines to drain. Its been...
  3. Rocky345

    House water pressure via expansion tank

    I currently do not have a pressure gauge that fits an outdoor bib but I do have a tire pressure gauge. If I check the pressure at the schrader valve assuming the system is pressurized, will that give me the water pressure for the house?
  4. Runzwsizzorz

    Water pressure

    We are in a 2 story with a full bath and washing machine on the 1st floor. The kitchen, dishwasher, and another full bath are on the 2nd floor. Our samsung dishwasher was throwing an error of not detecting water. We've been checking lines, filters, valves, trying to see if there's any kinks or...
  5. Sandy Paskins

    Meter and pipe size for multiple homes

    My husband and I recently purchased a small mobile home park in Tallahassee, Florida. The majority of the homes are small singlewides with 1 or 2 bathrooms. The road is 700 feet long with 8 homes evenly spaced on either side, all of them on septic. Right now there is 1 residential water meter...
  6. Kevin Tao

    Water Pressure Complication, Draining, Under Sink Pipe Modification Suggestion/Advice Needed

    Hi guys, I'm not really handy with this stuff so I need some help please. I'm installing a Rheem 42,000 grain water softener, and I'm having some trouble running the drain hose. The idea that I'm inclined to work with now isn't the best, but most likely the ONLY option to do in the given...
  7. Evan K

    Increase City Water PSI

    Hello All I've recently done a whole bathroom renovation and installed 6 body sprays. In order to get 2gpm out of each head they require 80 psi. The good people at Moen failed to mention that when i had them help me pick out the pieces for my bathroom remodel. I have about 60 psi with...
  8. CTHaze

    What's wrong with my water pressure?? (trying to lower water pressure)

    My house has a pressure regulating valve and a expansion tank above the water heater. House was built in 2000. I'm trying to lower my water pressure which currently reads 82 psi when idle. When I run the kitchen faucet it falls to 50 psi and when I shut it off it then slowly climbs (I hear a...
  9. Brad_S

    Zurn 1-1/14 inch Water Pressure Regulator

    My home has a 1-1/4 inch Zurn Wilkins water pressure regulator that sits on top of the main incoming water line. I had a plumber out to do some work and he tested my home PSI at about 95. He recommended a new unit and quoted a price at $500. I wanted to get a few bids and verify the situation so...
  10. Liam313

    Troubleshooting - No Hot Water with Kohler Universal Valve

    Hello, I have a Kohler single-handle universal valve (K8304-K-NA) installed on a recent renovation. It was working properly when installed, but after several months no hot water flows when turned on (gradually got worse). I am trying to troubleshoot what the source of the problem is and what...
  11. Casey M

    Moen 1200 Cartridge Issue

    So this morning I replaced the Moen 1200 cartridge in my shower. Now when I tested it, my hot water pressure is good, my cold water pressure is good as well but when I have the knob set in the middle the pressure is low. Is the cartridge defective or did I do something wrong and there's an...
  12. MissBoogers

    Pressure Tank/Switch Questions

    Hi all! We recently bought a new, two-story house and were not happy with the water 'pressure', or flow rate(I've been reading and educating myself ;)), especially in the second floor master bath. We just upgraded from a 20-something gal tank with a 30/50 switch to an 86 gal tank with a 40/60...
  13. Ed Reinstein

    Water pressure has significantly reduced after repair to 1/2 PEX

    I put in a niche in our shower, accidentally nicked the PEX tubing. So I bought the fittings and the sharkbite clamps and fixed it. It doesn't leak but the pressure is significantly lower . I'm stumped and can't figure out what I did, any trouble shooting ideas?
  14. nasonjo

    Water Pressure Issues due to tank

    I have been having water fluctuating water pressure issues for the past 1.5 years. I have a water softener and another filter for Iron, Manganese, and Sulfide that was installed in 2014 (before I owned the house). I finally had a plumber come out and we actually worked through the issue step by...
  15. Johnny

    Sink Draining / Water Pressure / Bathroom Sink

    Hello! Need help with a bathroom sink. It was clogged really bad and I was able to unclog it. Even when unclogged the water still fills up the sink faster than it can drain. The water pressure is very good. The sink seems to be draining well, but it's just too much water for the size of the...
  16. Sammy

    Water pressure issues

    Is a home that has been running at 80 psi for 8 years (regulated by the city) with no water pressure regulator and no boiler expansion tank, likely to have major issues or piping damage? Is the home most likely a money pit? The home has a leaking irrigation system, non functional ice maker, 3...
  17. Justsauer

    Water pressure dropping and not recovering.

    Hi, I’m experiencing water pressure related issues in a new house I just moved into. If the landscaping sprinklers are running the water pressure out of the shower is very little. For starters the house’s plumbing is cpvc rated to 100 psi. There is a Watts pressure regulator valve on the...
  18. Aimes Daws

    Water pressure causing fridge to act up

    We seem to have some sort of water pressure issue in our pipes. Our fridge water dispenser works find 80% of the time and then sometimes, it’ll stop dispensing and make a loud, grinding sound. In those moments, if we turn on our facet in the kitchen, I can tell there’s a lot of water pressure in...
  19. Donna Krombach

    Excessive water bill

    I own vacant home to be renovated in 2020. Water bills ranged from $25 to $900 within 6 month period. When city inspector checked meter, it was actively running while submerged in over 15 inches of mud and water. He dug out meter from connection, cleaned out sludge and reconnected back to meter...
  20. Dennis-in-Georgia

    High static pressure, Low flow and low running pressure

    Hi, I recently purchased an older home (1974) that is on county water. Since moving in, we have had fairly low pressure when using any faucet or toilet. When showering and a toilet is flushed, the pressure/flow drops to near nothing. I didn't think much of it but finally got a gauge and checked...
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