water pressure

  1. HotOnLeft

    After toilet flush, water pressure diminishes a lot...

    After toilet flushes, the water pressure in the sink diminishes a lot. This did not used to happen. What could be causing this? I did have a Fleck sx2510 water softener installed 2 years ago, in February 2017.
  2. TAnderson007

    Shower Rough-in valve and integral stop

    Can I replace an integral stop with cap? Stop is broken and may be part closed, reduced pressure in hot water. Supply line was replaced and is clear. Nut is 7/16" and we don't need a shutoff at the tub/shower. Cold water pressure is fine.
  3. mcc_ga

    Pressure-activated delayed flush?

    I'm building a house, and I want to solve one of my biggest annoyances in the process - cleaning the cats' litter box. We have planned a laundry room/mud room with a drain in the center (in case of washing machine or sink overflow), and I would like to install a "toilet" for the cats in there...
  4. tcs5c

    Water Pressure Tank - constantly switching on and off

    My water pressure tank doesn't seem to be holding any water. It is set to "call for" water when it reaches 40 psi and "turn off" at 60 psi, but the pressure drops instantly when someone uses any water in the house. Thus, it is repeatedly getting new water from the well for even a simple toilet...
  5. amandalovesmoonlight

    I really need some professional advice to put my mind at ease...

    Hi, I moved into a prewar building in NYC built in 1939. The plumbing was very old and I had to renovate the bathroom. This year in late July the building had to replace the risers from the 6th floor to the 2nd. I'm on the 5th floor. Originally I had a flushometer toilet, and I think all...
  6. kingtut68

    Water Pressure Booster Pump?

    I just bought my first house back in May. I immediately had issues with the water and water pressure. The water is acidic (pH = 6.2) and I have copper pipes plus the pressure is ridiculously low (haven't tested the psi just yet). Anyways, I've already purchased an acid neutralizer for the pH...
  7. GS_Texas

    Water pressure drops, then returns to normal (pressure regulating valve issue?)

    For two weeks now, our house water pressure oddly drops briefly, then returns to normal. This started after returning from a trip (about a month of no use). Video (https://tinyurl.com/y9oybl5c) We have city water. About 1 year ago, we called a plumber to adjust our low water pressure; the...
  8. Rese

    Bathtub faucet spout shoots off like a rocket

    Hello, When the water is on the faucet functions fine, but once the diverter is pulled up to activate the shower the spout shoots out. I've tried to manually hold it in place and it still fights to come off or the water comes out of the back end. I've tried some Teflon tape on the tip of the...
  9. Donovan

    Upstairs water pressure

    Hello, we have well water, for the passed few months our upstairs water pressure has gotten significantly worse. It began by going in and out of pressure, this got worse when the filter needed changing. When we changed the filter it would get a little better, but not much and not for long. Now...
  10. matthro

    Gauge shows 60/80 for 40/60 switch

    I've been doing some update to my water water system, new submersible pump, pressure tank, tee, etc. Things appear to working okay but my pressure gauge shows a cut of 60/80 and I have a 40/60 unadjusted switch. These are both brand new, clean tee and nipples. I even replaced each element again...
  11. Tony G.

    Help needed figuring out cold water pressure issue

    Hey everyone, Newbie here. I have a shower with a single handle that delivers only hot water. I decided to open her up and see what I was dealing with. There is hot water pipe and a cold water pipe both fitted with stop valves. My first attempt to figure out why there was no cold water pressure...
  12. Szydlowm

    Water pressure going from 12 to 82psi (with new switch)

    We've had fluctuating water pressure since we moved into this house back in August. This morning though, we lost all pressure. The pressure gauge read 12 psi (we have a 30-50psi pressure switch). After about 20 minutes the pump kicked on, knocking the pressure up to 82psi...and continued to...
  13. vdotmatrix

    Water pressure spike possibly causing household mayhem

    The thermal expansion tank I installed in October should not have anything to do with this going on right now. I hooked up a water pressure gauge in the basement sink on a direct branch from where the water comes into the house. At first the pressure reads 80 psi. I think this is already...
  14. Mike kostas

    Shallow Well pump for large home.

    Merry Christmas everyone! First time posting a thread anywhere. But I'm finally stumped and even my uncle who is a licensed plumber and educator for Boston gas and father another licensed plumber gas man can't figure this one out. Aprx 4500 SQ ft home with 4 full bathrooms , large jet tub 1st...
  15. Mike Wong

    Well n00b here, seeking advice on my first well

    Hey all, I'm curious what I should do (if anything). I'm building a house in Clover, SC that requires well water. Up to this point, I've been 'spoiled' with city water, so I've never had to think about drilling for a well. The well drilling guys just called and said they've gone down 400' and...
  16. homeowner55

    Shower Water Pressure

    I live in a condo and I've noticed that sometimes when I take a shower I have really strong water pressure, but other times it is much less. There is no consistency in time of day for when it is stronger and when it is weaker. Does anyone know what this may be and if it's something to worry about?
  17. Aimee85

    No hot water or cold water pressure upstairs

    Hi i am really hoping someone can advise. Came home tonight on the hottest day of the year to find that we have no hot water at all and no water pressure upstairs. The cold kitchen sink tap is working fine but no hot water in kitchen, upstairs the hot taps don't work and the sink and bath cold...
  18. Zeida Carnatz

    New to tankless water heater and can't figure it out!

    Hi! We recently moved to a house with tankless water heater and we are going crazy. So the heater is in a detached garage, our main bathroom and appliances (washer and dishwasher) get hot water ok, but guest bathroom and sinks, including kitchen one, don't get hot water. Kitchen sink is the...
  19. pecdx

    Low water pressure upstairs

    Hi I'm having issues with a sudden water pressure change in my two upstairs bathrooms of my condo. The water pressure is noticeably lower in both the sinks and showers of bathrooms A & B, though the water is hot in all areas except the shower in bathroom B, where the water is only warmish. The...
  20. Friolator

    Pressure Drop

    We've had an ongoing issue that I think I've finally narrowed down a bit. Every once in a while, our Buderus GB142 reports water pressure that's too low, and won't come on. Thus, we come home to a cold house, or like this past weekend when we were away, I get an email from the thermostat that...
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