water pressure

  1. MBaker1921

    Boiler Issues! Help!

    Hello: New to forum. I have an older Weil-McClain hot water boiler, single zone, with old style radiators. I noticed some of the radiators were not getting warm so checked water pressure guage. Only about 5lbs of pressure. I added water (Bell and Gossett water reducing valve) and the PRV popped...
  2. Biddle

    Why Is Pump Gallons Per Minute Rating Important if You are Using a Pressure Tank?

    I am planning to replace a 12-year old 1.5 HP, 5 GPM submersible pump in my 680 ft. well. I have a 50-gallon pressure tank. Water pressure has always been terrible. Not enough water pressure to run a single lawn sprinkler. Cannot take a shower and run the dish washer at the same time. I'm...
  3. rremde

    Shared well, water pressure jumps up and down

    Hi all - have a bit of a quandry. We have just built a house on a property with a shared well. The well is shared between 2 houses, and the original property (not ours) has a pressure tank installed, and they service the electricity to the well. We've checked for leaks on our end, and there...
  4. Scottb88

    Bathroom Sink Water Pressure

    Just moved into new apartment, 2nd floor of a 3 story brownstone (3 single bedroom apartments total). Water pressure in bathroom sink is terrible. Approx. 20% flow on both hot and cold. Bathroom shower has good pressure and toilet fills correctly. Pressure has no change when running hot and...
  5. Jim Dean

    Pressure issue that just cropped up

    Out of the blue I've got a bang in the cold water pipe. No plumbing changes or other issues, it just started banging. It bangs when the tub fill or any high volume use is on, and really bangs when any automatic valve, (toilet fill, dishwasher, washing machine) is functioning. As they cut on...
  6. Verge

    Low water pressure after finally refilling with salt

    Hi everybody! Need some help. I've been out of town for a few months and forgot to instruct the wife to refill the water softener with salt. I finally got around to it yesterday and filled it. This morning, I went to give the kids a shower and noticed the pressure start dropping. Within a...
  7. Tangent

    Boiler pressure range. Air intrusion.

    There are two issues I observe in my boiler heating system: (a) excessive pressure variation and (b) air trapped in the system. The distance from the lowest to highest point in the system is 8 feet, thus the minimum required pressure would be (8 / 2.31 + 3) ~= 6.5 psi. The operating pressure...
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