water heater

  1. tlee404

    Can I use a 240 volt 30 amp line for my 120 volt water heater?

    I have a previous 240 volt 30 amp line for my old water heater and just purchased a 120 volt water heater. Can I use the same line for the installation of the new water heater?
  2. naykitop

    Recirculating pump installation question

    I'm in LA County, California. I'd like to replace the recirculating pump on my water heater. I have a dedicated return line already in place. Do I need to have a valve on each side of the pump? Currently I do not, but a plumber I called in to do the job wants to charge me an extra $500 to...
  3. Water girl

    Hidden leak? Help!

    First, thanks to anyone for help! I'm trying to find what seems like a hidden leak, I can't figure out what's going on, ive been hearing running water coming from the upstairs shower wall, my water bill's tripled, my less than 2 yr old water heater sounds like running water 24/7... Here's a more...
  4. mmnewcomb

    Bradford White T&P Flange Leak

    So I think I may already know the bad news here, but I figured I would ask anyway. I have a townhouse that I rent out. In said townhouse is a Bradford White 40gal 40k BTU water heater (Model No. MI403S6FBN4, not that that matters) that was installed approx. 10 years ago. Yesterday my tenants...
  5. DNAG

    Help me to find a proper water heater and tank for a apartment building in Washington

    Hello! I have designed a hot water system for a 111 room apartment building located in Washington. Here are the design data: Sink: 113 nos Lavatory: 111 nos Bathtub: 111 nos Washing M/C: 15nos. Total HW Fixture Unit: 588 Total Supply Demand: 142gpm Avg Permissible Frictional loss per 100ft...
  6. Llavey

    Power Vent water heater

    Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a quiet power vent water heater? I currently have a 10yr old Richmond 5VRP40N, it has shut off a couple times this year and fear it is providing me a warning sign. I'm in no rush to replace it, but prefer to do it this summer/fall vs. when it is -20...
  7. Mike N

    Hot Water Varies Hour by Hour

    I have a roughly-10-year-old 75 gallon State Select gas water heater. We live in upper central Illinois. We noticed that the temperature of our hot water varies with it being just barely warm enough when turned on full hot to being almost scalding. We noticed it when taking a shower in the...
  8. Grant McAllister

    Small Black Spots in Water

    I hope someone can help. I have been trying to find the solution to my problem for over a year now. House was built in 2007. It is city water. The plumbing is PEX. The hot water heater is gas and has about a foot of copper piping coming in and going out of water heater. My issue: I recently...
  9. lkirill

    Dealing with plumbing in a small laundry room

    I'm in a bit of a bind with my current plumbing setup. My townhouse (NJ) is built on slab and all my major HVAC/water appliances are sitting in a small laundry room on the ground floor level (see the image). Now came the time to replace my furnace but it’s completely blocked by the pipes coming...
  10. dwhiteykc

    Small hot water heater solution? And related drainage question...

    Thanks in advance guys for all of the great advice on this forum - it has been my go to source for plumbing advice for the past 5 years or better. OK, so I've seen many warnings to avoid tankless units with HE washers, but I'm not sure where else to find a solution: I have a small combo...
  11. C.Chase

    WH extra-circulation line?

    Hi, I've just had a crash course in WH's! Thanks to everyone in this forum, lots of helpful information!! Currently, getting estimates on replacing this nearly 17yr WH, Rheem Ngas 50g, it started gushing out the bottom- where the blue meets the white tank in pict-- I never did any kind of drain...
  12. Jimmy H NYC

    Water Heater Recharge Troubleshooting

    I have an AO Smith 50-gal XCVT 50 (series 100) gas-fired water heater. Built 11/2007, so I don't think it is one of the recall models. Seems lately not to be recharging like it used to. Is there a way to actually test the recharge performance using a clock, a thermometer and a bathtub, or...
  13. Kickassness

    Water Pipes Howling/Whining

    The other night my girlfriend and I were sleeping in bed when at around 5am we heard some whining. We thought it was our dog, but when we checked, he was asleep. The noise continued and after some investigation, we concluded it was our water pipes. We could not, and still cannot, find the...
  14. Rudyard

    New T&P valves on water heater leaking, pressure driven from 65 to 165psi

    For my first post here - a family I know moved into a house that's three levels, garage is at ground level and has two gas water heaters, one for each flat above. Both are 48 gallons. Each has four settings: A B C and Very Hot. Both are set at A. Both tanks have brand new T&P valves. They...
  15. Kingsdrummer210

    Copper to PEX

    I just bought a new water heater off of a friend of mine, and his pipes were copper. Mine however are PEX, he kept the 18'' of copper coming out of the top so I wouldn't have to buy any more, and it went by the code. But I was curious as to how would I go about connecting PEX pipes to the copper...
  16. blueludedude

    Water heater leak/element corrosion

    Hello, My home has a State Select electric water heater, 9+ years old now, still working (for the moment), but there's been a very slow leak for a few months now from where the PRF valve connects to the unit. The leak has left a rusty stain down the side of the unit, but the water that pools...
  17. Larry Johnson

    Converting direct vent gas water heater?

    1st question: My sister-in-law and her husband just moved into a 2005 condo. When they had the inspection done the previous owner had stacked all their packed belongings around the water heater and the inspector could not get near it. Then the sellers asked if they could have the rest of the day...
  18. djwins

    Direct vented vs power vented water heaters

    Hi, I currently have a 10-year-old gas direct vented 50 gallon water heater that I am going to replace. It is not leaking yet, but after going through my basement flooding from a malfunction of my sump pump, I don't want to take any chances with it. I found out that the old one is not up to...
  19. Jazdo

    Need help..problem hooking up blower kit on BW Water Heater!

    Hey everyone I recently bought a Bradford White kit for my power vent water heater. the universal kit # is 265-47200-00 which is what BW techs told me this for a new blower since the bearings were going out of my old one so I ordered the kit and received it and have got most everything done but...
  20. LAnewplumber

    Most Reliable Commercial (Gas) Water Heater?

    I might have to replace a 100 gallon Rheem water heater. I know since 2015, regulations have changed, so was curious what people's opinions are. This would be going in an apartment building in Los Angeles. Thanks in advance for your insights. LAnewplumber
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